August 30, 2011

College Dudes: Logan Holmes busts a nut writes:

“Logan Holmes showed up for a jerk-off video while we were on vacation, and he was so hot we filmed him on the spot! Logan has a solid muscular build – sexy as hell from head to toe!

As he starts undressing you can see how hard he works to keep in shape, and as he works up his cock you can also tell what a hornball he is! Logan works his dick easy at first, then as he sits down he begins to get more into his show. Playing with his balls, lubing up and stroking his shaft – Logan is a natural. He slowly lift his leg – and then another – into the air.

Then he begins to gently rub his asshole. Staring at the camera, he instinctively knows what is going to come next, and he begins slowly inching a finger up into himself. Logan goes on like this pleasuring himself and then finally blows a hot load.

As he is calming down post-orgasm a grin comes across his face – he is obviously happy with his performance. What a great show from a sexy guy!”

– Download the full scene at

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