February 9, 2011

Next Door Studios: Samuel O’Toole fucks Parker Perry’s hairy ass

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Parker Perry is starting trouble. While Samuel O’Toole casually surveys a scenic rural sunset, Parker decides to play a pretty wet trick on him, splashing him with a bucket of cold water. As retribution, Samuel decides that Parker owes him, and decides to take out the punishment all over Parker’s sweet mouth. Well, in no time at all, Samuel is warmed up and ready to move on to coital payback, working Parker’s ass in several different positions before finally splashing Parker with something a little thicker than water.”

– Download the full scene at Next Door Studios

February 9, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Dru fucks Jarrett

Corbin Fisher writes:

“New freshman Jarrett told us he is usually a top. In fact, he’s only bottomed twice before. But with Dru around, “there can be only one!” Or in this case … a third!

Dru kisses Jarrett passionately. Not just on the lips but on his ear, neck, bicep … hitting every spot he can on this cute new freshman.

Dru pulls out his big dick, and Jarrett deepthroats the big dick that will be fucking him. He does a great job, which Dru appreciates – not just with words, but also by returning the favor! He strokes and sucks Jarrett’s own impressive cock.

These two hot blond guys look great 69ing each other. Dru has him suck his balls. Then Dru goes to work sucking Jarrett’s toes. Jarrett licks Dru’s ass while Dru continues to suck Jarrett’s toes. Our newbie is jumping in head (and tail) first to his CF education!

Jarrett gets on all fours so Dru can pound him doggy-style. Dru teases Jarrett’s hole with his cock head and it makes Dru start pre-cumming. He keeps on teasing, making Jarrett want it even more.

Dru slides his long dick inside Jarrett. “Oh yeah, take my cock,” he tells Jarrett. Dru’s loving how tight this top’s ass feels.

Jarrett tells Dru his cock is hard from getting fucked by him. Dru pulls his head back by the hair and starts slamming into him harder.

“I see why this is your favorite position,” Dru tells him. Jarrett backs up into Dru, taking every inch of his cock. He holds Jarrett up against him, then pushes him back down onto the bed.

Dru slides into Jarrett sideways, and kisses him. He drills Jarrett’s hole, kissing his face and neck as he pounds into him. Jarrett strokes his cock.

Jarrett keeps smiling as Dru fucks him. Dru hammers away at Jarrett’s hole. The guys kiss and Dru fucks him in the missionary position. Jarrett jerks his dick, his head almost off the edge of the bed as Dru fucks his ass harder.

Dru fucks a huge load out of Jarrett! It shoots up and out over his stomach. Dru keeps fucking Jarrett. He blasts his load all over Jarrett’s face and into his mouth. Jarrett sucks Dru’s cock dry, and Dru wipes the cum off Jarrett’s face and feeds it to him as well.

Dru kisses his cum-drenched face. Guess third time is definitely a charm!”

– Download the full scene at CorbinFisher.com

February 9, 2011

Falcon Studios: Alexsander Freitas bangs Shane Frost in “Man Up”

Falcon Studios writes:

“Shane Frost and Alexsander Freitas have been summoned to the commander’s office to answer charges that they were caught sucking dick behind the latrines … charges which they deny.

The two soldiers decide that if they’re gonna get kicked out for such an infraction, they might as well make the accusations real. Shane gets down to suck his co-conspirator’s stiff uncut cock and Alexsander gets so excited he begins to facefuck his slim friend hard.

Then the hirsute bodybuilder lays Shane down with his buttcheeks spread wide, exposing his hole so he can rim him, prepping his ass for the fierce fucking he quickly delivers.

They fuck non-stop and in different positions until Shane and then Alexsander let loose and shoot their cum all over.”

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February 8, 2011

Randy Blue: Jonathan Bartell bangs Micah Brandt

Randy Blue writes:

“Micah Brandt had already admitted on the Blue Is Beautiful blog that he couldn’t wait to chow down on Jonathan Bartell’s cock. In today’s update he got all of that and then some. These two wasted no time getting to the good stuff in this hot interracial hardcore video.

Jonathan has already shown how awesome he is at sucking cock in his scene with Eric Pryor so he was more than happy to let Micah give his cock some much needed attention. Micah got Jonathan so worked up that he yanked off Micah’s pants and went to town. All he needed was one look at Micah’s hot bubble butt in that sexy jock strap and he just had to tap that ass. Micah was loving having Jonathan’s dick buried deep inside him. And Jonathan rode his cock like a wild bronco causing Micah to shoot a big thick creamy load all over his smooth chest.”

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February 8, 2011

ChaosMen: Dino shows off and rubs one out

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Chaosmen.com writes:

“Dino has got that whole Jersey Shore thing going for him, though he is not from the Jersey area. He says people routinely think he is on the show and will come right up and ask him if he is.

