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June 30, 2013

Sean Cody: Tanner and Adrian’s raw flip-fuck

Sean Cody: Tanner and Adrian's raw flip-fuck
Sean Cody: Tanner and Adrian's raw flip-fuck

Flip-flop fuck with Tanner and Adrian!

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June 30, 2013

Lucas Entertainment: Arpad Miklos pounds Justin Cruise in “Hooking Up”

Lucas Entertainment: Arpad Miklos pounds Justin Cruise in "Hooking Up"
Lucas Entertainment: Arpad Miklos pounds Justin Cruise in "Hooking Up"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“This is the ultimate scenario for anyone with a daddy fetish: Arpad Miklos appears in all his furry, muscle-bear glory and the object of his affection is the slim and slender blond bottom Justin Cruise.

They begin by exchanging text messages, which eventually leads to Arpad escorting the twink back to his bedroom for some hardcore fun.

Arpad moves in for some kissing as soon they’re through the door — but the best part is when they both take their clothes off. Justin is smooth, small, and lean. Arpad is tall, brawny, and hairy. Justin is a submissive guy, totally getting off on pleasuring an older man.

He first uses his mouth on Arpad’s huge uncut cock; after the top is hard Justin bends over on the bed where he gets his ass played with. Arpad uses his the dildo modeled after his own meat before giving the twink what he’s really after — the real thing between Arpad’s legs.

Arpad thrusts into Justin long and hard before they both reach climax!”

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June 30, 2013

Randy Blue: Austin Wolf fucks Caleb Strong

Randy Blue: Austin Wolf fucks Caleb Strong
Randy Blue: Austin Wolf fucks Caleb Strong

Randy Blue writes:

“During an outtake after getting fucked by Austin, Caleb was lying there shaking. I came up to him and asked him if he was okay. He told me he did not want to talk about it. He told me he never had been fucked that way before and was feeling something he never felt. I asked him if the thing he never felt before was good or bad. And he gave me a weak smile whispered, GOOD.

That is the magic of Austin Wolf. He has literally won awards for being the best top. And this scene proves why. At the beginning of the shoot, Caleb confesses to Austin that he googled him before their scene. He was super excited to be with a guy so big. Austin has about 8 inches and 60 lbs on Caleb.

But Caleb is no slouch. He is all 100 percent pure American beef cake.

The two decide to compare their bodies. Shirts come off, pecs are felt, nipples are sucked, biceps licked, underwear pulled down. Before we knew it, Austin grabbed Caleb and shoved his dick down his throat. Caleb jumped on top of Austin and returned the favor. Then he sat up and let Austin eat his ass while he pressed his body up against the window.

Once his ass was nice and wet, Caleb started riding Austin. By the time Austin took him doggie style, the Caleb we knew and loved ceased to exist. He started making sounds I never heard before. He was being touched and fucked in places he never realized existed. By the time Austin was fucking Caleb on his back, he was ready to explode.

When Austin saw this he pulled out and shoved his fingers up that tight hole. Caleb made a sound of utter ecstasy and exploded all over himself. Austin then rolled over and nutted all over Caleb. Caleb then sucked the jiz down and snowballed it back to Austin. Caleb then collapsed on top of Austin, resting his head on his big heaving Chest. I think the whole world will need a cigarette after this video.”

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June 29, 2013

Broke Straight Boys: Damien Kyle and Mick Torrence fuck each other bareback

Broke Straight Boys: Damien Kyle and Mick Torrence fuck each other bareback
Broke Straight Boys: Damien Kyle and Mick Torrence fuck each other bareback writes:

“In this BSB Update Mick Torrence introduces the scene and his co-star, Damien Kyle. In a nutshell these sexy bros are going to flip fuck “the shit out of each other” as Mick so eloquently describes. The guys like a flip fuck more than a simple fuck session; balance is key. The gentlemen get a little more comfortable, take their shirts off and relax. They’ve spent a lot of time together this week and have become good friends, well, good “bros”. The cameraman asks them to prove their “bromance” and kiss on it. Damien his nonchalant but Mick is hesitant. They kiss for a moment and stop.

“I think that’s worse than sucking a dick,” he states.

With Mick’s slight discomfort in mind, they move on to the lesser of the two evils, dick sucking. Damien drops to his knees and Mick whips out his thick piece. Damien gently begins to excite Mick’s dick with his warm lips and wet mouth. Before you know it Mick is completely hard and Damien picks up the pace. He grabs it by the base to the make sure he has a good grip on the object of his attention. Mick’s big veiny cock throbs and pulsates from Damien’s five star skills. He moans as he towers over Damien, like a volcano waiting to erupt. Damien gently strokes Mick’s balls as he sucks. Mick looks extremely pleased.

