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December 31, 2013

BelAmi: Alex Waters fucks Manuel Rios

Bel Ami: Alex Waters fucks Manuel Rios
Bel Ami: Alex Waters fucks Manuel Rios

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“During one of our trips to South Africa we invited a few of our American friends to come along. One of those happened to be Alex Waters, who we thought would be a good pair (and nice contrast with) Manuel Rios.”

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May 23, 2013

BelAmi: Alex Waters and Austin Merrick tag team Jack Harrer

Bel Ami: Alex Waters and Austin Merrick fuck Jack Harrer

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Today we have another 3D update from the newly released movie ‘Out of Control’ movie. In this episode, 2 of our American studs, Austin Merrick and Alex Waters, tag team BelAmi superstar Jack Harrer.

The boys begin the action with some water boarding and then take the adrenaline back home for a hot 3way!

Let us not forget that these boys wield 3 huge cocks that are ready for action and full of cum!”

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April 17, 2012

ManRoyale: Alex Waters fucks JD Phoenix in “Sexual Match”

ManRoyale.com writes:

“JD Phoenix has a crush on one of the other workers at the Country Club. He’s been feeling very horny so he’s planning on making his move and see if he can play with that cock!”

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April 6, 2012

Next Door Studios: Alex Waters fucks Cody Allen “Garage Bang”

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Alex Waters is a young man with an appetite for rich musk. That’s why he’s convinced his buddy Cody Allen to join him in the garage and spend some time soaking up each other’s essences. They’re smothering their faces in well worn socks and rubbing shoes fervently on their hardening erections.

Cody didn’t quite know the full extent of what Alex had planned, but he’s discovering his own slightly depraved side. When Alex unleashes his large, fat cock, Cody takes it down his throat without hesitation. The dank garage air feels good on his skin and Alex’s swollen dick feels just right against the back of his throat.

Then it’s Cody’s turn to enjoy warm lips on his cock. Soon the two are bobbing on one another at the same time, swallowing as much firm meat as they can. But the smell of Cody’s socks has given Alex a fierce craving to fuck Cody’s tight ass.

Watch Cody get fucked like you won’t believe when Alex gives him a pounding only to satisfy his desire for raw, unfiltered musk.”

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February 20, 2012

BelAmi: Dolph Lambert, Mick Lovell and Alex Waters’ hot threeway (Part 2)

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Dolph Lambert, Mick Lovell & Alex Waters really hit it off during their recent scene. The boys hit is off so much so that they were ready for more action, this time with Mick as the bottom for both Dolph & Alex! Watch as they fuck Mick’s hole wide open with their big dicks and then cum on his face!”

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February 17, 2012

BelAmi: Dolph Lambert, Mick Lovell and Alex Waters’ hot threeway (Part 1)

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Dolph Lambert, Mick Lovell & Alex Waters took a day for some fun at a water park and the boys frolicked all day long. Upon returning home, the frolicking turned into all out fun.

First Dolph & Mick began to play with one another and then Alex jumped in too! Dolph was more than happy to please both hung American studs until they shot huge loads all over his face.

The hottest boys in the world plus daily content updates exclusively from BelAmiOnline.com!”

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December 14, 2010

Next Door Studios: Alex Waters fucks Kurt Wild

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Kurt Wild is a horny little dude. He’s so stoked to have the waify blonde Alex Waters on board today. And when he finds out Alex has never done it with a guy, you can almost hear Kurt’s dick scream with delight.

Alex seems pretty nervous but when Kurt crams that maiden cock into his mouth, Alex’s tension melts away while his boner stiffens. Alex really never thought he’d actually have a boner in his mouth, but once it hits his lips it’s so good! He quickly discovers the joys of fellacio as Kurt slides his hard thickness in and out. From there he tosses his inhibitions to the wind and fucks Kurt’s ass with all he’s got. They say you never forget your first time. You probably won’t forget Alex’s first time either!”

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November 17, 2010

Next Door Studios: Alex Waters fucks Micah Andrews

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“There’s a thing about twinks. They’re very playful young guys. Today, we spotted Alex Waters & Micah Andrews horseplaying around by the pool. After Micah pantsed his buddy, he took off running into the nearby garden, hoping to start a game of hide and seek. Once he saw Alex was looking him in the wrong part of the garden, he decided to step it up a notch and climb a tree. And while up in the tree, Micah thought it’d be hilarious to take out his cock and get a hard on to attack his buddy with.

After Alex gave up the chase and started napping on a nearby lawn char, Micah moved in for the kill and stuffed his buddies mouth with his raging stallion.

After a mutual blow job and stroking the two move into the bedroom for some hot ass pounding. Alex gives it to his friend so good, that he makes Micah blow his load while riding him reverse-cowgirl.

If you like deep ass penetration, superior cock sucking, and cum loads for days, this scene is for you!”

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