October 11, 2010

Next Door Studios: Hayden Russo and Ryan Andrews

Next Door Studios writes:

“What’s better than jerking off by yourself? Well, having someone else stroking your cock, that’s what! What’s even better than that?!? Having your buddy stimulate your cock with a tight, lubed up FleshLight. And that’s exactly how Hayden Russo and his friend Ryan Andrews get down for this weeks scene. Oh, and there’s plenty of ass licking and cock sucking to go with it.”

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October 11, 2010

ActiveDuty: “Pullin’ Rank”

This week at ActiveDuty: Thomas fucks Colt in "Pullin' Rank"
This week at ActiveDuty: Colt, Kaden, Brian and Trent fuck each other in "Pullin' Rank"

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“This week, we’re treating you to the full-length streaming debut of Pullin’ Rank, which features five fellas all ready for action. Not only does it have an eye-popping four-way with Kaden, Trent, Brian and Colt, but it also boasts an almost-too-hot-for-TV scene between Thomas and Colt. (We’re pretty sure Thomas didn’t know what hit him, as bottom boy Colt is so demanding and forceful with his desires in this scene — it’s just one of those things where you stop and go, “alright, who the hell is in charge here?”)”

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October 11, 2010

Sean Cody: Calvin fucks Francisco

Sean Cody writes:

“Whenever I get two guys together, I’m immediately interested to see what kind of chemistry they’ll have. Will they be flirtatious or competitive? Will one be more aggressive? Funny enough, when I got Calvin and Francisco together, I found out that it was an excellent combination of all the above.

Calvin has one of the easiest attitudes — he’s always up for anything. It didn’t take Francisco, who’s always a little shy at first, very long at all to warm up to him after they met.

Calvin eased the air with a few jokes and some friendly conversation then flexed his biceps to show Francisco his guns. Quick to catch on, Francisco smiled, dropped his pants, turned right around and squeezed his ass cheeks figuring that would definitely get a rise out of Calvin. Well, he plays the game well, because Calvin’s boner was visible through his jeans.

Francisco may be smaller in stature than Calvin, but he’s big where it counts. His cock is monster thick and I wasn’t even sure if Calvin would be able to fit the thing in his mouth. Surprisingly he did, but not without having to break away for some air a time or two.

And, while Francisco may be the more shy, reserved one in person, he’s probably the most verbal bottom I’ve ever heard. The harder, deeper and faster Calvin went, the louder Francisco got. Calvin even joked about it afterwards!”

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October 10, 2010

Cocksure Men: Hayden Russo barebacks Park Wiley

CocksureMen.com writes:

“As hot as Hayden Russo’s first two scenes were, they were just an appetizer compared to this bareback scene with Park Wiley.

As per usual Park is running at 110% but it’s his ability to draw that little extra out of his partners that really sets him apart from the other studs in our stable. For most, deep throating Hayden’s cock would be quite an accomplishment but for Park it’s just another day at the office. Just thinking of Hayden’s dick inside your ass would be a challenge but for Park…heaven.

Park jumps on that monster and within no time he’s spraying a load over Hayden’s chest while still bobbing up and down. Hayden makes him pay, fucking Park as hard as he can with his bare cock. Park is sent into orgasm once again right before Hayden blows his load all over Park’s ass. Hayden isn’t finished though. He sticks it right back into Park and continues to pound away.”

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October 10, 2010

Pride Studios: Christian Wilde bangs Sebastian Keys

Pride Studios writes:

“Dreamy Christian Wilde and sexy Sebastian Keys back in the house this week at CircleJerkBoys.com and with hotties like these, you know gonna be a scorcher. Left to their own devices these two are just looking for trouble as they sit across from each other rubbing themselves.

Sebastian undoes Christian’s jeans and in his sexy black briefs he’s already poppin’ wood. Christian’s cock is dancing at the touch of Sebastian’s hand as he caresses and strokes it. He licks that dick before taking it in his mouth. Christian moans as he watches Sebastian worship his meat. Sebastian then stands as Christian kneels to return the favor. Christian readily sucks on Sebastian’s low hanging balls before going down on his dick.

Christian then gets up and hauls Sebastian up with him as he turns him around, bending him over the weight bench. He gropes that sweet ass and slaps it with his dick before suiting up. Sebastian braces himself as Christian starts to slide inside.

Christian then takes his shirt and uses it as a blindfold and a bridle on Sebastian as he starts to fuck that ass. He grabs that tee like the reigns on a horse and uses it to impale Sebastian back onto his dick over and over. Christian then releases Sebastian and sits back. “Awww, such a big dick” he moans as he continues getting that ass stretched. He grinds that hot ass back onto Christian’s dick wanting every thick inch of it—but wait there’s more!

Christian puts him on the bench and fucks him missionary. He pounds that ass that as he’s fucking him, Sebastian can’t help but explode all over himself. Christian then pulls out and unloads all over our cum soaked Buck eye.”

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October 9, 2010

ChaosMen: Vander barebacks Silas

Chaosmen writes:

“I just couldn’t bring myself to break this video into two parts. It’s s rather long, with a run time of almost 30 minutes.

This video has everything, thanks to both Silas and Vander’s broad limits. It turns out Vander is a Dirty Boy! Dirty Talking, Dirty Sex, Dirty Mind!

He’s got a thing for the way a dude smells – that ‘oh so ripe odor’ and I made sure Silas was funky for him. We get to FINALLY see some armpit licking. I too love this scent and I think I had a boner the entire video.

