January 3, 2010

Broke Straight Boys: Dustin fucks Austin

Dustin fucks Austin’s tight ass for cash … at BrokeStraightBoys.com

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Broke Straight Boys
January 2, 2010

ChaosMen: Straight muscle jock Taylor fucks Silas bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“This is one crazy hot video with three cumshots! Facial, cum eating, and creampie!

Taylor is more relaxed and said he would kiss this time out. Still no cock sucking..baby steps! And he really amped it up. He is very dominate, and Silas is pretty passive. I think he loved having Silas worship his fat cock, and even got off to making him take it up the ass. Lots of dirty talk!

The energy is palpable and like I said, it builds to an amazing creampie, with Taylor breeding Silas at the end. Taylor then made Silas lick the cum of his cock, which immediately made Silas nut.

I did a few pans of the aftermath, and shut off my camera when Taylor said he thought he could nut again. I had my cameras on again in no time and he was stroking it back to full bone. And there is no mistaking that Taylor intended for Silas to eat every last drop of his cum. His aim is pure precision.

He surprises even me by bending down and licking the cum of of Silas’s chin, and then share a cum soaked kiss!

What a way to start a new year!”

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January 2, 2010

Jake Cruise: Max Blake massaged by Jasun (Jake for a day)

Jake Cruise writes:

“Sometimes fate just kicks your ass. I was set for my date massaging the hot and hunky Max Blake, but instead I ended dating a 24-hour bug. Max was all set to fly home late that evening, so I asked my VP of Marketing, Jasun Mark, to take my place. He was more than enthusiastic at the prospect of getting his strong hands working Max’s furry, beefy body from head to toe.

Jasun did a great job, rubbing Max’s hard body down, burying his face in Max’s crack, sucking his big cock and even taking it all the way down his throat, coaxing moans of ecstasy from Max. Before long, Max blew a thick load of cum all over himself and Jasun eagerly licked it all up.

When I watched the movie of one of my employees stepping in for me it got me wondering if anyone else out there would want to take my place and be “Jake For A Day?””

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January 2, 2010

Next Door Studios: Parker London bangs Taylor Aims

NextDoorWorld writes:

“When it comes to rub downs, Taylor Aims is an old expert. That’s why Parker London came to him, complaining of shoulder, back, and neck pain. Now Taylor is no certified chiropractor or anything, but he does know the most tried and true techniques for easing muscle tension. On the top of the list is an intense blowjob.

From there, the stress usually begins to work its way out. In this case, Taylor was able to administer a very old method of healing known as ‘asshole therapy’. This involves coaxing a significant amount of ‘chi’ into the patient’s cock, then taking that cock in the ass until much stress and pain is relieved. It’s just what the doctor ordered!”

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January 2, 2010

Cocksure Men: Nick Capra bangs John Magnum

CocksureMen writes:

“One look at John Magnum’s ass and you’ll agree that it was made for sucking and fucking. Nick Capra has the tongue and thick dick for the job. Nick is tall and furry while John is shorter and smooth, but when these guys combine it’s an energetic explosion of raw lust.

Nick has a primal, almost animalistic presence that is hard to describe and has to be seen. John has a killer bod and an ass so fine we’re mentioning it twice. After a hot, intense fuck, both guys shoot their loads onto Nick’s hairy chest and John rubs it all over him like lotion.”

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January 1, 2010

Randy Blue: Gunner, Reese and Nico’s hot threeway

Gunner Pierce, Nicco Sky and Reese Rideout make their own fireworks with a smoking hot three-way on RandyBlue.com!

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January 1, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Jamie fucks the cum out of Josh with his 10 inch dick

Corbin Fisher writes:

“When I decided to bring Jamie out to shoot with us, I was already thinking a few steps ahead as far as filming him! Sure, we had to get him filmed in a solo video so that he could introduce himself and we could see him stroke that huge cock of his. But I was already thinking of who we might be able to get him to fuck before I’d even met him in person!

There were some clear candidates to do the honors, and many of you e-mailed in with your own suggestions once you saw Jamie’s introductory solo. These things aren’t as simple as you might hope, though! You can’t just grab any straight guy and say, “Hey! Want to bottom for Jamie’s 10 inch dick?”. Given the fact that word had quickly gotten around to the other guys around the studio that Jamie was packing some serious size, the guys were practically already preempting such a question with clear statements they simply would not, or could not, take on such a big cock!

