May 19, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Colt creams Tanner’s ass

Corbin Fisher: Colt creams Tanner

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Tanner’s always at his best when on the receiving end of a hard fuck, and Colt’s set to deliver precisely that in this hot episode!

Tanner initially sets out to get Colt worked up and ready with a killer BJ, even letting Colt fuck his mouth a bit and pump that hard dick in and out of his lips.

Tanner’s hands roam all over Colt’s smooth, ripped body as he blows him, while Colt’s hands eventually make their way to Tanner’s ass to feel it up and tease him.

Before too long, Tanner’s lowering his hole down on to Colt’s cock, taking it balls deep and then bouncing up and down as he fucks himself on that cock.

Soon, though, Colt takes over – Tanner goes from fucking himself on Colt’s cock to having Colt pump up in to him and drive his dick to the hilt. From that point on, Tanner gets thoroughly fucked and ends up soaked in cum!”

Corbin Fisher: Colt creams Tanner
Corbin Fisher: Colt creams Tanner

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Corbin Fisher

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