May 2, 2012

ChaosMen: Beefy muscle hunk Bruce rubs one out writes:

“Bruce had his head shaved when he submitted his pics. He said he was growing it out to a faux hawk. I myself have one so I thought sure. He shows up with well, a Mohawk. I asked him right away, “I thought you were growing a faux hawk?”

“This IS a faux hawk?” He replied. “No, that’s a Mohawk.” “No it’s a faux hawk from where I come from?” he defended.

“Well, I guess I am going to have my first Mohawk on my site!” I said not wanting to debate hair styles with a straight guy.

So I hope you like big muscley guys with Mohawks!

Bruce IS a nice guy, all set to do a solo and a Serviced video and eager to show of for us.

During the photos, he was struggling to stay hard, so I quickly set him up to do his solo at the computer, complete with audio. Thankfully that worked out, though he does focus a bit on the video.

There is an OutTake at the end, where I give him a helping hand. It seems like lately I have been stepping in to help get the guys close. I don’t know if including the OutTakes ruins the solos, but some people seem to like it.

It might seem redundant with me doing some manual labor at the end, but next week’s Serviced video with Brooks is pretty awesome. Bruce REALLY gets into and gets “properly” Serviced.”

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