December 29, 2012

MenAtPlay: Paddy O’Brian fucks Trenton Ducati in “The Big Day”

MenAtPlay: Paddy O'Brian fucks Trenton Ducati in "The Big Day"
MenAtPlay: Paddy O'Brian fucks Trenton Ducati in "The Big Day" writes about this hot scene:

“Are you ready for The Big Day? We’re not talking about Christmas – thats gone. And New Years day has nothing on the Big Day we’re getting all hot under the collar about.

Why such an important event? Oh soooo many reasons. For one – we have a new handsome star brightening our web pages with his tall muscled body and his rugged masculine looks – yes, Trenton Ducati makes his debut on Menatplay.

Second – Paddy O’Brian has finally come back to us after a year away and what’s even more amazing is he’s come back a changed man, ready to fuck the brains out of a big guy like Trenton. And this is not half-hearted straight guy performance – he really gets stuck in and gives Trenton exactly what hes asking for.

With Trenton begging “Please fuck me, please fuck me .. Ive been waiting so long for this” the anticipation for what is about to happen will have you instantly hard – as you watch Paddy gently tease his hard cock against Trenton’s hungry hole. Then he goes for it – hard and fast making big guy Trenton cry with pleasure.”

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