September 26, 2010

College Dudes: Buddy Davis bangs Teagan Scott writes:

“Buddy Davis has always been a fan favorite. His sexy stare, gorgeous body, and rock hard dick never fail to please. Teagan Scott gets lucky in this scene as Buddy and Teagan make out, slobber on each others cocks, and get it on with some steamy fucking. After Buddy licks Teagans ass and tongues his hole until Teagan is begging for it, Teagan rides Buddy and his hot cock, bobbing his sweet ass up and down as Buddy moans in pleasure. Then Buddy flips Teagan over and pounds him hard and deep. Hot scene!”

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September 26, 2010

Broke Straight Boys: Jake fucks Ashton

Jake and Ashton go all the way today. See how Jake does for his first time topping another guy at

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September 26, 2010

BiLatinMen: Business bangs Niño

Straight stud Business pounds Niño’s tight hole at

September 26, 2010

Next Door Studios: Samuel O’Toole gets serviced by Phenix Saint writes:

“When it’s time to get off, it’s time to get off, even if your buddy is in the next room. Samuel O’Toole had that experience the other day and but got a pleasant surprise when Phenix decided to drop join in on the fun. Not only does Phenix take out his fat cock to join the stroke fest, he offers his hot wet mouth.

Not wanting to turn down an offer like that, Samuel stuffs his massive member into Phenix’s mouth and the party begins…and ends with the two studs busting their nuts onto each other.”

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September 25, 2010

Richard.XXX: Alexsander Freitas fucks Landon Mycles

Richard.XXX writes about this hot scene:

“Everybody wants to fuck in a pool, and Alexsander loves playing with himself in one.

His brother however, likes to swim in them and has told his friend Landon that it’s OK to come over to practice his strokes whenever he wants. When the brother is out, and Alexander has his cock out, Landon finds more than one way to practice his strokes. ”

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September 25, 2010

Randy Blue: Nicco Sky pops Dallas Evans’ ass cherry

Dallas Evans and Nicco Sky flip flop fuck with Dallas getting to bottom for the first time at!

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September 25, 2010

Cocksure Men: Jimmy Coxxx fucks Landon Mycles writes:

“Landon Mycles and Jimmy Coxxx are playing catch on a warm SoCal afternoon. After working up quite a sweat, they head inside, but not to cool down.

Admiring each others’ glistening bodies, they quickly strip down to their jocks. Landon’s oral skills are incredible to put it mildly. He deepthroats Jimmy with ease while giving him a sloppy wet blowjob he’ll never forget.

Jimmy gets on his knees to return the favor and swallows as much of Landon as he can handle while gazing up at his perfectly sculpted physique.

Neither stud can get enough so they roll into a 69 suckfest to ensure both get a mouthful of rock hard cock. With their oral cravings satisfied, Jimmy works Landon’s hole with his fingers, getting it ready for his thick dick. Landon LOVES the feeling of Jimmy thrusting away inside him. Jimmy works that hole fast and hard bringing both of them to the brink.

Both guys jack HUGE loads all over Landon’s ripped abs, perfect pecs and beautiful cock.”

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September 24, 2010

Sean Cody: Jamie fucks Charlie

Sean Cody writes:

“Charlie was extremely energetic during his first video. He was bouncing all over the place and ready to get to it! I needed someone that could balance out his energy while still maintaining that excitement he has for sex.

Jamie shares that excitement and I had a feeling that Charlie would appreciate him on a physical level and would connect with him since they are both young, sexually charged studs that have a lot in common.

“What do you think about his chest?” “He has a real developed chest. It’s muscular. I like the hair man… it’s sexy,” Charlie said as he caressed Jamie’s chest. “Do you wanna suck on it?” “I’d love to.”

I hadn’t seen anyone worship Jamie’s body like that before. Charlie kissed Jamie’s chest, breathing it in with a sensuality I didn’t expect. That continued down to Jamie’s cock. This was Charlie’s first time sucking cock and he definitely took his time, ensuring Jamie enjoyed it.

