April 12, 2011

Next Door Studios: Austin Wilde and Johnny Torque fuck Andrew Jakk

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Austin Wilde is a lawyer…a damn good one. And he knows Johnny Torque’s style. You see, Johnny is a big-time, courtroom swindler who knows just the right buttons to push in order to bend the legal system over in his favor. Austin knows there’re only two things for which Johnny will settle – money and ass.

Johnny and his lawyer, Austin, have cooked up a scheme to bilk Andrew Jakk out of a good deal of cash. Andrew is a local restaurateur with a good reputation and these two crooks are claiming Johnny was served a sandwich FULL of pubic hair. Andrew knows he can’t afford a legal battle or to have his rep trashed. The only option for him is to take the alternate route and take Austin’s massive cock in his tight ass.

Watch these three smoking hot studs settle out of court as they enjoy fucking and sucking each other in this litigious Austin Wilde installment.”

– Download the entire scene at NextDoorStudios.com

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April 12, 2011

ChaosMen: Muscle stud Valentino

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Valentino does a little bit of everything. Mostly he is a fitness trainer, and obviously spends a lot of quality time in the gym. But he dances and does massage, and basically puts his body to work for him.

So it was natural for him to turn to photography and video work.

He is about 5’7” and must weigh over 200pds of beefy muscle. He is “bulking-up” right now so is extra thick. His quads and biceps are massive.

He is smart and quick-witted, and easy to talk too.

Valentino likes showing off for anyone. He is very very gay-friendly, but prefers the bigger girls (no skinny minnies for him!) with voluptuous asses.

This is a high quality video with a dude not afraid of the camera and getting-off to showing you his body, hoping you will get off.

Pretty sure he will do an oral video, and I think I will have Kristopher take-on this muscle boy. Beyond that, I am not sure. We will just have to wait and see.”

– See more of Valentino at Chaosmen.com

April 12, 2011

Twinks.com: McKensie Cross bangs Kenzie Madison

Twinks.com writes:

“I’ve got a new favorite man in my life, and his name is Kenzie Madison. That hot little bitch McKensie Cross better hand him back when he’s done plowing his ass with that massive twink tool of his in this video, or I’m going to be on his tale. Check out the dynamic new duo in action.”

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April 11, 2011

Falcon Studios: Landon Conrad fucks Cameron Adams in “The Other Side Of Aspen VI”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Landon Conrad and Cameron Adams head indoors after an afternoon of skiing, hot from their workout despite the chill in the air. Inside the cabin, they strip down and give in to their mutual desires.

Cameron lovingly works tongue down his buddy’s tight slope of chest like one last run down an expert run. Cameron deepthroats Landon’s thick erect cock, exciting Landon to the point of delirium. Landon drops to his knees and opens wide to fellate Cameron’s cock. He sucks it down and with every slurp and every gulp his desire for Cameron’s ass intensifies.

Landon takes Cameron from behind and buries his cock deep. Before long, Cameron’s on his back and Landon thrusts deep from between Cameron’s legs. Landon quickens the pace as both men moan with exaltation. Finally Landon pulls out and both men stroke their cocks to orgasm…spurting thick streams of cum over each other.”

– Watch the full-length scene at Falcon Studios

April 11, 2011

ActiveDuty: “The Frontline”

ActiveDuty.com has a double-dose of Shawn for you. First, he stars in a trio with Elijah and Fox and then he bottoms for Vinny.

– Watch the entire movie at ActiveDuty.com

April 11, 2011

HardBritLads: Jamie West – cute 18 y/o with muscles and girth

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HardBritLads.com writes:

“Stunning 18 year old, Jamie West, has a really cute boyish face, and an incredibly fit muscular smooth body, and a thick manly dick too.

This is his first ever time on camera too. After a chat, he shows off his incredible abs and pecs, quickly getting a rock solid bulge in his boxers. He oils up his body, and gets out his fat cock, showing it off confidently in different positions, before shooting a very big heavy load. Incredibly horny.”

