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March 7, 2013

Next Door Studios: Brody Wilder and Aiden Marx fuck each other in “Massage Envy”

Next Door Studios: Brody Wilder and Aiden Marx fuck each other in "Massage Envy"

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Aiden Marx and Brody Wilder are all set to demonstrate how to give a sensual massage, as Brody climbs up onto Aiden’s table and strips out of his clothes. Aiden takes time work all the nooks and crevices of Brody’s body, and the pressure on his muscles loosens Brody up and gets him worked up all at the same time.

Aiden rolls Brody over to discover his hard on, and without missing a beat, he begins to work Brody’s member, first with his hand, firming it up a bit more, and then with his mouth. Brody lets out an exhaustive moan as Aiden’s tongue dances on the tip of his cock, and Brody quickly has flipped Aiden onto his own table and he’s moistening up Aiden’s hole, then slipping his hard cock inside, as Aiden closes his eyes and grabs a hold of the side of the table.

Brody pounds his ass doggystyle then has Aiden flip over onto his back, where he continues his thrusting as Aiden works his cock to the brink of explosion, flipping over one more time for Brody to go all out as they stand against the table.

Brody pulls out and gushes a load all over Aiden’s back and the two of them agree: that’s the way to do a masssage.”

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May 24, 2012

Men.com: Luca Rosso and Ayden Marx fuck each other in “Bike Thief”

Big thief Ayden Marx gets caught by Luca Rosso – and gets punished with a smoking hot flip-flop fuck!

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April 20, 2012

ManRoyale: “Three for Fun” with Marc Dylan, Rylan Shaw and Ayden Marx

Check out Marc Dylan, Ayden Marx and Rylan Shaw’s hot threeway scene at ManRoyale.com!

April 11, 2012

Men.com: Phenix Saint fucks Ayden Marx in “Hospital Hook Up”

Men.com writes:

“Phenix Saint (CockyBoys Exclusive**) is due to get a vasectomy today, but unfortunately for him Nurse Ayden Marx informs him that after the surgery Phenix isn’t allowed to cum for at least two weeks.

Phenix is devastated at the thought of not being able to come for two hours, let alone two weeks and as soon as the nurse leaves Phenix pulls out his cock for one last jackoff.

Ayden returns to find Phenix moaning and rubbing his cock, Phenix isn’t supposed to do this before the operation and Ayden threatens to tell the doctor about it. Desperate to cum Phenix begs Ayden for five minutes to finish the job, but the Nurse won’t have any of it….. well… maybe only if he can help!

**A special thanks to CockyBoys for letting us feature their exclusive Phenix Saint!!!!”

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March 25, 2012

Dominic Ford: Ayden Marx bangs his big-dicked boyfriend Rylan Shaw

Dominic Ford writes:

“The Boyfriend series returns with stud Ayden Marx and his 10-inch cock boyfriend, Rylan Shaw. These two are passionate, aggressive and clearly keep their relationship alive and fresh with amazing sex!”

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Dominic Ford
March 19, 2012

Men.com: Jessie Colter gets fucked by Ayden Marx in “Practice On Me”

Men.com writes:

“School dean Jessie Colter isn’t convinced that prospective student Ayden Marx has what it takes to gain admission to his highly prestigious program. Ayden’s records show decent grades, but Jessie’s main concerns are what appears to be his lack of skills and interests. Ayden assures Jessie that he is talented, in fact he’s an amazing masseuse and could practice on Jessie right now…..

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March 11, 2012

Dominic Ford: Evan Mercy fucks Ayden Marx

Dominic Ford writes:

“Evan Mercy is back on DominicFord.com this week, and this time is fucking adorable jock Ayden Marx. The two are on the couch and soon can’t get enough of each other. The fucking is hot and intense!”

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Dominic Ford
January 27, 2012

Next Door Studios: Marcus Mojo fucks Ayden Marx

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Ayden Marx has made the silly mistake of challenging Marcus Mojo to a foosball tournament. Ayden had no idea Marcus was nearly county champ 4 summers ago. Even though he doesn’t have all his old moves, Marcus knows he can still beat the pants of Ayden, any old time. He still enjoys whooping some ass on the table when he has the chance.

After beating Ayden more times than either can count, Marcus plops on the couch to relax for a while. He soon moves to rubbing a chubby that’s swelling up in his sweatpants. Ayden notices what’s going on and makes his move, kissing Marcus from behind the couch. Marcus pulls Ayden over, eager to get his hands on that luscious body he’s been eyeing while they were playing foosball.

Now they’re having a little post-tournament cool down, sucking each other’s large, fat cocks. Even though Ayden got schooled, he’s still a good sport. He’s even letting Marcus slide his rock hard dick into his tight ass for a sensual and passionate pounding. Join these studs for a rec room experience where everyone wins!”

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