July 4, 2010

Cocksure Men: Dakota Rivers fucks Steven Daigle

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Steven Daigle is best-known as the bucking bronco-riding rodeo cowboy who found fame on TV’s “Big Brother,” but today he’s riding the big dick of Dakota Rivers.

The two tall and toned men are hard and ready to go before the pants come off. Steven keeps flashing his bedroom eyes at Dakota while blowing him, making it harder and harder to resist pillaging his sweet ass. Dakota manages to control himself long enough to throat Steven’s beautiful cock and eat his ass, but lust gets the best of him as he soon finds himself balls deep in Steven’s hole.

Steven shows us that he hasn’t lost his talent of riding that Texas long horn and takes every inch that Dakota gives him, never losing that trademark wink and smile… even when he’s covered in two loads of cum.”

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July 4, 2010

Pride Studios: Chasen Hart, Drake Jayden and Wayne Manly’s hot threeway

ExtraBigDicks.com writes:

“This week we have not one, not two but three hung studs for your viewing and wanking pleasure.

The first is none other than Chasen Hart. Chasen is finally 21 and this strappin’ 6’5 hunk hails from right here in Sunny South Florida. Here to help Chasen out with that thick 9″ cock is 25 year old Drake Jayden and his buddy, Wayne Manley. Wayne is 25 years old, from Texas and he’ll be making his debut here on our site this afternoon.

Drake is a familiar face on our sites and this compact hottie with the thick 8″ cock is always a good time. Drake and Chasen sit on a couch debating what to do with this model that is coming in thinking it’s a model audition. They agree he needs to be pounded instead.”

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July 3, 2010

Twinks.com: Luke Riley fucks Chris Porter

Twinks.com writes:

“Now this is the kind of massage I want when you go to the local parlour – the kind that has a very happy ending.

Throw in a couple of toys and we have ourselves a really hot encounter between muscle boy masseuse Luke Riley and his twink prey Chris Porter. Once he’s on that massage table, there’s no escape. This tattooed twink is fucking hot too!

I love seeing him get his ass filled by an older guy.”

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July 3, 2010

ImAMarriedMan: Alexander Garrett fucks Cody Springs

ImAMarriedMan.com writes:

“Pizza delivery boy Cody Springs is on his last delivery for the day when he arrives to deliver a pizza to Alexander Garrett. Unfortunately Alexander only has credit cards on him and no cash. Cody decides he will accept a different type of payment just this one time and something entirely different than a credit card is swiped!”

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July 3, 2010

Pride Studios: Cameron Marshall pounds Gavin Waters

Pride Studios writes:

“CircleJerkBoys.com serves up two reason to celebrate this holiday weekend: Gavin Waters and Cameron Marshall. Gavin is a buff, jock type slice of the tasty South. Having heard Gavin was gonna be with us, Cameron Marshall volunteered to welcome him into the circle.

Gavin starts to lick Cameron’s smooth chest as he heads south to investigate a rather large protrusion in Cameron’s shorts. He takes Cameron’s dick in his mouth and starts to suck on that sweet cock. Gavin licks and sucks on his smooth balls making sure not to leave anything out. Gavin then stands up and strips giving us a better idea of all he has to offer. This boy’s body is chiseled. He’s naturally smooth and his definition is impressive. He’s gifted in every way as Cameron discovers wrapping his lips around his thick 8” uncut cock. Mmm.

Gavin lies back and watches Cameron nurse on his meat for a bit before going into a hot 69. We get an amazing view of Gavin’s hairless hole as he sucks Cam’s cock and fingers that sweet ass. Foreshadowing, pray tell? Gavin then bends over for Cam’s cock as he gets that sweet ass filled.

Cameron slides his cock in and out of that hungry hole for a while before deciding he needs to switch it up. Gavin is insatiable as he grabs Cameron’s smooth ass and pulls him in even deeper. “Deeper!” Gavin begs as Cameron obliges his requests. Gavin then sits on that throbbing cock and starts riding it like a bouncy ball. Remember those? Oops, back to the action… Gavin is glistening in sweat as he rides that dick at a full gallop. That cock is hitting him in just the sweet spot sending him over the edge.

His cock explodes as he rides that dick shooting blast after blast of thick load all over Cameron’s face. Here’s cum in your eye, Marshall! Gavin then puts his face down by Cameron’s cock as Cam nuts on his face as well giving new meaning to “turn the other cheek”. Lol …and that’s the end y’all.”

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July 3, 2010

ChaosMen: Ian fucks Jasper bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“This video is one of those where both guys can’t believe they are doing what they are doing. They start off a little goofy cuz they “have” to kiss, but once Jasper sucks Ian’s dick, they get right down to business.

