January 25, 2013

ActiveDuty: Axl and Sawyer’s hot flip-fuck

ActiveDuty: Axl and Sawyer's hot flip-fuck
ActiveDuty: Axl and Sawyer's hot flip-fuck

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Active Duty’s gorgeous Axl is back after months away, and just in time for the one-year anniversary of his debut! This time he is paired with beautiful Sawyer, who is blessed with chiseled abs and golden skin.

The two experienced guys hit the ground running, from conversation, to kisses, sucking, topping, and bottoming by both beautiful men.

Axl’s big rod paired with Sawyer’s smooth bubble of a rear is a sight to behold. When Axl finally can’t take any more pleasure he explodes with Sawyer still inside him, and Sawyer quickly follows.

That isn’t the end, though, as Axl has returned from his absence with a lot of pent up “energy” and shoots another load!”

– Download this hot scene at ActiveDuty.com


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