January 11, 2018

Corbin Fisher: Beau works out Wesley raw

Corbin Fisher: Beau works out Wesley
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CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Though lately Beau has been showing off his talents as a bottom, he’s got a burning urge to fuck and lucky Wesley is left in the enviable position of getting to suck his thick cock, eat out his perfect, hairy ass, and then take a pounding from him all over the gym equipment!”

Corbin Fisher: Beau works out Wesley

““Good boy,” Beau says, grinning as Wesley goes down on him. “Taste good?” he asks, after fucking his pretty mouth for a while.

“Oh, yes,” Wesley replies, smiling back up at him.

Beau’s cock slides up into Wesley as Wesley rides him, and Wesley handles it like a champ, as these two studs find an even better way to get their cardio in.

Wesley gets bent over the weight bench for an even more intense fuck, until he absolutely can’t hold back and blasts out a massive load.

Like the very good boy he is, Wesley gets down on his knees and happily eats Beau’s cum, before kissing his way up his sexy body and sharing a tender kiss with him as thanks for the amazing workout.”

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Corbin Fisher

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  1. Chris belfast says:

    Beau’s new haircut makes him even hotter! Can’t wait for the Beau / Max flip flop

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