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January 31, 2013

ChaosMen: Bentley barebacks Delaney

Chaosmen: Bentley barebacks Delaney
Chaosmen: Bentley barebacks Delaney writes:

“I felt like I was being so mean to Delaney when we first started shooting the fucking portion of this video.

Delaney likely has the tiniest hole of all my guys, and Bentley is one of the most hung guys. When Delaney started sucking on Bentley’s fat knob, a bead of sweat started forming on his forehead. Neither of us were sure the the pipe would fit in the plumbing!

But Delaney became fascinated by his big cock, and eager sucked it. He stopped a couple times visually admire it, and to whisper, “that is a big cock.”

I think Bentley enjoys being Big Cock on Campus, and for someone I figured would be very skittish about sucking dick, he goes at it eagerly. They get some 69-action in, and Delaney has to stop sucking because Bentley is doing a major oral undertaking on him.

We did have to stop filming before the insert. I knew it was going to take like 5-6 tries. Bentley only stays hard if he can fuck rapid-fire, and Delaney likes a slow, smooth fuck. It took about 4 tries, and finally we had Delaney’s hole opened-up.

I appreciate some of you may like to see those things, but for me it spoils the fantasy. Even still, Delaney had to tell him to not go so deep, but regardless, the dude’s cock always comes to attention when he is being fucked.

Delaney wasn’t too sure he could cum with a big cock inside him, but with a little bit of work, and a semi-soft Bentley, he was able to bust a clear load. I think Bentley loves to cum inside the guys, because he sure knows how to breed a hole properly!”

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January 31, 2013

Corbin Fisher: Quinn breaks in Gentry

CorbinFisher: Quinn breaks in Gentry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“So Gentry decided he was interested in trying guy/guy action. Oh? No one wants to see it? Well, I’ll just take the video and go home …

Okay, okay, I’m kidding! Of course you want to see this incredibly cute and outgoing guy with Quinn. When you talk about star power, Gentry has it! His expressions, his face, those eyes, his eager smile, the body – this guy is the total package!

Quinn is a rising star at CF and this is his first time breaking in a newbie – and he says he was super excited to be the one to break Gentry in.

You never know quite how it’s going to go, even after all these years. Sometimes these guys surprise you and having sex with a guy is so relaxed and natural they get in the moment immediately. Gentry loved the attention Quinn’s hands and tongue gave him, and seemed a little surprised at times how much he was loving it!

Quinn is an excellent kisser, and Gentry responded to that almost as much as Quinn’s mouth on his cock. There was no hesitation, just a passionate response every time their lips met.

Of course, there was some hot sex involved as well! Quinn went down on Gentry enthusiastically Quinn looks up at one point with a HUGE grin on his face. The guys both laugh when Gentry suggests Quinn lick his ass. That drives Gentry crazy once Quinn is down there.

Gentry’s dick is rock hard and he can’t stop telling Quinn how good it feels. Gentry sucks Quinn’s cock, eager to make his new buddy feel as good as he does. Gentry’s ready to fuck, so he lies down and Quinn climbs on top of him.

Quinn rides Gentry’s cock, his own stiff dick bobbing up and down. Quinn gets on all fours and begs Gentry to “pound my hole”! Gentry slams his cock into Quinn, making him yell out. Gentry keeps smiling almost the whole time.

Gentry gets Quinn on his back and fucks a thick load out of him. Gentry’s not done, he slams his cock back in and fucks Quinn some more, until he’s ready – then he blows a load in Quinn’s mouth.

The guys shower off and Gentry says he had a lot of fun and compliments Quinn on his blowjob skills. I’m glad Gentry had fun – because I have lots of naughty ideas for this hottie!”

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Corbin Fisher
January 31, 2013

MyHusbandIsGay: Connor Patricks and Duncan Black’s hot flip-fuck

MyHusbandIsGay: Connor Patricks flip-fucks with Duncan Black
MyHusbandIsGay: Connor Patricks flip-fucks with Duncan Black writes:

“When two good buds need to shoot some cum and can’t get any action elsewhere they know how to help each other out.

Duncan Black has been having some girl trouble, and his buddy Connor Patricks admits that he’s been jerking off a lot.

So when Duncan suggests they help each other to satisfy their cocks the gorgeous jocks are soon sucking and fucking each other in a flip flop session!”

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January 31, 2013

TitanMen: Jay Bentley gets fucked by muscle stud Jake Genesis in “Momentum”

TitanMen: Jake Genesis fucks Jay Bentley in "Momentum"
TitanMen: Jake Genesis fucks Jay Bentley in "Momentum" writes:

“Arriving at a warehouse, handsome Jay Bentley is greeted by muscle stud Jake Genesis — who takes his hand and leads him upstairs. The two kiss, rubbing each other’s bods before Jay licks Jake’s furry, tattooed chest. He works his way down, opening his mouth wide when Jake’s juicy cock pops out. Jay rubs Jake’s chest, smiling and looking up as he sucks.

Jake gets on his knees, licking down Jay’s smooth stomach before breathlessly engulfing his thick cock — his own hot pink tool throbbing below. The two kiss, their cocks touching before they 69.

