February 7, 2018

HotHouse: Austin Wolf bangs Sean Maygers in “Gear Play”

HotHouse: Austin Wolf bangs Sean Maygers in "Gear Play"
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In HotHouse’s “Gear Play”, Sean Maygers and Austin Wolf meet up in the locker room after baseball practice.

Austin makes it way past third base when he stretches Sean’s throat to the limits and slides his slugger deep into the jock’s tight dugout.

HotHouse: Austin Wolf bangs Sean Maygers in "Gear Play"
HotHouse: Austin Wolf bangs Sean Maygers in "Gear Play"

HotHouse.com writes:

“Baseball practice is over and back in the locker room, Austin Wolf is sitting on a bench watching Sean Maygers strip off his sweaty jockstrap. Austin approaches Sean and gets him into submission on his knees as he presents his bulging package.

Sean knows he’s way past third base and gets hard almost instantly as he reaches into Austin’s pouch and finds a big, thick dick. Austin reams Sean’s wet throat and when both studs can’t possibly get any harder, Austin bends Sean over to eat his ass.

He opens up the begging jock with his tongue and fingers to get him ready for his thick slugger. Sean can’t wait to have Austin inside of him and opens wide for his teammate to do his thing.

Austin enters Sean’s from behind and cuts right to the chase with a rough and constant pounding that leaves Sean’s dugout wrecked.

Sean wants it even harder and after climbing on top and riding the muscle stud, he lies back on the bench to let Austin drill his hole one last time.

With Austin still sliding in and out of him, Sean blasts his load all over his own glistening abs. Austin is ready to cum too and pulls out to blast one out of the park.

It’s a home run that leaves the two athletes shuddering, panting and wet with sweat and sperm.”

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  1. Peter says:

    Both of these models would be infinitely hotter without the ink; it’s ugly and distracts from their beautiful skin and musculature. Tattoos have become boner-killers for me.

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