Today, he is on the ChaosMen show, exhibiting his Italian package.

And what a package! Not only is he hung, but has an amazing body that he clearly spends time on. He loves showing off to the camera too.

He identifies as straight, but the feeling I got was that he is not opposed to having his dick sucked by an experienced dude. Just not all that into returning the favor. Dino has that, “Yeah you can suck my dick while I chill here” vibe about him.

So he will be back to get his dick sucked next week. As for doing more, that is still up in the air!”

– See more of Dino at Chaosmen

February 7, 2011

Next Door Studios: Brandon Lewis, Cliff Jensen and Hunter Ford’s threeway fuck

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Cliff Jensen is late as usual. Ever the jokester, he is laughing it up one afternoon while his buddies start without him. By the time he gets with the program, Brandon Lewis & Hunter Ford are already knee deep in naked pleasure. Already having a blast with just the 2 of them, the good times really get rolling when Cliff finally arrives. After he does, the three of them proceed to suck, fuck and joke around until they all cum on Cliff’s chest.”

– Download the full scene at Next Door Studios

February 7, 2011

Sean Cody: Jeffrey fucks Campbell

Sean Cody writes:

“Campbell has made it no secret that he loves a good fucking. He can ride a dick like there is no tomorrow. He’s very much the right guy to help break in someone that has never fucked a man’s ass before. After watching Jeffrey explore his ass during his first video, I had the feeling that perhaps he would be willing to go further with another guy. I didn’t want to scare him off by asking him to get fucked… so I offered him Campbell’s ass instead.

“Are you excited about getting fucked today?” I asked Campbell. The question was more a rhetorical one — a conversation starter — but the answer was one that I already knew.

“I love getting fucked!” He repled with no hesitation and a huge grin on his face.

I switched my attention to Jeffrey, “What do you think it’s going to be like?” “Ummm, not sure. We’ll find out.”

“Are you curious about what it’s like to have sex with a guy?” There was a pause… “Yeah, I’m a little curious.”

Jeffrey then positioned Campbell with his legs up the the air, allowing for long deep strokes into Campbell’s hairy hole. His military persona showing through, Jeffrey fucked harder and harder as Campbell moaned with every pounding. Jeffrey was surprisingly aggressive but Campbell, as always, somehow managed to take control and true to form, rode his thick dick until they both came!”

– Download the full-length scene at SeanCody.com

February 7, 2011

Richard.XXX: Diesel Washington, Alexander Garrett and Steven Ponce’s hot threeway

Richard.XXX writes:

“After a long practice Coach Diesel feels that Alexander and Steven need to be taught some teamwork. The two have not been getting along lately and it shows in their performance. Diesel has a plan that he knows will whip them into shape and force them to lean on each other in more ways than one.”

– Download the complete scene at Richard.XXX

February 7, 2011

Jake Cruise: Shane Frost gets serviced

Jake Cruise writes about this scene:

“I was traveling recently and missed the chance to massage Shane Frost, so Jasun stepped in for me. The last time I saw Shane he looked great, but this time, he seemed to have bulked himself into quite a muscleman. Of course, this meant Jasun had to work even harder, but I don’t think he minded. Judging by the load he shot at the end, neither did Shane.”

– Download the entire scene at JakeCruise.com

February 6, 2011

Pride Studios: Matthew Singer fucks Ty Benton

Pride Studios writes:

“Another exciting week on CircleJerkBoys.com as we welcome two new faces to the circle, Matthew Singer and Ty Benton.

Matthew starts off by giving Ty a back rub which leads to more as his hands roam. They start to make out as Matt drops his jeans to show Ty what he’s in for. Ty gropes at the massive tent in Matthew’s briefs before hauling out that thick dick. Matthew holds Ty by the back of his head and starts to fuck that pretty mouth of his. Matthew then strips off Ty’s briefs and returns the favor. Matthew is just getting into it when Ty pulls him off of his dick wanting more of Matthew’s. Matthew sits back and watches Ty worship his meat.

They move the party to the couch where they lie cock to cock, stroking their horny cocks together. “You want that dick, huh? Matt teases as he watches Ty sit on his thick cock. Ty is groaning in pain as his ass struggles to accommodate its intruder. Matthew slowly starts to slide that dick in and out of him and it isn’t long before Ty’s groaning turns into begging. “Awww, FUCK ME”, Ty moans as Matthew obliges.

Ty then switches things up as he gets on all four and has Matthew fuck him doggy style. Matthew starts fucking that ass deep; giving Ty the fucking he needs. Matthew then bends Ty over a chair and slides back in for more. Once he feels his balls start to tingle, Matthew pulls out and unloads all over Ty’s ass. Ty then gives Matthew his load, shooting all over Matthew’s sexy furry navel. YUM!

– Dowload the full scene at PrideStudios.com