Thank goodness for timing, though! Josh had just recently made the Dean’s List, “The Upstart” being his title. He arrived at CF and quickly became incredibly popular, and in the process realized members had high expectations for him. He wanted to not just meet, but exceed those expectations and had that in mind when I suggested he bottom for Jamie and his 10”, thick dick. It wasn’t all just work ethic, though! Truth be told, I think he was even intrigued by the idea!

This vid isn’t just about watching Josh experience the amazing sensations of having a big, thick, 10-inch dick drilling his hole, though! Jamie has mentioned that he has a hard time finding guys that are not only willing, but able, to take on that huge cock of his. He doesn’t get to top as much as he’d like because he’s just too big for most! Oh the irony in that he had to land amidst a bunch of straight studs to finally find an eager and willing hole! Even Jamie can’t help but moan in surprise early in the action here, as Josh gets a whole lot of his dick down his throat. Josh really goes to work on Jamie’s dick, sucking it hard and deep and getting it to swell to its full glory.

Soon, Jamie’s cock is pointing toward the sky and Josh straddles him to lower himself on to it.

“Your ass is tight!”, Jamie says, as his cock begins to slide in to Josh’s hole.

“That is one big fucking dick!”, Josh exclaims, once the entire thing has sunk in to him balls-deep!

Josh’s own cock his hard and sticking straight out as Jamie begins to thrust up in to him, driving that cock in to Josh’s hot ass.

At this point, I think Jamie realized he not only had his huge cock buried in a tight ass, but that Josh was liking it! It’s not long before he’s really pumping in to Josh, taking full advantage of the fact that he’s finally found a hole that can handle him!

As Josh gets bend over the sofa and Jamie starts to fuck him from behind, Jamie starts to pull that huge cock all the way out before plunging it back in, really working over Josh’s hole and getting quite the response out of him. All Josh can do is brace himself against the sofa and take every thick inch of Jamie’s dick!

At one point, Jamie reaches around to grip and stroke Josh’s cock while he’s fucking his hole, and you can see in Josh’s face that he’s totally loving that. What really gets both guys going, though, is when Jamie starts to fuck harder and faster, really pumping Josh’s hole good!

“Harder!”, we hear Josh mouth.

Jamie responds, quickening his pace as he’s using every inch of that dick to drill Josh’s ass. Josh could have just been talking about his own cock, though! It gets harder and harder the more Jamie fucks him, and his moans get louder and louder!

Soon, Josh is blasting off a load hands free! Indeed, as Josh gave Travis CF’s first ever hands-free cumshot, we now see Josh get a hands-free load fucked out of him by Jamie’s huge cock! I guess those 10, thick inches were just hitting all the right spots! He’s moaning and gasping as much in surprise as ecstasy as the cum starts to spurt out of his dick with every thrust from Jamie! So turned on by it all, Jamie gets his dick as deep in to Josh’s hole as possible as the cum continues to leak out of Josh’s cock. He then pulls that huge dick out and shoot his load right in to Josh’s mouth as Josh eagerly sucks it all down, licking the head of Jamie’s cock to get as much of that cum on to his tongue as possible!”

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January 1, 2010

Fagalicious New Year!

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Jizz Fireworks! :-D

January 1, 2010

College Dudes: Tony Falco fucks Logan Birch

CollegeDudes writes:

“Tony Falco is one of our newest Dudes, and after his solo vid it took him a few weeks to gather up the courage to try more than just jerking off. Even though he had never been with a guy, he has a very open mind and is really easy going.

Logan Birch was staying in town so we thought we would pair these two hot guys together to see what happened. To our surprise, it was explosive! Tony is really at ease kissing and making out with another dude, and Logan gives him a nice hand job before going down to deepthroat him.

This must have gotten him going, because when it came time to suck dick for the first time, Tony pretty much gets throat fucked! It is so hot watching Tony take a dick in his mouth. He is really riled up after that, and takes a dildo to Logans ass to loosen it up for a passionate aggressive fuck session. Logan is screaming and begging for more dick from this Italian stallion. Hot fuck!”

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January 1, 2010

Fratmen: Southern college jock Jimmy

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Fratmen.tv writes:

“If you like them tall, dark and uncut then our Southern college jock Jimmy is your boy. Jimmy is a boy we plucked from the South with a gentle charm and unmistakeable Southern drawl. In scene one we visit Jimmy on the couch playing with his uncut cock until he moans and shoots a load on his belly. After a quick shower Jimmy heads to the bed where he rubs one out again with a loud groan.”

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