June 29, 2009

Corbin Fisher’s Amateur College Sex: Josh fucks Bailey

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Corbin Fisher's Amateur College Sex: Josh fucks Bailey

Corbin Fisher writes about this hot scene:

“We’ve seen Josh engage in some pretty hot action over at ACM. Likewise, we’ve seen him do some intensely hot stuff here at ACS, including his most recent bi 3-way with Brent, and that Brent mentioned was the most intense sexual experience of his life.

Now, he’s back in an incredibly passionate and hot session with a girl! Funny enough, Josh had two hot action videos here at ACS before ever getting in any action with a guy, and that created quite a bit of alarm among many CF fans and followers! Many were worried that two videos with girls before doing anything with a guy was a sure sign we’d never see him with a guy at all! Obviously, those fears have been laid to rest and proved unfounded. If anything, his appearances here on ACS, combined with his hot action over at ACM, have shown us what a versatile young guy he is, and how he can put on a hot show and have some wild fun in most any situation.

His big dick is looking as hot as ever here, as he buries it in the girl. Likewise, his muscles are as tight as can be, flexing with every pump and thrust. They go from slow, deep fucking to fast and furious fucking in a number of positions, each one showing off his hot bod and dick.

He was as hard as a rock even before his jeans came out, so there’s no doubt he was as eager as could be to fuck the lucky girl and get off. He certainly made the most of it, too, once they get into it!

When his thrusts speed up and we can tell he’s about to blow, he then pulls his dick out and immediately fires off a massive load that shoots clear off screen! How horned up must he have been?!”

– Dowlaod this scene at Corbin Fisher’s American College Sex

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