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December 9, 2013

Lucas Entertainment: Adam Killian takes a ride on Adriano Carrasco’s cock in “Lucas Men”

Lucas Entertainment: Adam Killian takes a ride on Adriano Carrasco's cock in "Lucas Men"
Lucas Entertainment: Adam Killian takes a ride on Adriano Carrasco's cock in "Lucas Men"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Adam Killian loves the gym, he loves working out, and most of all, and he loves taking cock up his ass.

When all three of these elements are combined it’s a good day, especially when it’s with Adriano Carrasco, who is just a beautiful man with an incredible body and a sex drive most men cannot keep up with.

Adam can, however, but Adriano is a total top, so Adam needs to flex his bottoming skills if he’s going to have sex with the Cuban — and challenge accepted!

For anyone who is a fan of watching Adam Killian take cock up his ass, then don’t miss this hot gay sex scene!”

– Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
September 30, 2013

Lucas Entertainment: “Surrender to Love”

Lucas Entertainment: "Surrender to Love"

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“There’s no greater expression of strength and affection than when the Lucas Men leave everything behind and “Surrender to Love.”

Kayden Gray offers both his body and heart to Woody Fox during a passionate morning of lovemaking.

Demian Holt travels to the United States to experience romantic ecstasy with Michael Lucas.

Darius Ferdynand passionately enters Edji Da Silva from behind for the first time on Lucas Entertainment film.

Adriano Carrasco and Tony Rivera prove that Latin love is the best kind.

And Hans Berlin escapes to England with Jonathan Agassi for a passion-filled weekend.

Run away with the Lucas Men and “Surrender to Love”!

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February 7, 2013

LucasEnterainment: “Sexteriors”

LucasEnterainment: "Sexteriors"
LucasEnterainment: "Sexteriors"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Lucas Entertainment highlights its hunkiest “Sexterior” landscapes along with all of the hot guys working up a sweat in the great outdoors!

Will Helm and Damien Crosse have passionate sex on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Adriano Carrasco gives Jay Roberts a fucking he will never forget in a secluded woodland grove.

Zach Alexander services Rafael Alencar and his legendary uncut monster cock while exploring the beaches of Fire Island.

A relaxing boat ride turns into ass-pounding action for Adam Killian and Christopher Daniels.

And Trenton Ducati sneaks away with Jonathan Agassi to fuck each other on the rocky shores of Greece.

Enjoy outdoor sex with some favorite Lucas Men and their best “Sexterior” action!”

– Watch all scenes online at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
November 19, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Power tops slam hungry bottoms in “Fuck It!”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Rafael Alencar and Jessie Colter sneak off to a secluded corner of the beach at Fire Island after canoeing there in their Speedos.

Jessie loves to bottom, but Rafael is a lot for anyone to take and Jessie gapes when the top is done fucking him.

Sex on the beach continues with the British ginger hunk Ben Brown who tops for the first time with Scott Carter, and he’s quite skilled at fucking.

Will Helm’s brooding good looks shouldn’t deceive you: this handsome guy has a rock-hard cock that he pounds into Damien Crosse’s ass.

And European lovers Jay Roberts and Adriano Carrasco take anal sex to a new and passionate level on their sexy vacation.”

– Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
May 7, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: “The Last Day”

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Lucas Exclusive Jonathan Agassi arrives by boat to a beautiful Mediterranean island but to his surprise the town is completely deserted: streets empty, beaches cleared and stores abandoned; as if in mid-day everyone simply disappeared.

Suddenly two men on motorbikes (Will Helm and Kriss Aston) knock Jonathan down as they race by him. The men take Jonathan back to their refuge and explain the forsaken town. Five days prior they were given a final news cast. The anchorman read out the horrific news that world would come to an end. “It is time to be with family, friends and loved ones. These are our last days.”

Since then all signals, cell phones, everything has been cut off. The two men have chosen to stay as everyone else fled to island. The men now have no choice but to live as if there is no tomorrow and fulfill their fantasies before sunset. But all is not as it seems when Jonathan digs deeper into the island and reveals an intricate plot by a fame-seeking killer (Damien Crosse) who will do anything for fans to praise him.

The action-packed struggle between the truth and the end of the world has begun as the men brutally fight and fuck to survive THE LAST DAY!

– Watch all scenes from this movie online at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment
April 14, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Adriano Carrasco pounds Issac Jones in “The Last Day”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Damien Crosse has no need for friends — only fans — which is why he dispatches of Rafael Carreras after they’re done having sex. Unfortunately, getting rid of the body isn’t his only problem: he realizes that his lesser henchmen haven’t been paying attention to the hideout, and Jonathan Agassi slips by before they can catch him. But instead of a chase, Adriano Carrasco follows Will Helm and Kriss Aston and see where they live. He investigates to find Issac Jones at home. Issac is taken hostage and tied up outside by the pool; for being a hostage, he none the less has a bit of a smart-ass streak in him. He goads Adriano into letting his guard down by giving into his animal instincts.

Adriano first plants a kiss on Issac, who is defenseless to decline it. But despite being his captor, Adriano is gorgeous male specimen, and so long as the moment is available, he runs with it. They kiss and tease one another until Adriano takes his pants down and shoves his big, flopping uncut dick in Issac’s face. He doesn’t bother hesitating, and only opens up and lets Adriano face-fuck him, loosening up his throat and mouth for his captor’s pleasure.

Adriano first pumps Issac’s mouth before turning around and burying his ass and hole in Issac’s face and forcing him eat his butt out. Adriano trusts Issac and undoes his restraints, and when he’s free he wastes no time taking his clothes off and setting Adriano onto his own hard cock for a sucking. They take turns using their mouths on one another before Adriano gives Issac a deep ass-eating.

That signals that he’s ready to fuck: he puts on a condom and mounts Issac, fucking him deep; to hold Issac still, he wraps his muscular arms around his shoulders. Issac flips onto his back and throws his legs up into the air with his hole exposed and ready to be plunged.

While Issac is on his back getting fucked, his cock head swells before it explodes with cum, and Adriano follows soon after!”

– Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
February 14, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Jay Roberts and Adriano Carrasco suck and fuck outdoors in “Stages of Sex”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Adriano Carrasco and Jay Roberts are two men who know how good looking they are, and they’re not going to deny it. With their lean, muscular frames, handsome faces, and bulging packages, these vacationing men are looking for the ultimate relaxation, and they’re going to give it to each other.

Without either one of them saying a word, Adriano approaches a relaxing Jay and starts to kiss him. Their embrace is slow and sensual — this is a fantasy fulfilled that neither one of them wants to rush. Their bulges grow even bigger, and Adriano can’t wait to pull down Jay’s Speedo, allowing his uncut cock to pop out. It instantly disappears down Adriano’s throat, who sucks and swallows as Jay thrusts gently and moans.

Adriano is playing with himself in his own Speedo, but Jay doesn’t care and turns him around, pulling it off and playing with his tight asshole. Jay attentively eats out Adriano’s anus, who loves the wet and slippery stimulation. Jay pauses to lick and kiss Adriano’s nipples before moving down to his knees where Adriano’s long, delicious uncut cock awaits. Jay opens his throat up in order to accommodate Adriano’s length, eating up every inch for Adriano’s pleasure.

When his cock is prepared, Jay offers his ass to the top, who happily accepts. Jay starts out on his back, his ass exposed for Adriano, who grabs the bottom’s ankle and penetrates deep. When Jay stands up on his knees and Adriano takes him from behind, the top’s six-pack stomach and pecs flex and tighten as the fucking heats up before the explosive conclusion!”

– Watch the complete scene at LucasEntertainment.com

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