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October 31, 2012

ManRoyale: Muscle stud Derek Parker fucks Joey Cooper’s tight twink hole in “Opposites Attract” writes:

“Joey Cooper woke up to a beautiful morning. His friend and lover is downstairs getting a hard work out. Joey peacefully waits for his arrival. Once he does, his testosterone levels are super high.

Joey submits to his partner for a morning full of hot lust.”

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October 31, 2012

Falcon Studios: Christian Wilde fucks Bryce Star in “Roommates” writes about this scene:

“Christian Wilde’s got his cute roommate Bryce Star wrapped tightly in his embrace. With nothing to distract them and with their hormones raging, the two friends make out, lost and delirious in each other’s welcoming, comforting and rabid kisses.

The clothes come off bit by bit until they’re both starknaked, savoring their intimate adventure and eager to test the other’s limits. From sucking face they start sucking cock with Bryce getting his licks in first. He clamps his lips tight around Christian’s hard on as his head bobs up and down the shaft. Christian becomes energized and responds in kind.

He quickly ratchets up the action and fucks Bryce from behind. They continue grinding pole in hole with Bryce riding Christian’s dick.

Happily skewered and bucking on his wild ride, Bryce jerks himself vigorously until he cums. Then he kneels alongside Christian to watch him masturbate until he blasts his load.”

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Falcon Studios
October 31, 2012 Topher DiMaggio fucks Ryan Rockford in “Lost Balls” writes:

“Life as a golf caddy can be dull. That’s why Ryan Rockford’s offer to prove he can give better head than Topher Di Maggio’s girl is accepted without hesitation.

The boys head back to the clubhouse where a good blowjob quickly escalates to a hot fuck.”

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October 31, 2012

CzechHunter: “Episode 53”

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“The boy was so cute but Peter was so sad afterwards. Why? Well, we met him in a shopping center outside of Prague. It was expensive to make him show his undies. But when the boy saw that the money is real it was almost easy to talk him into a blow-job. So far so good.

He finally also agreed to get fucked. But then the problems started. When Peter was ready to shag him the boy suddenly changed his mind. It was a real fight to persuade him to go on. Well, Peter won this fight and a few minutes later his hard dick was inside the boy’s cherry.

But then Peter started to get problems with his cam. Actually with the sound. He needs to buy a new cam now :-) So next week it will be my turn again.”

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October 30, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Adam Killian and Jeremy Stevens pound each other in “Business & Pleasure”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“It’s a business meeting that’s been months in the works, and the day has arrived for Jeremy Stevens to show up at Adam Killian’s office to sign on the dotted line and settle their merger once and for all over a male-enhancement product. But before the deal is finished, Adam needs to be sure the stuff worked. He stands up and pulls down his trousers to show that his fat cock is already hard and ready to go.

This is an equal power dynamic, and both Adam and Jeremy take proper time lathering up their cocks with wet, hungry mouths. They suck and blow, then flip around and bend over to take turns munching on each other assholes.

Adam is the first to go the distance and enter Jeremy from behind, and he doesn’t take it easy. If these hot guys are going to work together, they first need to test out the goods! Jeremy lies on his back and throws his legs up in the air so Adam can easily slip into his ass and hammer away.

When they flip, Adam first sits on Jeremy’s lap before getting on his back and allowing himself to be pummeled by Jeremy’s huge cock!”

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Lucas Entertainment
October 30, 2012

Broke Straight Boys: Ayden Troy fucks Max Flint writes:

“Fan favs Ayden Troy and Max Flint are lounging in a bedroom that looks like it was resurrected from a late 1970s porno set. :-)

It’s doubtful many of you were paying attention to the decor because the two models are jerking each other. Both are showing wood, and Ayden sucks dick first. He drools all over Max’s meat before he puts it in his mouth.

“Oh, yeah,” Max purrs as he gets serviced. He plays with his partner’s locks and keeps a hand on Ayden’s tool.

Ayden doesn’t deep throat, but you know he’s keeping it juicy as smacking sounds echo in the room.

Max wants to try some pole licking, and Ayden is more than ready to oblige.

“Suck that dick,” Ayden commands.

Max does so, with much enthusiasm. He even tongues his partner’s balls. Ever since his first appearance with BSB, Max has learned that secret to making a man happy. Alternating between sucking and stroking. Ayden is grooving to it all because his hand never leaves Max’s hair.

Max pulls away from Ayden’s lap and gets on all fours. Ayden lubes up his fingers and gives Max’s booty a good digit workout. Max’s face is on the bed and he’s all blissed out, pussy wet from the finger action.

Ayden saddles up to Max, and slaps his dick on that hole.

“Want me to fuck it,” he asks.

There’s no answer at first, but Max eventually answers in the affirmative. As Ayden prepares, Max gets on his side and brings his legs to his chest.

“Fuck,” Max whimpers as Ayden slowly enters.

“That’s a tight hole,” Ayden notes.

Max plays with Ayden’s nipple as his hole gets stuffed good. And look at his toes curl when his sweet spot is stroked.

“You like dicks in your ass, don’t you,” Ayden asks.

Do we really need an answer? :-)

Max turns on his back and Ayden heads back in. Our bottom stares at Ayden as balls slap his ass. Ayden is too much into the fucking to even notice he probably should lean down and plant a a romantic kiss on Max’s mouth.

The pace is picked up, and Max plays with his nipple. He moans “fuck” as Ayden spreads those pale legs apart.

“Cum,” Ayden demands.

Max looks like he’s about to cry, but instead his juice shoots out and lands below his navel. Ayden makes sure to get a few strokes in for good measure.

“Good boy,” Ayden says.

It’s Ayden’s turn to nut, and he pulls out and jerks his sausage for relief.

“Give me that cum,” Max says.

Ayden’s load blends with Max’s, and the top shivers and shakes in post coital excitement. There’s silence, laughter, and sighs by both. A good fucking, no?!

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October 30, 2012

GayRoom: Lucas Knight

Shy boy Lucas wants to overcome his stage fright – check out his hot audition video at!

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October 29, 2012

ManRoyale: Alex Graham fucks Bobby Hart in “Special Treatment”

Bobby Hart gets fucked by Alex Graham in this hot scene at!

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October 29, 2012 Atticus Benson gets fucked by muscle stud Charlie Harding in “Spying On The Neighbor” writes:

“Atticus Benson is the hottest peeping tom in the neighborhood and when he gets busted by Charlie Harding, he gets exactly what he deserves! Atticus knows he’s being punished, but it’s obvious he wants it as he gives up his mouth and ass to Charlie’s hard cock.”

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October 29, 2012

Hot House: Tate Ryder bangs James Ryder in “Backroom Exclusives 30” writes:

“Tate Ryder says he’s heard that James Ryder has a big dick, and he wants to see it. He immediately takes charge, kissing the young tattooed hunk and stripping him out of his clothes. As soon as Tate sees James’ big one he goes down on him, sucking his perfect cock all the way to his nuts. Tate has a pretty big dick of his own so he pulls it out and shoves it down James’ throat. James loves sucking Tate’s cock but it’s clear he wants the big tool up his ass.

Tate bends him over and plows his ass hard then pulls out and they both jack off and cum all over James’ smooth chest.”

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