March 16, 2019

GrowlBoys: “Lost Boys – Chapter 1: Fresh Meat”

GrowlBoys: "Lost Boys - Chapter 1: Fresh Meat"
GrowlBoys Special Offer writes:

LOST BOYS is the story of a wise, ancient satyr, looking the world over for displaced souls to bring into his familial pack of strays. Gifting them the life of a Promethean, he shows them their inner potential and guiding them on them new path.

In CHAPTER 1, Fresh Meat, Angel has just moved into a town and is looking for a good time. Walking down the unfamiliar streets, he finds the exciting and exotic “Growl Bar”.

Once inside, he sees meets the handsome owner, Mr. Kipling, taking him up on an offer to work for him at the small club. Things seem to be going smoothly until he has an intimate encounter with his sexy daddy boss, forcing him to face his own deep desires and question his compelling feelings toward his employer.

Scared and vulnerable, he’s finds himself at the mercy of his boss, begging him for forgiveness. Mr. Kipling, however, is a lot more than he seems, has a lot more to offer the lost young man.”

GrowlBoys: "Lost Boys - Chapter 1: Fresh Meat"

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