December 4, 2009

TommyDxxx: Tommy pounds Parker London’s virgin ass

TommyDxxx: Tommy bangs Parker London

TommyDxxx writes:

“Parker London was just chillin’ out, jerkin’ his meat when TommyD popped in for a visit. These guys hardly say hello before Tommy has Parker’s large cock in his mouth. You may have seen Parker before recently, but this is the first time he was ever fucked in the ass.

Parker loves the cock. For someone who’s getting his hole filled for the first time, he sure seems like a natural. Watch Tommy pound this virgin ass with his one-of-a-kind intensity and then blow a hot one all over this tattooed stud. And stick around after for a mini-interview with the freshly deflowered Parker.”

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December 4, 2009

College Dudes: Buddy Davis fucks Rob Ryder

CollegeDudes: Buddy Davis fucks Rob Ryder

CollegeDudes writes:

“Buddy Davis stopped by on the day of the shoot, and Rob and Buddy only had a few minutes to hang out before they started fucking. When the cameras started rolling, though, these guys broke loose and put on an amazing show.

Rob turns on the passion immediately, and after kissing Buddy, he goes right for the cock. Buddy gets his cock worshipped before turning to Robs tight ass, giving that asshole a good tongue-licking before shoving his fat dick into it.

It is obvious in this video that Rob loves getting fucked, and this turns Buddy on even more. Rob takes that cock like he is almost starving for it, and the more these two fuck, the harder Buddy rams Rob. Hot Fuck!”

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December 4, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Mario’s first time

CorbinFisher: Mario's first time

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Mario hinted at the fact that this moment might come during his introductory solo video shot up at the farm and, lo and behold, here it is! He’s giving guy/guy action a shot for the very first time, and it’s Trey that’s breaking him in!

This was certainly a fun video to film, and Mario is as hot as they get. I also knew it would be fun seeing Trey guide a new guy along, as he was more than up for the task and has come such a long way since his own debut at CF!”

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December 3, 2009

Sean Cody: Kurt pops Scott’s ass cherry

SeanCody: Kurt pops Scott's ass cherry

Sean Cody writes:

“I mentioned the first time we met Scott that I would love to see his bubble butt get fucked. It’s round and fuzzy and perfect.

Well, Kurt’s back and he got to pop Scott’s cherry!

“It’s like a roller coaster you’ve never been on before,” Scott said as he was sitting next to Kurt (he was referring to how he felt about getting fucked for the first time). “You’re most likely going to enjoy it, but until you really strap in you’re not going to know!”

I think he really did enjoy it…

First, they went down on each other. Kurt has gotten really got at sucking cock. Scott was a little clumsy about it, but for a beginner it was pretty good.

The real fun started when Kurt’s dick went up Scott’s hole. Scott’s head went back and his eyes rolled up!”

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December 3, 2009

Randy Blue: Dominic Brown and Mike West suck each other off

RandyBlue: Dominic Brown and Mike West suck each other off

Randy Blue studs Dominic Brown and Mike West both look so hot as they deep throat each other’s throbbing cocks in this double blowjob scene.

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December 3, 2009

ActiveDuty: Brian fucks Marine stud Blake

This week at ActiveDuty: Brian fuck Marine stud Blake

Active Duty writes:

“When Blake saw Brian for the first time his eyes popped out of his head. They get right down to the good stuff with a really long, hot kiss. The pants come off quickly after the shirts and Blake keeps inching his way down Brian’s chest as he holds his hard cock in his hand and finally moves in for his hard hot cock. Blake sucks Brian eagerly and Brian sucks Blakes fat dick before licking Blake’s hole to get it ready.

They fuck in several positions, back and forth, literally wearing each other out. Brian figures out the best position to make this boy shoot, so he fucks Blake on his back, hitting the spot until Blake blows a huge load all over himself, moaning loudly all the way. Brian follows his lead and delivers his usual huge load to mix in with Blake’s. They go for a lot more kissing and things end out perfect between these two.”

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December 3, 2009

ChaosMen: Young jock Drederick busts a nut

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Chaosmen: Young jock Drederick busts a nut

Chaosmen writes:

“Drederick is a very quiet dude, with a hot gymnast body.

So he wasn’t very forthcoming with personal details or insights. But he did say one of his straight friends did a gay-for-pay-site, and one of their gay friends blabbed it to anyone and everyone who listened, including the guy’s girlfriend and eventually, his family.

I hate it when that happens, I think us older dawgs seem keep a lid on our friends sexual activities, most especially from our parents. I think the younger generation doesn’t do this anymore. Can’t keep a secret or maybe thinks it’s just too juicy of a detail to not pass on. Like their own private Jerry Springer show. I dunno.

