March 25, 2013

Sean Cody: Brandon barebacks Pete

SeanCody: Brandon barebacks Pete
SeanCody: Brandon barebacks Pete

Sean Cody writes:

“Look who’s back! It’s Pete!!

“Yeah it’s been about three years or so,” he said. I couldn’t believe it had been that long!

Pete has been busy with school and, as he puts it: “Just concentrating on ‘me’ a little bit…”

I had started up a conversation with him a few months ago and I finally put something out there I knew he couldn’t resist…

“Why don’t you come back?” I had asked him. “Let’s have Brandon fuck you!”

Before I knew it he was here in Brandon’s arms!

“You’re ready to be back, huh?” I asked. I already knew the answer.

“Yeah I like it!” he replied, snuggling up closer to Brandon!”

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