Before you know it Damien sits on the bed and Mick is slurping on his delicious dick, like a Popsicle during and a scorching day in July. Damien grabs his head and guides his cock deeper inside Mick’s wet mouth.

“Go all the way down,” Damien commands.

Mick obeys and deepthroats Damien’s dick effortlessly. Mick begins to stroke his dick as he tends to the needs of his good bro Damien.

Moments later Mick gets on the bed and lubes himself up. Damien slathers his wet dick and slides inside Mick slowly. Mick’s tight hole isn’t used to visitors, especially guests Damien’s size, but it adjusts. Damien begins to dig inside Mick, his raw cock slamming deep inside Mick’s sweet hole. The intensity increasing slowly, Damien leans in to fuck him harder, then suddenly pulls Mick’s legs and ass closer so that he can fuck him deeper.

They flip. Damien is ready to roll. From the moment Mick slides his dick inside Damien he moans nonstop, while he strokes his hard dick. Mick pumps inside Damien’s with long intentional stokes. Mick looks adoringly at his dick sliding inside Damien’s lubed hole. You can tell he like to top a lot more. He spreads Damien’s legs and fucks him faster and Damien continues to moan. Damien holds his feet in order to better receive Mick’s dick.

“Fuck that,” Damien orders.
“Faster!” He demands.

Mitch obliges his bro. He fucks him hard, deep, and fast. Damien grabs his dick and jacks his until he erupts his load. Mitch slides out of Damien’s hole and jerks his cock and shoots a substantial load onto Damien’s six pack.”

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June 29, 2013

ChaosMen: Jordan barebacks Theon

Chaos Men: Jordan barebacks Theon
Chaos Men: Jordan barebacks Theon writes:

“Jordan turned out to be an amazing performer in the glory hole. His cock was bone hard and he just seemed to really get into sex. And Theon has turned out to be an amazing bottom. His cock stays rock solid while he is getting boned.

Jordan initially said he wasn’t ready to suck dick, but he decided he wanted to do more work in the future, so he upped his game for this video. He did a fine job his first time out, and I think Theon was relieved to give his jaw a break from sucking Jordan’s big knob.

Jordan does have a rather thick cock, so Theon picked his favorite position to get used to a fat dick. He sat on it with out much trouble, and wow, his cock REALLY likes it when his hole is being penetrated!

I find the spooning position to be challenging for newbies, but Jordan was a machine, and sure enough, he pummels Theon sidewise, giving us ample view of his cock sliding in and out, making Theon’s cock even harder.

Without even so much as a hiccup, he tosses Theon on his back and buries his cock deep in his hole. That was just enough to make Theon cum from getting fucked.

Jordan’s first time up to breed a hole, and he nails it perfectly. Shooting a couple squirts on Theon’s hole, the burying the rest deep inside his new Greek toy!”

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June 28, 2013 Johnny Rapid and Duncan Black get fucked by Colby Jansen, Rod Daily and Ryan Rockford in “Football Fuckdown, Part 3” Johnny Rapid and Duncan Black get fucked by Colby Jansen, Rod Daily and Ryan Rockford in “Football Fuckdown, Part 3” Johnny Rapid and Duncan Black get fucked by Colby Jansen, Rod Daily and Ryan Rockford in “Football Fuckdown, Part 3” writes:

“Johnny Rapid & Duncan Black know their role on the football team: to keep the star players’ balls drained so they can focus on winning!

The final scene from‘s Football Fuckdown series is a locker room orgy where Rod Daily, Ryan Rockford & coach Colby Jansen fuck Johnny and Duncan in every possible position!

Johnny Rapid pulls off a very impressive double penetration!”

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June 28, 2013

Randy Blue: Diego Sans pounds Joe Clark

Randy Blue: Diego Sans fucks Joe Clark
Randy Blue: Diego Sans fucks Joe Clark

Randy Blue writes:

“Diego and Joe are just dropping some packages off in the middle of a hot California day. After unloading everything from their van in a secluded warehouse, they decided to cool off with a nice brew. Joe also took his shirt off to keep his temperature down. Diego pays notice of his bulging biceps and sweaty pecs.

Soon Diego strips off his top as well. The beers are chugged and the sexual tension between these two is palpable. Finally Diego moves in for a kiss. Joe tries to play hard to get, but this cock whore cannot play coy for long. They stat making out, and Diego gets Joe out of his clothes and goes straight for his ass. He eats out Joe while getting his dick nice and hard.

He then feeds his cock to Joe. Joe deep throats it time and time again, choking on Diego and getting tears in his eyes. Diego eats his ass out again so that he can get that hole ready for a pounding.

He fucks him doggie style and slides that hot long shaft in and out of him. Joe loves it. Joe loves the missionary position even better. He can hardly hold back. Until finally, he lets loose a fountain of cum as Diego keeps on fucking him.

