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July 31, 2012

ActiveDuty: Axl and Nick Tower fuck each other

Active Duty writes:

“Tonight, we draw the massive Nick Tower further across the line. While you may have seen him give up his ass a couple weeks ago (to Tanner, in their three way with Domenic) — he has yet to top anyone.

Well, that all changes tonight, when we get to watch him fuck Axl (and get fucked by Axl!).”

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July 31, 2012 Cole Harvey fucks Randy Star in “Midnight Wood” writes:

“College stud Cole Harvey finds himself with a boner he can’t ignore – much like the exposed ass of his sexy roommate Randy Star. When Randy is awakened by warm hands on his bubble butt, the boys begin a hot fuck session.”

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July 31, 2012

Broke Straight Boys: Kodi bangs Anthony writes:

“Considering their rabid fan bases, it’s hard to believe Anthony and Kodi have never been in a scene together. Both are easy on the eyes and, when the camera is on, perform like ribald satyrs.”

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Broke Straight Boys
July 31, 2012

Randy Blue: Cody Lake fucks Chad Karzen

Randy Blue writes:

“Chad Karzen and Cody Lake get into mutual blowjobs, some rimming, some fucking, and a double facial that ends with one fucking hot snowballing.”

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July 31, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Jonathan Agassi and Trenton Ducati fuck in “The Power of Love”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Both Jonathan Agassi and Trenton Ducati look like mythic champions — they’re handsome faces and masculine bodies make them worthy of Olympus. They pass through a stone hallway and step into the open waters where they bathe and admire one another’s bodies.

Jonathan knows no restraint and immediately settles between Trenton’s legs and uses his mouth to pleasure Trenton’s erect cock.

When he’s not sucking on Trenton he’s eating him out — it’s all to prepare the muscle top for when he climbs on top of him and starts to thrust and pound. Jonathan is slow and deep as he has sex with Trenton, who takes every inch of the Israeli lover into him.

But Trenton has just as much aggression in him as he does passion for Jonathan, and he gives him a rimjob before bending him over the craggy shore and fucking him until they both ejaculate.”

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July 30, 2012

Fratmen Sucks: Cole and Rico writes:

“Fratmen Rico wants to join the Fratpad, but Fratmen Cole has to evaluate him first. Let’s see how Rico does.

Not every Fratmen we have is able to get into the Fratpad, and this week, we have Fratmen Cole to help us evaluate a prospective pledge. Fratmen Rico really wants to get in, and demonstrates he has the right attitude for the Pad.

Fratmen Rico and Cole have a friendly chat for a little bit before both boys strip completely naked. Rico’s blowjob skills are tested, and he does well, taking Cole’s fat dick in his mouth.

Cole returns the favor, and it sends Rico close to the edge. All of the passionate action brings Fratmen Cole and Rico to the bed where they jerk off their cocks and cum together.”

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July 30, 2012

Hot House: Troy Daniels and Tate Ryder’s hot flip-flop fuck in “Kiss Lick Suck Fuck” writes:

“Tate Ryder and Troy Daniels love to kiss. Troy can’t get enough of Tate’s thick, full lips. Tate can’t get enough of Troy’s hot mouth. They shove their tongues down each other’s throats as the passion rises. Tate uses his lips to explore every inch of Troy’s body; his nipples, his tight abs and eventually his ass.

Troy orders Tate to french kiss his puckered hole. Tate orders Troy to kiss the head of his big cock but Troy can’t stop there. He swallows the hot rod to the base while Tate bends over to kiss Troy’s backside and pries open his hole with his fingers in preparation for his cock.

Tate fucks Troy down then kicks back and offers up his ass to Troy’s big cock. They flip-flop fuck until they can’t take it any longer and blow their loads.”

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July 30, 2012

Cocksure Men: Phenix Saint pounds Dylan Roberts writes:

“Phenix Saint and Dylan Roberts meet at the gym and decide to get to know one another better. They start with small talk but they’re body language is pretty clear when they lay next to each other wearing nothing but briefs.

Phenix takes out his thick cock which Dylan Roberts immediately slides down his throat. Phenix follows suit, slurping down Dylan’s big dick. Even after all the pumping Phenix and Dylan did at the gym, they are ready for more.

Phenix Saint spreads Dylan’s legs wide and gives him a workout he’ll never forget. Dylan’s muscles bulge as he grips the bed from the pounding Phenix dishes out.

After a lot of pounding Dylan shoots onto his abs, chest and past his head. Soon Phenix pumps out a load all over Dylan Robert’s ripped abs and chest.”

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July 29, 2012

ChaosMen: Delaney and Glenn’s raw flip-flop fuck writes about this hot scene:

“I don’t know who was more eager about doing this shoot, me or Delaney?

He is sex-on-a-red stick and was so into the Edge video, I knew he would be back as soon as he could. He wanted to come back and try to do a lot more. Delaney is debating his sexuality, but I think he is just omni-sexual. He seem to like everything. But this is giving him a chance to explore “dudes”.

Glenn is coming along too, and I think I am playing this video out of sequence for him. His bottoming has really come a long ways from his last-aired video with Jet.

Before the shoot, the two were talking about ass fucking. Delaney was confused that Glenn didn’t actually find pleasure from the ass play. Glenn was emphatic that he just basically “takes it” and just works through it. I think that’s when Delaney decided he might at least be Bisexual, because he was looking forward to having a dick inside him again.