Jasper gags on Ian’s cock till his eyes water!

I also wanted this to be a flip-flop video, as I was eager to see Ian get fucked.

But as it unfolded, Ian was staying rock hard, and Jasper was being fairly passive, so we just let Ian have his way with him. Jasper seems to like bottoming and isn’t real confident topping yet. So he may be a solid bottom.

Pretty cool cumshot on this as Jasper rides Ian’s cock. Ian pulls out and gets his dick close to cumming and then tells him to sit on it as he nuts, jizz dripping out of Jasper’s hole.

Jasper got himself close, and even though Ian looks like he’s about to get a dodge ball to the face, it’s a nice creamy load.”

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July 3, 2010

TommyDxxx: Tommy D pounds Vince Ferelli

TommyDxxx writes:

“Continuing TommyD’s tradition of introducing our newest performers, Mr. D has the pleasure of taking the massive Vince Ferelli for a test spin today.

Vince, weighing in at a hefty 225 pounds of solid muscle mass, has decided to come out to NextDoorStudios and try out our way of making porn.

Everyone on the set seems to like him, so now it’s time for Tommy to see what he’s all about…with his cock.”

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July 2, 2010

Next Door Studios: Samuel O’Toole fucks Chad Con

NextDoorWorld writes:

“Samuel O’Toole has a massive cock! And the other day, we (and Chad Con) caught him with his dick out, stroking it to his personal porn collection on his laptop.

We’re just the camera men, so our job is to just watch, but Chad Con on the other hand, is a cock hungry young man who loves to bend over and get pounded by horny guys. When Chad burst in the room to catch Samuel in the act, O’Toole simply turns to him, smiles and offers his huge hard-on for some cock worshiping fun.”

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July 2, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Cain fucks Lucas

Corbin Fisher writes:

“It’s always special when I get to showcase Lucas. He’s been one of CF’s stars for a long time and his business keeps him “semi-retired” from us. I’m always looking for a way to get him back, or a special pairing that I know he (and the fans) will truly enjoy. And who better to keep him out of full retirement than hottie CF freshman, Cain?

Even though Lucas jokes about being in his prime now, it’s no exaggeration. It’s true. He gets better physically and more skillful sexually with time. And he’s ready to put some of that experience to the test, just as Cain is ready to show him what a freshman can do. Before the shoot, they got acquainted by hanging out, playing some catch. I probably should have had some cameras on that game!

Of course, the obvious question comes up. When asked if Lucas made a better pitcher or catcher, Cain slyly smiles and says, “He catches pretty good.” The chemistry between these two promises to make this shoot something extra special.

Added to that, it’s been at least eight months since Lucas has “caught” for another CF stud. The enthusiastic and dominant Cain is perfectly suited to get him back in the swing of things. And in a boyish moment of hero worship, Cain admits how excited he is that he gets to “fuck one of the legends.”

And it is a legendary fuck! Cain brings an intense focus to every guy he’s with, but even he was surprised how turned on he got by Lucas. Right from the start, the buff stud couldn’t keep his hands and lips off Lucas. And Lucas was just as hungry for Cain’s body.

As Lucas kisses and licks Cains six-pack abs, Cain’s boner strains to get free of his shorts. As Lucas’s tongue worships Cain’s hot dick from head to balls, Cain plays with his balls and can’t stop moaning with pleasure.

Lucas also gets so turned on by this eager young stud, that when Cain starts kissing his sensitive nipple, Lucas visibly jumps! The action only gets hotter and more intense. Cain tells Lucas its “a lot better than I expected.” It’s exceeding all my expectations, too.

Clearly enjoying every inch of Lucas’ cock and muscled body, Cain jerks their dicks together and rubs Lucas’s balls. He’s obviously anxious to get inside his new buddy and show him how that big cock will feel! He’s so eager, in fact, Lucas has to stop him and remind him to get a condom on!

But even a condom can’t lessen the pleasure of Cain’s urgent pounding. Lucas climbs on top of him and thoroughly enjoys the ride from the sounds of his moans. Cain enjoys it too – so much so that he lapses from English into Romanian!

From there, it’s fast and furious fucking to an explosive load on Lucas’s abs and a mouthful of Cain’s cum. As the legend and the rising star kiss, Lucas tells Cain he’s got a great future at CF. After seeing this video, I don’t think anyone would disagree!”

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July 2, 2010

Randy Blue: Jarrett Rex bangs Sean Everett

The smooth, tattooed Jarrett Rex knocks one out of the box when he pounds Sean Everett in this straight on gay hardcore video.

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