December 7, 2011

Fratmen: Orion busts a nut

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“There’s nothing like a well dressed city boy stripped from his element and tossed to the endeavors of a serene environment where exhibitionism prospers. Fratmen Orion is a prize for the eyes and a compliment to nature, with beautiful contrasting dark skin, soft round bubble but and a hard muscular body paired with a pleasantly sized penis. Watch this stud relieve himself when he thinks no-one is watching.”

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December 7, 2011

TitanMen: Troy Daniels rides Leo Forte in “Inmates” writes:

“Bunk buddies Troy Daniels and Leo Forte can’t sleep. “Looking to bust out again, aren’t you?” asks Leo, who has a plan to help them escape. The price? Troy’s hole.

After sucking each other, Troy sits down on Leo’s juicy shaft, his own cock staying stiff as he rides. Leo licks the bottom’s nipple and rubs his bod, Troy’s cock slamming off the top’s muscular leg before the two shoot.”

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December 7, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Steve nails Josh

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Josh is back – and he’s ready to take on some big things … like Steve! Plus, it’s Steve’s first time with a guy. So Josh is the perfect one to guide Steve along the first steps in his CF education!

It’s always something to see that first time a guy kisses another guy – especially if there’s a real chemistry involved. Steve kisses Josh’s chest and abs hungrily, then moves down to kiss Josh’s cock through his jeans.

Josh is clearly craving some guy/guy action as well. He pulls Steve’s shirt off and kisses the bodybuilder’s muscular torso and stomach. Josh pulls down Steve’s shorts, and puts his mouth on Steve’s dick.

Steve moans as a guy sucks his cock for the first time. He rubs Josh’s head. Steve’s mouth half-opens in surprise as Josh licks his balls.

Josh stands up so Steve can pull his pants down. Josh feeds Steve his dick, thrusting it slowly in and out of Steve’s mouth.

Josh jerks Steve’s cock while Steve blows him.

Steve pushes Josh’s head back down on his dick. Now Steve is completely horned up and can’t wait to get inside Josh’s tight hole. Josh gets on all fours. Steve lubes up Josh’s ass, and fingers it.

“I can’t wait for you to fuck me,” Josh says. “You want this dick?” Steve asks. Oh yeah … Josh definitely wants it!

Steve teases Josh’s ass with his finger a little longer, then slides his cock inside. Josh moans loudly as he takes Steve’s dick. Steve squeezes Josh’s ass cheek as he pounds him.

Josh looks back at Steve as he gets nailed by the bigger guy. Josh grabs onto the arm of the couch as Steve reaches around to stroke his cock. Josh’s dick bounces up and down as Steve rams into him.

Steve makes Josh lie down on the couch. He holds up Josh’s legs and shoves his dick back into Josh’s ass. Steve pounds him hard in the missionary position. Then Steve pushes Josh’s knees over his head and starts pushing his cock even deeper into Josh.

Josh climbs up on top of Steve and rides his dick. Josh’s stiff cock bounces from side to side as Steve drills up into him. Steve strokes Josh’s dick for him. Josh shoots his load all over his abs as Steve tells him he wants to see him come.

Steve pulls out and blasts a thick load that splatters Josh’s balls as well as Steve’s cock and his hand. The guys kiss and head to the shower to clean up and talk about Steve’s first time.

I agree with Josh’s statement that Steve is a natural. I’m sure we’ll hear from this hot young bodybuilder again!”

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December 7, 2011

PatAndSam: “Jason Cherry Pop” writes:

“Jason was always very nervous about getting fucked up the ass. He was just sure it would hurt.

I kept telling him that it could hurt, but that if it’s done right it feels really good. I told him that the important thing is that the first time be done right. That way he’d always look forward to it.

He said, “But, what about my dick!” I said, “Don’t worry about that.”.

So, this is his “Cherry Pop”. I did my very best to make it feel real good, and I think it worked.

In fact I know it worked, because now Jason always gets very excited whenever he’s going to get a big fat cock stuffed up his butt.

It has to be done right the first time.”

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December 7, 2011

College Dudes: Alex Andrews rubs one out writes:

“Alex Andrews is a hot mountain boy who loves to snowboard. Thankfully, we have him indoors where we can appreciate what he is wearing underneath all of those clothes. With a cheerful smile and golden locks, Alex is the all-American type of 21 year old that probably inspires lots of attention whenever he enters the room.

Alex strips down and gets his cock hard in no time flat, and then proceeds to stroke it gently as he works himself up into the ultimate self-pleasuring experience.

Alex rubs hit legs, chest and butt as he jerks off, and after a few minutes he sits down to get a little more comfortable. Alex has a nice rod and set of balls, and he really enjoys showing off his package for the camera.

Luckily, he also enjoys flipping onto his knees and showing off his hot ass as well. Alex rubs his butt-cheeks as he strokes it, and before you know it he is ready to bust. He rolls over onto his back and lets off a huge white creamy load just for us. Hot solo!”

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December 6, 2011 Adam Killian pounds Matt Cole in “Striker” writes:

“Adam Killian is a hustler, a bona fide pool shark always looking for the next mark. Matt Cole thinks he’s easily going to take Adam’s money, in fact he’s so sure that he’s going to beat Adam he’s betting money he doesn’t have. Adam beats Matt and when it’s time to pay-up Matt comes up short – if Matt can’t pay in cash he’s going to have to pay Adam in ass…

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December 6, 2011

NakedSword: Raw Riders Studios’ “Lars Svenson’s Breeding Grounds”

Raw Riders Studios writes at

“Those load loving Raw Riders return… and the Breeding Grounds are officially open – but only those who are willing to play can enter.

German pig-stud Lars Svenson leads the action and is determined to be filthier than ever. The barebacking deviants in this film have cum to the Breeding Grounds to worship cock, power fuck, slurp jizz and breed eager holes.

Packing every moment with intense and low down dirty action!”

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December 6, 2011

Randy Blue: Roman Todd and Travis James’ hot flip-flop fuck

Randy Blue studs Roman Todd and Travis James flip flop fuck, but not before Travis gives Roman one hot rim job.

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December 6, 2011

Machofucker: Champ Robinson pounds and creampies Derek writes:

“US-porn star Champ Robinson is one sexy stud and he certainly had a fun time over here in Barcelona, where we had invited him. We shot a couple of hot videos with this stunner.

The first Bottom stud who got stuffed and filled up by the Champ`s massive wood is Argentina-boy Derek. He returns to Machofucker after being away for a couple of years.”

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December 6, 2011

Next Door Studios: AJ Monroe gets fucked by newcomer Andras Style writes:

“A.J. Monroe knows how to turn another guy on. He’s been doing for quite some time. In fact, Andras Style has heard about A.J.’s soft lips and skill in taking down large dicks. He can’t wait to slide his cock into A.J.’s mouth, but first these twinks are chatting a little bit about sexual experiences and what really gets their motors running.

Andras is a very experimental kinda guy. He’ll explain his kinky habits before spreading A.J.’s sweet ass and pounding his hole. You’ll love this candid experience as this duo enjoys each other to the max!”

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