That energy carried on throughout. Jamie fucked Charlie with an intensity that made Charlie’s toes curl until he came. Jamie laid on top of Charlie, kissing him and rubbing their cum covered cocks together. They stopped and looked at each other and smiled. This was definitely a perfect pairing!”

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September 24, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Marc’s first time

Corbin Fisher writes:

“New freshman Marc doesn’t waste any time getting right to action – and what better advisor to start his ACM education than our Postdoctoral Fellow in Anal Studies – Travis?

Marc sits on the couch and tells Pete he is a bit nervous. Travis starts to smile and says, “I don’t know why I get this huge smile on my face now, every time.” Pete laughs and says, “I think I know why.” The joking around is visibly helping relax Marc, so we put Travis to work.

Travis kisses him. After he gets the shirt off, Travis kisses those solid pecs and ripped abs, then kisses Marc again. The chemistry between these two ripped studs is intense. Marc’s dick is already stiff when Travis pulls it out from his jeans and starts licking it.

Travis blows Marc, who leans back and enjoys it. Travis sucks each ball in turn, then goes back to the shaft. Travis gets his shorts off and the two guys kiss again. Travis strokes both cocks with one hand.

He grinds up against Marc. Neither one can stop kissing the other.

“You wanna taste me?” Travis asks and Marc wants to try. He goes down on Travis’ big dick. He’s tentative at first, then swallows nearly all of it as he gets into the moment.

Marc strokes his cock while Travis’ dick is in his mouth. Both of them are moaning with desire. “Are you ready to take this a step further?” Travis asks. Marc says he is and Travis puts a condom on him.

Travis opens up for Marc’s cock, and he looks up at Marc’s hot body pounding him. Marc jerks Travis’ cock. “Yeah, give it to me,” Travis says. We definitely know why he was smiling earlier!

Marc slams into Travis’ ass. He holds up Travis’ legs to push in even deeper with each thrust. Legs now over his shoulders, Marc is drilling Travis’ hole with no mercy. Travis loves it, slapping Marc’s ass and saying “Fucking give it to me!”

Getting Marc to sit back, Travis slides onto that long cock in a reverse cowgirl. Marc’s heavy fucking makes Travis’ big cock swing back and forth like a thick, meaty metronome. Marc jerks Travis’ cock.

“You’re gonna make me come!” Travis yells. He shoots a huge load up to his chest, and the hot spunk drips slowly down. But that’s not enough for our insatiable Travis. “You gotta keep fucking me,” he says. Marc fucks him doggy style and he’s close to coming.

He pulls out and sprays his load all over Travis’ ass and hole. He rubs it in using his dickhead. They kiss again and Travis rubs Marc’s hot body again, clearly wanting the experience to not be over.”

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September 24, 2010

Pride Studios: Alexsander Freitas pounds David Scott writes:

“Alexsander Freitas is finally here: has been waiting to get this sexy slice of Brazil with us and today’s the day. Alexsander just oozes sex and back to help welcome Alexsander is recent favorite David Scott.

A photo shoot is the scenario as David snaps picks of Alexsander. They start to make out as Alex strips off David’s clothes. Alexsander takes off his shirt and we get a better view at his intricate ink. David gets a better view too…of Alexsander’s uncut cock. “Suck that cock!” he orders as David hauls it out and goes to work. Alexsander crams his thick meat down David’s throat making him take it. Alex then moves David over to the couch and starts to explore his smooth ass. He fingers that ass and licks it getting it ready for a good fucking.

He suits up and then starts to slide inside. David’s hole eases a bit as Alexsander starts to fuck him. David can only moan and hold on as Alexsander starts to pound away at his hole. David winces with every thrust and hearing him whimper just makes Alexsander harder for more. He pulls out to admire that smooth hole he’s fucking, spits on it and then slams his thick cock back in.

He then lies back on the couch and has David ride him. He piston-fucks that hungry hole harder and harder as David takes every thrust. Alex then gets David on his side on the floor. No matter the position Alex is fucking David silly.

David can’t hold it anymore and they move to jack on the couch. David cums within seconds and as Alex get ready to bust, he gets up in front of David. He blows his wad ALL over David’s face leaving him spent and dripping!”

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