Then Diego makes Joe suck his dick until he cums. And this may be the biggest cum shot of Diego ever. And Joe lapped it all up like a good boy. Finally Diego sucks off Joe until he cums a second time all over Diego and his hot little mouth.

Joe and Diego were delivering more than packages today.”

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June 28, 2013

Men of Montréal: Christian Power fucks Félix Brazeau in “A Muscular Pounding”

felix-brazeau-christian-power-menofmontreal-1 writes:

“Christian Power and Félix Brazeau wanted to take advantage of the nice late spring weather, so they decided to take a walk together in a park near the Gay Village in Montreal, chatting it up and sharing pics on their mobile phones. The guys have known each other for a couple of months, so they were quite comfortable with each other, even though this was the first time they would be actually having sex together. Neither one seemed intimated by the idea, but Félix was definitely overwhelmed by Christian’s size.

Félix has really gotten into the groove quickly since joining the team of Men of Montréal (MoM) and is really getting off on taking some solid sized dicks up his ass. So, we are more than happy to indulge this newfound passion of his! While Christian started out in porn by being an awesome bottom, he does love to top, and a fierce top he is, pounding his partner’s ass with all the might that you expect from such a massive muscle hunk.

Félix was the first to suggest they go back to the house and get in on, clearly showing his eagerness to get at Christian’s dick. Heading right for the bedroom, it was only seconds before our 6’1” bottom boy was all over Christian’s 8” uncut tool. After some artful cocksucking, the guys moved into a sixty-nine position with Félix on top. They burst out laughing when the underwear was obviously getting in the way. That’s when Christian cried out “Let’s get naked!” Our Titan, Christian, then instructed Félix into a doggy style position so he could rim and finger his prey in preparation for a good fucking. The guys were comfortable together and having a lot of fun. When he was ready to fuck, Christian hollered out “Go, it’s Rodeo time!” To which Félix responded with a hearty “Ye Haw!” They were clearly having a good time together.

After taunting Félix’s ass with his cock, Christian got on his back and Félix just sat right back onto his top’s firm dick. Even when lying down, Christian can fuck a guy silly. But to really give a solid pounding, he motioned Félix onto his back so he could pound him seriously. Félix loves a good fuck and his loud moaning and groaning is always a good indicator of his pleasure. He was really into this wrecking machine. It was also amazing to see Christian’s abs flex back and forth while fucking… Fiercely hot!!

Félix wanted to take Christian’s cum in his face. So that is exactly what our body-builder did, shooting on his forehead, eyelid and cheek, and then spreading it in Félix’s face. He even shot a bit in his eye, giving Félix a light burning sensation. Like a trooper, he kept on going and was quickly next at shooting a load. For his release, he wanted to spread his seed on Christian’s solid bubble butt. So, Christian got on his stomach and let him have his way. Félix delivered a sizeable load and went on to spread in around that big butt with his cock. Sweet!”

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Men of Montreal
June 27, 2013 Andrew Stark bangs Mike De Marko and Duncan Black in “Hanky Code” Andrew Stark bangs Mike De Marko and Duncan Black in "Hanky Code" Andrew Stark bangs Mike De Marko and Duncan Black in "Hanky Code" writes:

“It’s hanky night at the gay bar and Mike De Marko & Duncan Black are wearing their true colors. Andrew Stark knows the guys’ hankies mean they’re DTF bottoms which works out great because he’s wearing a black hanky – S&M top!

The guys get out of there and head over to Andrew’s where both bottoms submit their tight asses to their new tops every desire!”

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June 27, 2013

Falcon Studios: Brandon Lewis fucks Marcus Mojo in “Escape”

Falcon Studios: Brandon Lewis fucks Marcus Mojo in "Escape"
Falcon Studios: Brandon Lewis fucks Marcus Mojo in "Escape" writes:

“Brandon Lewis can’t keep his eyes off Marcus Mojo as the young buck stands under a relentless waterfall. His muscled body glistens with the falling sheets of water and all Brandon can do is watch and whack off. Soon the men are kissing under the pouring shower, their toned torsos meshed tightly into each other.

Wanting more, Brandon goes down on his buddy sucking down his engorged cock. Marcus responds and gets his licks in, deepthroating Brandon’s thick shaft and tongue-tickling his balls.

Both men are drowning in lust when Brandon begins fucking Marcus up the ass, making him ooh and ahh with every deep plunge. Marcus then skewers himself down on his partner’s cock and rides it hard. Brandon pumps in and out even faster to heighten the friction.

Finally sitting side by side, they jack themselves off until they both cum. Marcus roars as he squeezes out his load and Brandon discharges an even larger blast causing them both to laugh after their successful and satisfying tryst.”

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