Lots of bossy talk from Vander, and some mutual ass eating. I don’t think I have ever had both models eat each other’s asses out. Just another First I had to leave in.

We get some fun POV-CAM action on occasion, so you feel like you are There amongst them, helping Vander get his giant cock up Silas’s eager hole.

Top that off with some breeding followed by Vander eating Silas’s load and them sharing a cum-soaked kiss!

You will hate yourself if you don’t join nor wait for this incredibly long download time. It’s worth every second! ”

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October 9, 2010

Randy Blue: Dallas Evans bangs Travis James

Randy Blue writes:

“Dallas Evans is one hot and horny stud. His sexy college muscle body and handsome face have been the inspiration for tons of jizz soaked underwear and soiled gym socks. Equally as hot, Travis James is the kind of guy you could take home to Daddy. If your daddy is a beefy muscle hunk named Brutus and you guys were into threesomes. Together the untamed sexual energy of these two horndogs is enough to drive any man wild.

Dallas doesn’t just give Travis a blowjob, he works that cock with his whole mouth, taking it all the way down and massaging the shaft with his tongue and throat muscles. And you know that would only go so far until Travis has to go down on Dallas himself. And that’s all it takes for Dallas to flip Travis over and start ramming that dripping hard on of his deep into Travis’ inviting asshole. Dallas fucks Travis like he’s the last piece of ass for the next 300 miles and he’s all about stocking up for the long trip ahead and Travis is more than happy to let Dallas hammer his hot horny hole.”

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October 8, 2010

College Dudes: Carter Nash fucks Cristian Ray

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Carter Nash fucks Cristian Ray in this hot fuck scene. Cristian has one of the hottest bubble butts and a nice, thick, uncut cock. Carter and Cristian hit it off right away, making out and stripping off their clothes – eager to get down to the hot and nasty sex.

Before long, Cristian is going all the way down on Carters schlong, and Carter is loving every second of it. Carter shows Cristian his own cock sucking skills before bending Cristian over to get a taste of his sweet asshole – then stands up and goes to town, pounding Cristian better than he has been pounded before!

Cristian shows Carter how well he can ride, then each of these guys cum loads of warm jizz. Hot scene!”

– Download the full scene at CollegeDudes

October 8, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Cain pops Marc’s ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Freshman Marc had such an awesome time with Travis, that he agreed to bottom for us for the first time. He’s definitely straight and told me that outside of CF, he’s had no experiences with any guys. So to break him in, the lucky guy gets to play with Cain!

Right off the bat, I knew this pairing was a hot one. The chemistry was clearly there. Cain pushed him down onto the sofa. He kisses Marc, then slides down to kiss his neck, abs and nipples. Marc keeps struggling to kiss Cain back, but eventually gives in and lets Cain lead the way.

And Cain was loving Marc’s ripped abs! He comes back to kiss them several times. He sucks Marc’s dick. He spits on the shaft to lube it up, and plays with Marc’s balls as he sucks his cock. He even slaps Marc’s long dick against his thigh.

They kiss again. Marc pulls Cain on top of him. As Cain pulls his shirt off, Marc kisses Cain’s perfect abs and eagerly sucks Cain’s always-hard cock. He sucks Cain’s nutsack.

Cain says, “I want you to deepthroat my cock. Let’s see how far down you can go.” Marc makes a valiant effort, but can only go about halfway down Cain’s huge, uncut dick.

They 69 each other. Cain moves from sucking Marc’s dick, to playing with Marc’s virgin asshole. He spits on it and fingers it. He tongues it, anxious to get it ready for his cock. He spits again and slides two fingers into Marc’s ass.

Marc continues to suck Cain’s cock and moan with pleasure during all this assplay. Cain says, “I want you to sit on my dick.” Marc saddles up in a reverse cowgirl, and starts easing onto that thick cock.

Cain said before he likes breaking in newbies and fucking experienced guys equally. But he has a great instinct about fucking freshmen. He slides up into Marc slowly. Marc groans, slowly accepting the pleasure of having so much dick stuffed inside him.

Marc’s cock is standing straight out, so Cain starts fucking faster. He bends Marc over the sofa and drills him from behind. Again, he starts slow, and then when he knows Marc can take it all, starts hammering Marc’s ass with his cock.

Marc lays flat on his back and Cain spreads Marc’s legs wide. Cain plugs Marc’s ass with his cock. It’s only a few moments before the intense fucking makes Marc shoot. Thick ropes of cum cover his ripped abs.

Cain tells Marc he wants to come in his mouth. He fucks Marc’s hole until he’s ready. Then he stands over Marc, and jets of cum spurt into Marc’s mouth and down his cheek. Marc leans up and sucks Cain’s cock dry.

They kiss and head to the showers. Marc says he liked his first bottom scene a lot. Marc and Cain talk about girls and Marc says he has an ex-girlfriend who’s always ready for him. Cain, not surprisingly, has a couple of girls waiting for him.

Next up is food for both of them and Cain wants a nap. He’s earned it!”

– Download this hot scene at CorbinFisher.com

October 8, 2010

LucasKazan: Jean Franko pounds Giuseppe Pardi in “Taken”

Lucas Kazan writes:

“The title I had in mind was “Beauty and the Beast”. Pretty boy Giuseppe Pardi as ‘Beauty’; manly, hirsute Jean Franko as the (sexual) ‘Beast’.

I decided to play it safe and leave Disney alone, but the original concept permeates every minute of this 18 minute long episode. Latin stud Jean Franko devouring Giuseppe’s ass is a wonder to behold.

And when he ferociously, mercilessly pounds him… You gotta see it to believe it.”

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