March 22, 2014

CocksureMen: Billy Santoro and Seth Treston’s raw flip-fuck

CocksureMen: Billy Santoro barebacks Seth Treston writes:

“Stud Billy Santoro and sexy Seth Treston make out in the gym locker room. The clothes come off fast as Billy assures Seth they are all alone. The two hunks take turns blowing each other. Seth struggles to deep throat Billy’s hard cock, gagging frequently. Billy takes on Seth’s cock with ease, even licking his balls.

Seth leans against a stall so Billy can eat his ass. Billy eats like a pig, sloppily pounding Seth’s hole with his tongue.

He gets Seth’s ass wet and pounds his raw hole bareback. Billy pulls out and bends over the locker bench so Seth can eat him out, too. Seth munches on Billy’s ass while milking Billy’s cock.”

CocksureMen: Billy Santoro barebacks Seth Treston
CocksureMen: Billy Santoro barebacks Seth Treston

“They flip flop and Seth fills Billy’s hole with his hard raw pole. Billy rides Seth bareback on the bench, his cock flailing up and down with each bounce. He then grabs a tumbling mat and they make out. Seth lays down on the mat and Billy pile-drives his ass bareback even harder than before.

Seth Treston gets the cum pounded out of him and shoots a huge load on himself. Billy bends over licking up his lover’s sweet mess. Billy Santoro shoots his cum on Seth’s balls and shoves his raw cum-covered cock back inside Seth, seeding his hole. He plays with the hot splooge and fingers Seth’s stretched hole seeding it even more. Billy licks Seth’s cummy ass and goes in for a wet kiss.”

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