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March 27, 2019

FraternityX: “Super Hole”

FraternityX: "Super Hole"

FraternityX.com writes:

“The fuckin Rams lost, and this dude thinks he can come rub that shit in our face?! Yeah, no! Grab this bitch, and stuff his holes.

We gotta make our lost bet money back, and that ass is going to pay for it!”

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March 14, 2019

FraternityX: “Porn Pays”

FraternityX: "Porn Pays"

FraternityX.com writes:

“Zane over here slamming brews and pounding ass, all while hitting the popperz. We just trying to watch some porn, but I guess it’s time to make that moneyy. So you know we gotta get up in that ass too! Pound that bitch and leave him creamy!

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March 4, 2019

Hot Guys Fuck: Axel Woods, Edgar Soto and Bridgette Mathers hook up

HotGuysFuck.com writes:

“Oh damn! Love for everyone! Just how we like it! That’s right folks… this is an old-fashioned free-for-all with Axel Woods, new guy Edgar Soto, and new hottie Bridgette Mathers!

We told these three to just go with what felt right and that nothing was off-limits. They embraced that to the fullest by starting out the scene with a three-way kiss and never looking back from there. I think the guys may have ended up kissing more than they did with Bridgette!

That’s ok, she thought it was hot seeing them hook up with each other as they shared her tight pussy.

Expect more of this naughty, hot, bisexual behavior in the future! We can’t get enough!”

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February 28, 2019

FraternityX: “Little Fuck”

FraternityX: "Little Fuck"

FraternityX.com writes:

“Tuition and other bills are due again, so you know what that means! Time to make another video.

Luckily we got some pussy tied up in the closet, ready to take a pounding! Grab that bitch and let’s smash!”

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February 16, 2019

FraternityX: “Head Fuck”

FraternityX: "Head Fuck"

FraternityX.com writes:

“This beefcake came in trying to show off, and ended up with some dick in his ass. Lil bitch couldn’t hang, but luckily Nathan came in looking for blow. We’ll tag that ass and think about giving you some blow later!”

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