December 30, 2013

ChaosMen: Shiloh and Wren suck each other off

Chaos Men: Shiloh and Wren suck each other off
Chaos Men: Shiloh and Wren suck each other off writes:

“I think we have an eager cock-sucker on our hands!

Shiloh said during his solo he is still on team ‘Bi’ but given his hungry performance in this video, he seems pretty advanced in his guy-on-guy skills.

Love watching him suck dick, eat ass, and just basically go ball-to-chin deep on Wren. Wren, for his part, is super turned-on by having someone so into him.

I think Shiloh will be awesome to have as part of the Servicing team, as he pretty much isn’t really focused on himself getting pleasured, but more on making Wren squirm with ecstasy!

Shiloh expertly makes Wren cum, but I am not sure if Wren doesn’t cum a lot, or if it just ends up down the back of Shiloh’s throat, but Wren still cums really hard.

The only criticism I have for his technique is he didn’t ease up on Wren’s cock head after he nutted, making him squirm around. Not a big fan of that, as I think you need to trust your partner to know when to let up. Though I am sure there are fans that like to watch a guy squirm after they cum, but I think that is more appropriate for a bondage scenario.

Shiloh did nut rather abruptly, but he cums so much, ropes filling Wren’s open mouth. Followed-up with some cum kissing/sharing and cock dipping.

If you love facials, you will love the ending on this one! It has a busy week for Wren!”

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