I thought he was enthusiastic working with Ransom, but once Glenn’s cock was hard, Delaney attacked it like he was starving for it. He does all kinds of sucking methods to not only please Glenn, but to just take-in the smell, taste, and sight of the fat cock in front of him. He is no longer ‘on set’, but in his own little world. You can tell he has checked-out and is in cock-sucking Nirvana.

Glenn’s gives some false delivery/acting, but at one point Delaney is really using all his sucking skills, and Glenn does have to make him stop for fear of cumming. That was real. Glenn is one of models who is usually on the verge of nutting the entire video. Well, as Glenn said, except for when he is getting fucked.

I know I am jumping ahead, and I should leave the cameras on, but Glenn had an epiphany on that point. After Delaney was fucking him, between takes, he totally admitted he could cum that way. It was the first time it was feeling really good. Delaney, a bit embarrassed, self-deprecated, and said it was because his dick was small. Glenn said it was perfect and he really wanted to try cumming that way and asked if we could end that way.

I had a different ending in mind, and I figured we could tackle Glenn cumming from being fucked at a later date, but today I wanted to see Delaney’s dick squirt from Glenn’s rather thick dick inside of him, then cum oozing out his little hole.

Ok, so back to the oral. Glenn returns the favor, and Delaney looks pretty happy having a hot guy suck him off. He does wilt a bit at the end as Glenn is still learning his oral skills, so they go to a 69-position. Glenn’s dick needed just a bit of Delaney’s sucking action to wake-back-up.

Delaney’s cock was staying soft, so I motioned for Glenn to insert a finger. Sure enough, Delaney started moaning and his dick got hard again. Phew!

And then they move to a position where Glenn lays on his back and Delaney can try sitting/squatting down on his dick, controlling the insert.


We tried like eight times!

I even had Delaney on the floor on his back and I was pushing toys in his hole and he seriously has the teeniest butt hole I have ever seen!

After getting a toy back up there, and two more failed attempts of Delaney trying to sit on Glenn’s cock, we just went back to the 69 oral position, and this time Glenn does the insert with Delaney on his back. Ahhhh..the magic of editing.

Even still, you can see Glenn is having to go nice and slow as he works his cock in. Delaney was surprised he was having so much trouble taking it. He really wanted it!

Clearly this isn’t Delaney’s first time with a dick in his ass. But Ransom is a bit smaller, and actually pretty good at finding the hole, and inserting smoothly. He did all the work in the Edge video. Glenn is still a newbie and his cock is a step or two up in girth. Glenn really takes it easy on him, and you can see how much Delaney is focusing to open up for him.

He finally was able speed up a bit, just enough so he can keep the pleasure going for himself to stay hard. And then, ta-da! Delaney’s dick stands up again! Is he gonna be a bottom?

Glenn was ready to flip-flop and they exchange positions, and I deliberately put Glenn on his back, trying to see if he might find that position pleasurable. He did, and like I mentioned, he wanted to cum right then and there to see what it was going to feel like.

We also pre-insert a butt plug inside of Delaney, just to make sure his hole stayed open, but also, I thought it would keep him hard to top. Worked pretty good too!

I know other sites have the guys doing all kinds of acrobatic sex positions, but honestly, I am trying to get newbies to really like fucking and getting fucked, so we stick to the Tried and True positions, and ones where I can get the best view of the cum shots.

I rarely do this, but after 30 minutes of trying to get even the smallest butt plug in Delaney, and he was so happy on his back getting plowed by Glenn, that we just went back to that position for the end.

And it is official, Delaney IS a bottom!

His dick perks right up and his cum shot is massive as Glenn tries really hard to rub his hard cock on his prostate. It worked! Crazy amounts of cum fountain out of Delaney’s cock!

I thought for sure Delaney would go into a post-cum-coma, but Glenn ramped up and Delaney was alert and egging him to shoot inside him. Almost in wonder, he kept saying how warm it felt. I think he he liked it…a lot!

Anyway, a lot of you have been emailing me saying you really liked Delaney and hoped he was coming back for more. Well he is.

I only have one summer to work with him, before school and sports fill-up his schedule. I am gonna try to cram in 4-5 films this Summer. I fast tracked this video, and I will try get his vids out to you as fast as we can make them. ..the boy with the glowing red pubes.

And Glenn is really coming into his own too, so there will be more of the boy with glowing blue eyes!”

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July 29, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Will Helm pummels Tate Ryder’s meaty ass in “Take It Like A Man”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“There isn’t much chitchat between Will Helm and Tate Ryder: these two young and hot guys are much more skilled with their body language, which is why they don’t even bother wearing clothes during their interview!

They start out with some hot-and-heavy kissing, and watching Will’s lean, sculpted body flex and bend is beyond a pleasure; the light down of hair that covers his stomach and chest is perfect.

Tate is an undeniable bottom who is constantly hungry to service his men, and he starts out by sucking and swallowing on Will’s uncut cock — Will is always so hard that his dick stands up perfectly erect. Will returns the favor by blowing Tate, but with Will so close to the bottom’s ass, he eats him out before moving on to his main course.

Will throws on a condom and gets Tate on his side where he pounds him deep. Will is all about different positions, and he flips him around to enjoy the full effect of Tate’s ass: on his hands and knees and his back before they both reach their climax!”

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Lucas Entertainment