June 24, 2013

Hot House: Lance Luciano fucks Connor Kline in “Jockhole”

Hot House: Lance Luciano fucks Connor Kline in "Jockhole"

HotHouse.com writes:

“Connor Kline knows exactly what he’s doing when he’s screaming at Lance Luciano to hit the punching bag ‘harder!’ The more pissed off Lance gets at his sparring partner the ‘harder’ his cock gets until he whips it out and forces it down Connor’s hungry throat.

Connor worships every inch of the Latino stud’s huge dick then stands up so Lance can suck his rock-hard monster. Lance gives Connor a juicy blow job then turns him around to get a taste of his legendary bubble-butt.

No one can resist Connor’s huge ass – and Lance is no exception. He throws the muscular stud up against the punching bag and power-fucks his hole. When they move to the floor Lance lies back so Connor can hop on his cock and bounce until they both blow their loads.”

– Watch the full-length scene at HotHouse.com


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