November 22, 2010

Richard.XXX: Rod Daily bangs David Chase

Richard.XXX writes about this hot scene:

“David heads over to visit his friend, Rod’s brother, who is out running errands. Rod can tell something is on David’s mind and wants to help. “My girlfriend won’t let me do anything kinky, like lick her ass…” David explains. Getting excited by what he hears Rod offers to help David with his kinky desires.”

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November 22, 2010

Next Door Studios: Oliver Saint rubs one out writes:

“This guy is a total stud! And he’s also a complete exhibitionist. We told him not to look at the camera during the shoot, but he wouldn’t listen. He likes talking to his audience. Asking how how you think he is, teasing you with his massive uncut cock and begging for you to help get off.

Meet Oliver Saint. He’s a true hunk!”

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November 22, 2010

FetishForce: Scott Tanner and Paul Wagner’s wet fuck

FetishForce writes:

“Paul Wagner and Scott Tanner grope each other through their baseball uniforms in the backroom at Jock Night at Chaps. They deep kiss, grope and spit in each other mouths before Paul forces Scott to his knees and takes out his cock. A stream of hot piss coats Tanner’s face, throat, and torso.

Tanner then chows down on Wagner’s thick cock getting it all wet with his saliva. Tanner spews a thick yellow strip of piss covering Wagner’s boyish face and over his chest soaking his T-shirt until it’s piss-soaked. Think that’s good? Wait till he lifts Paul’s legs and pisses on his hole, rims it then fucks him while he pisses all over himself.”

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November 21, 2010

Cocksure Men: Kevin Crows fucks Robert Axel

CocksureMen writes:

“Black and white never looked so good on film! Kevin Crows and Robert Axel are so into each other you can’t help but wish you were on the set as ‘key grip’ or ‘best boy.’ Both guys have flawless bodies and get aroused just by feeling each other’s bulging biceps and massive pecs.

Our website lives up to its name with some of the hottest oral action we’ve ever featured. Kevin’s 8-inch thick piece of meat is a perfect match for Robert’s beautiful ass. Sideways, doggy-style, or on their knees, these two guys continuously heat up the screen as well as each other.”

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November 21, 2010

Raging Stallion: Ricky Sinz pounds Paul Wagner writes:

“Paul is an expert cocksucker and laps up every inch of Ricky’s meat with sensual sucking precision in this video. Ricky returns the favor on his knees before bending Paul over a hay bail and pumping his eager hungry hole from behind. The hungry bottom soon takes over, and Paul gets up on stallion Ricky and rides that dick like he’s at the rodeo!”

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November 20, 2010

Jake Cruise: Arpad Miklos pounds Trent Locke

Jake Cruise writes:

“If you like your men with plenty of hair and plenty of muscle, this is the video you’ve been waiting for! Arpad Miklos is a Mediterranean Daddy who is big all over, much to the delight of studly Trent Locke.

He has no problem swallowing that thick cock before being coaxed into switching to a horizontal position so Arpad can taste and tease Trent’s sweet ass (and trust us, Arpad enjoys every second he’s down there!)

Just when the 69 action reminds you why that’s everybody’s favorite number, Trent backs right up to Arpad’s throbbing dick and takes every inch with a satisfying grin!”

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November 19, 2010

Next Door Studios: Jimmy Clay bangs Brandon Lewis writes:

“When Jimmy Clay walked in on Brandon Lewis touching himself in the bathroom a few days ago, it wasn’t a surprise. These two friends have seen each other naked many times, and have even shared a few women over the years.

On this particular day though, the two college aged guys were in a different mood. A horny mood. A playful mood. A mood that made both of them not care who was on the other end of their cocks. And since it was only them in the bathroom together, it was time to get it on!

Jimmy Clay chokes on his buddies cock before bending him over and sliding his hard-on into that waiting puckerhole.

The two share cocks and then share cum.”

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November 19, 2010

College Dudes: Josh Stark fucks Ashton Rush writes:

“We were really excited when Josh told us he was interested in experimenting with some male-male action. Ashton Rush was excited, too! Ashton wanted to make sure Josh got the full treatment, and he gives Josh a nice massage before he goes for that huge hard cock that is bulging out of Joshs boxers. Ashton takes a lot of time working Joshs cock with his mouth and tongue before he decides he wants to taste Joshs ass, too.

Josh flips onto his knees and Ashton works his asshole out with his tongue. Josh wants some ass, too, of course, and soon fucks the living daylights out of Ashton. Ashton absolutely loves riding Josh, and when Josh flips Ashton on his back these two dudes produce some hot sweaty action – both Josh and Ashton end with a hot cumshot! Great Fuck!

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November 19, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Connor pops Ryan’s ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Ryan recently topped his first guy. Ryan said he honestly enjoyed it, so now it’s time to go to the next level of his CF education. And for Ryan, I knew the perfect guy to break him in would be Connor!”

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November 19, 2010

ChaosMen: Nash and Vander’s raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen writes about this hot scene:

“As I have mentioned in the past, Vander kinda likes that manly scent.

Nash is straight, but he is always running up to me making me smell his pits cuz he gets the funk going and knows I like it and tries to torture me by giving me a whiff and dashing away.

Nash liking the way a dude smells is about the only really gay thing I can think he does. Ok, so taking Vander’s cock up the ass is pretty gay, but I am talking Nash in Real World life.

Nash didn’t have to go but a day, and was a little musky, and when Vander walked into the room, you could tell he was turned on by not only Nash but just the way he smells. Like a dude. No cologne or deodorant.

My goal for this video was to do I have never got on film, but get plenty of suggestions for, and that is for fuck some armpits fucking. Youknow, get the cock nice and musky, and make the other dude suck it. Lick some pit and kiss with the smell of the other dude all over you. Trading scent.

You may be a bit vanilla for this one, but it is pure hotness for me and those who like the way a dude REALLY smells. The two are way into it too. You can just tell.

This is one of the very few videos that I could do a Director’s Cut. People ask me for them all the time, but frankly I use every last bit of useable footage.

The video was over 36 minutes and there was scene where Nash fucks Vander, doing push ups into him. It’s hot, but hit the cutting room floor to get the video down to a downloadable size.

That’s not to say this video is lacking in any way. It is off the hook energy, and both guys creampie each other. And there is plenty of fucking. I just wanted the focus to be on pit worship.

Nash discovered that fucking Vander while doing push ups was making him get too close, so we used that to cum and its one of those rare moments when you see a guy fuck someone till he starts to actually cum, pulls out, and then shoves back in, cum oozing down Vander’s back.

If you are grossed out by the armpit worship, I am sorry, but this video had me hard when I shot it, and when I edited it.

It’s a keeper! Sniiiiiifffff!

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