Jay mounts the top, sitting down on him as his smooth ass tickles Jake’s hairy legs. The bottom grinds his cheeks down deep, his own cock bouncing off Jake’s chiseled abs. He rubs the top’s huge pecs, the two soon holding hands in a romantic shot.

Jay gets on his back and rolls his ass up for Jake to plunge fuck, then gets on his back for more — the two squirting as the bottom hits Jake’s navel.”

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January 30, 2013 Rogan Richards and Ryan Stokes double fuck Harley Everett in “Breaking ‘Em In”

Harley Everett gets his ass thoroughly pounded by hariy muscle hunks Ryan Stokes and Rogan Richards!

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January 30, 2013

Fratmen Sucks: “POV Trent”

FratmenSucks: "Trent POV" writes:

“Fratmen Trent has returned to us after ages of being away.

In his most recent video, Trent hangs out with an old-time Fratpad buddy, gets down on all-fours, and of course, sucks some dick.

He takes his time taking off his clothes, but once he’s completely naked, he gets down to business.”

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January 30, 2013

Corbin Fisher: Tanner barebacks Jon

CorbinFisher: Tanner barebacks Jon

Corbin Fisher writes:

“We may need some subtitles, y’all- it’s about to get real Southern in here …

Jon, one of my fave Southern guys here, takes on Tanner, one of hottest new freshmen who also hails from down yonder. It’s a pairing that goes together like peanuts and Pepsi!

Tanner’s one of the most laid-back guys I’ve ever met – until it comes to fucking! Jon always cracks me up whenever he’s here. Last time we joked about eating ‘gator meat … only he wasn’t joking! At least today he gets to taste some much better meat – Tanner’s.

Jon goes down on Tanner, sucking his thick dick. Tanner pushes Jon’s head down even farther onto his cock. Jon rubs Tanner’s beautiful pecs as he blows Tanner. Jon stands up so Tanner can suck his dick. Tanner works Jon’s cock, sucking and stroking it.

Jon bends over, his hands beside the mirror, and Tanner takes a trip south of the border and rims Jon’s ass. He grabs Jon’s ass cheeks tight as he drives his tongue into the heart of Dixie.

Tanner shoves his cock into Jon’s ass. At one point, Tanner is fucking Jon hard, and he looks over with a mischievous grin – this guy loves sex! He drills Jon hard, occasionally watching himself in the mirror.

Tanner lies on the bed and Jon climbs on top of his cock and slides down on it. Tanner rubs and licks Jon’s chest as he thrusts up into him.

Jon lays on the bed and Tanner fucks him in the missionary position. He makes Jon shoot his load all over his stomach. Tanner keeps on fucking Jon, then pulls out to blast a huge load all the way up Jon’s chest and face.

Now that’s what I call some good gravy!”

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Corbin Fisher
January 30, 2013

Hot New Site:

Hot New Site: is a new amateur website hosted by gay porn star Marko Lebeau. Join him as he searches for the hottest men in Montréal willing to adventure into the world of gay porn.

Along with guest hosts, Marko engages the performers in candid commentary and introductory interviews before each scene. Marko will also occasionally perform in scenes on the site.

Features of the site include weekly hardcore updates and monthly solo and blowjob scenes that serve as a means of introducing new models.

The site also includes high-res photo sets for every model, mobile access, unlimited downloads and bonus access to five Next Door sites.

You can get a 3 day trial membership for $2.95.

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January 30, 2013

Men of Montréal: Marko Lebeau bangs Lorenzo Star

MenOfMontreal: Marko Lebeau bangs Lorenzo Star writes:

“This is Marko Lebeau’s first scene for his site. Busy traveling he has called upon his friends Gabriel Lenfant and Ben Rose to sub for him in the first run of shoots. Marko was eager in breaking the ice and for his this scene he asked Lorenzo Star to team up with him.

He knew that Lorenzo was an intense sexual animal and he was keen on bedding him. In fact, Marko was in serious need of fucking some ass.

He had just worked out at the gym and suggested that Lorenzo join him in the shower to get things started. They eventually made their way to the shower, but only after undressing each other while kissing passionately.

After some sucking, rimming and fucking in the shower, and by the bathtub… and dripping sweat and lube on the camera, the guys continued fucking on the floor and on the bed, making their way to shooting their loads.

Lorenzo being the sex addict he is, mixed their juices together and lapped it up while grinning from ear to ear.”

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Men Of Montreal
January 30, 2013

KinkMen: Hairy stud Josh Long tied up and edged for the first time

MenOnEdge: Hairy stud Josh Long tied up and edged for the first time
MenOnEdge: Hairy stud Josh Long tied up and edged for the first time writes:

“Josh Long comes to Men on Edge with no experience with bondage, but he’s excited to try something new.

We start him off tied to the cross and blindfold him as his clothes are removed. Josh begins to like the feel of the ropes on his hot hairy body when we notice his cock is already hard, begging to be edged.

Josh pushes himself to take the flogger and clamps on his nipples as his tied up throbbing cock is sucked and edged.

Bent backwards in the air, Josh is made to cum all over his own hairy body and tickled till he calls for mercy.”

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