So from the outset, Drederick flatly said, “No way!” to any gay work because of what happened to his buddy. It’s a shame ‘cuz I think he is way adorable and probably would be a great performer if he wasn’t so worried about his friends finding out.

So if you know a dude on the site, keep the secret to yourself, you are ruining for me to get these guys to get their gay on!”

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December 2, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Josh fucks Simon

CorbinFisher: Josh fucks Simon

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Simon was doing some topping last time we saw him, tagteaming Dru along with Elijah. Elijah and Simon gave it to Dru good and hard, and it made for quite the hot scene! It’s high time Simon got fucked again, though, and that’s precisely what we have going on here!

Josh also recently had himself a fun time involving Dru, as he got totally pounded by Dru’s big dick and clearly loved every second of it. It was a memorable, scorching hot pairing and we saw Josh take it like never before. However, with that dick of his, it’d be a shame to not see him top again! So he was an ideal candidate to pound Simon, here!

Both of these guys have come quite a long way since arriving at CF, and that’s very evident in seeing Simon devour Josh’s cock as the action gets started. He sucks it like a man on a mission, getting Josh hard right away as he works his dick over with his mouth. Things are very fast-paced from this point, neither one able to keep his hands or mouth off of the other. Just as Simon had been swallowing Josh’s cock seconds before, Josh quickly gets Simon’s dick out of his jeans so he can take the entire thing down his throat and bob his head up and down on it for awhile.

These guys knew exactly what to do and how they wanted to do it, and I always love it when that’s the case. All I had to do was stand there with a camera pointed at them, and they went after each other lustfully and with loads of enthusiasm. After Josh has sucked Simon for a bit, he gets him bent over the couch so that his hole is right in front of his face, and quickly buries his tongue in it to rim Simon deep. His tongue is soon followed by a finger sliding in and out, warming up that hole and getting it ready for Josh’s thick dick.

Josh gets up on his knees behind Simon and starts to guide his dick forward, spreading his hole open until he’s in it balls-deep. He then begins to fuck Simon with long strokes, driving Simon totally nuts and giving him the fuck he was due!

After they’ve fucked doggy style for awhile, Josh sits back so that Simon can mount his dick. As soon as Simon has sat down on that cock, Josh begins to pump up into him fast and hard.

It all must have felt as good for Simon as it looked, because it’s not long at all after he’s moved on to his back, Josh’s dick still drilling his hole, that he starts to whimper and blast out a load all over! As Simon’s dick is still spurting cum, Josh then pulls out to spray a massive load all over his chest, clear up to his neck and face!”

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December 1, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Blond muscle jock Nicholas

CorbinFisher: Blond muscle jock Nicholas

Corbin Fisher writes:

“It’s safe to say that Nicholas is a total stud. He’s an imposing figure when he’s in the room – tall, buff, and extremely handsome. Even around CF, where there is obviously no shortage of hot, built guys around, people couldn’t help but comment on how good he looks or let their stares linger on him for a bit longer than usual – other models included!

His body is nothing short of remarkable – but it comes with lots of hard work! He’s in the gym a lot, rock-climbs, swims, and drinks lots of raw eggs. Yes… lots of raw eggs! Certainly, that doesn’t sound the least bit pleasant. And watching him do it takes a strong stomach. But, given the results and that sculpted frame of his, I suppose it works quite well and so is more than worth it!

We kid a bit about how often guys answer, “The ass”, when asked what their favorite part of a girl’s body is. I think Pete’s an ass-man too, though. He can’t help but comment whenever he sees a nice one on the guys, and he definitely is impressed by Nicholas’!

“Nice ass!”, he says. “All that from rock climbing?!”

“I think it’s genetic,” Nicholas answers.

As hot as his ass is, Nicholas gets the most compliments on his abs when he’s out and about and shirtless. That’s easily understandable, as he has himself a great set of hot, defined abs. I can only imagine the stares he gets when walking around shirtless!

By the end of his solo, he’s painted those abs in a thick load from his uncut cock and… well… they’re looking even better at that point, if you ask me! ;)”

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December 1, 2009

College Dudes: Chase Ford busts a nut

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CollegeDudes: Chase Ford busts a nut

CollegeDudes writes:

“Chase Ford is one hell of a sexy freshman. He is an avid sports player and a complete hornball, which makes for a great jerk off vid.

Chase strips down to show us his beautiful pecs, hard six-pack, nice bubble butt and thick uncut cock. Chase pops a huge woodie in no time, and then he proceeds to stroke his cock nice and slow before he bends over to give us a great view off his perfect bubble butt and tight pink hole.

Then he flips over and works himself into a frenzy before blowing a HUGE cumshot all over his beautiful body, onto his neck, and over his shoulder. Too hot!”

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