– See more of Jamie West at Hard Brit Lads

April 11, 2011

Jake Cruise: Jake gets dirty with Rick McCoy

Jake Cruise writes:

“As most members of this site already know, I am a huge fan of Rick McCoy and based on the response I’ve received, you are too!

I like to get Rick on camera whenever possible, especially if it’s a warm, sunny day and I catch him working on the ranch in a tank top and jeans. With my hand-held camera recording every move, I coax Rick into stripping down to cool off but all that posing ends up making the situation even hotter.

Rick starts jacking off while sitting on a big piece of wood which ends up getting that tight white ass nice and dirty. At this point I join in, licking that butt and before you know it we get a little piggy and start rolling around in the mud.

We then move inside to clean up…only to get dirty again (so to speak).

I gladly let Rick thrust his hard dick inside me and spread my legs wide so he can go up as far as possible. Rick ends up shooting all over my face before I end up cumming as well.”

– Download the full-length scene at akeCruise.com

Jake Cruise
April 11, 2011

Next Door Studios: Donny Wright rubs one out

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Donny Wright has been hanging out in the men’s stall at the gym again. Can’t really blame him. It is a pretty good place to troll for some action. And right on cue, in walks someone to piss, just as Donny is beginning to get good and worked up. After watching through the gloryhole, all the while stroking his cock, Donny decides to finish up, rubbing his dick against just about everything in the room before finally cumming all over himself in a sticky, spoogy mess.”

– See more of Donny at Next Door Studios

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April 11, 2011

SouthernStrokes: “Six Guys” orgy

SouthernStrokes writes about this hot scene:

“When Boys Produce their own Show:

Every once in a while we start out with the best of intentions to film hot hot porn but we end up with a bunch of naked bodies and floppy dicks. It was the last night at the cabin and Jason had been bucking to do an orgy from the minute he arrived. Even though we know better, we agreed to set up some cameras and see what happens.

We disappeared upstairs while the boys got themselves ready for a shoot and when we came back downstairs an hour later, we saw Alex fucking lane while Fernando sucked off Jake and Dalton serviced Jason. I talked about the romances that went on this weekend, well take a good look and you will see what I mean. The entire time Jake was getting sucked off by Fernando; Jake was staring at Alex fucking Lane oblivious to a set of lips around his hard cock.

Everybody finally ended up with their partners of choice and then things got a little interesting. Fernando picked up where Alex left off and started to fuck the shit out of Lane. While that was going on, next to them on the floor, Jake was giving Alex a good pounding. Then if you look up you will see our perverted Jason drilling a tied up Dalton.

Just about the time your head stops spinning from trying to figure out whom to watch, Alex unleashes a shower of cum that covered his chest and abs. But wait, there is more. The scene ends with Jake ready to blow his load and the entire gang gathers around to cheer him on. Just listen to all the banter when this is done, this is what happens when you let the boys produce their own stuff.”

– Download this scene at SouthernStrokes.com

April 10, 2011

College Dudes: Paulie Vauss fucks Tony Falco

CollegeDudes.com writes about this scene:

“Paulie Vauss and Tony Falco both have perfect bodies and a high sex drive – this week Paulie and Tony make sparks fly in this hot fuck scene.

After an extremely passionate makeout session, Tony drops to his knees and services Paulie and his nice uncut cock, then Paulie returns the favor with an amazing blowjob!

Once Tony and Paulie are completely riled up, Paulie lets Tony have it with an ass pumping doggie fucking. Paulie and Tony move to the bed where Paulie continues to ram away at Tonys hot ass until Tony blows a real hot creamy load all over his chest, before Paulie lets loose a hot load of jizz onto Tony.

The two muscle hunks end it all with a sweaty embrace. Hot stuff!”

– Download the full-length scene at CollegeDudes