December 29, 2010

Next Door Studios: Cody Cummings gets fucked with a butt plug writes:

“If you know Cody Cummings, you know he’s no pushover. He has strict, non-negotiable limits for himself. There’s no getting around it, some things Cody just won’t do. If Crissy Moon and Johnny Torque think they can convince the NextDoor Stallion to take a beaded plug in the ass, it’s gonna take some SERIOUS coaxing!

However if Johnny wants to hang out and suck Cody’s massive cock for a while, that’s totally fine. In fact, he’s also welcome to lick Cody’s asshole while Crissy gets served that hard pounding she wanted so bad. And if Crissy wants to get out the plug and insert just the tip into Cody’s tight hole…well alright. And at that point, it’s pretty much in there so I guess that means Cody is taking the ENTIRE plug in his ass. Baby steps, Cody…baby steps.”

– Download this hot scene at Next Door Studios

One response to “Next Door Studios: Cody Cummings gets fucked with a butt plug”

  1. JD says:

    I wish somebody would just fuck this big ol queen hard, fast and with no regard. Come in his ass and make him admit he’s a big flaming homo! So sick of this “I ain’t gay” shit from Cody “I wanna suck cock” Cummings. Get over yourself ya big QUEEN!

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