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January 14, 2018

ActiveDuty: Richard Buldger gets fucked raw by twins Jacob Stax and Michael Stax

ActiveDuty: Richard Buldger gets fucked raw by twins Jacob Stax and Michael Stax
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Richard Buldger gets spit roasted by the Stax twins at ActiveDuty.com.

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September 3, 2017

ActiveDuty: Ryan Jordan gets fucked raw by twins Michael Stax and Jacob Stax

ActiveDuty: Ryan Jordan gets fucked raw by twins Michael Stax and Jacob Stax
Active Duty Special Trial Offer

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Ryan, who is one of our top veterans, has never been with twins let alone big dick twins. Ryan is super excited that he gets to be tag teamed by these identical cocks.

Ryan jumps right into it sucking on the twin’s cocks going back and forth from one identical big dick to the next. Ryan can’t believe his eyes let alone his mouth and the excitement of being with twins is turning him on like none other.

Michael and Jacob feed their big thick dicks to Ryan by fucking his face and taking turns with his mouth. The twins are hard as rocks and they love forcing their dicks down one of our top vet’s throat.

The time has come and Ryan is ready to be fucked by the Stax brothers. Michael and Jacob take turns pushing their thick cocks into Ryan’s tight little ass. They fuck Ryan until he can’t take it no longer and has to cum.

The brothers have no problem with that since their balls are ready to explode from all the fucking they just did. Ryan gets on his knees and the brothers blast load after load all over his face and chest.

Ryan can hold his load back no longer and the cum dripping off of him is making him nut all over himself as he finally releases his warm cum. Enjoy!”

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September 5, 2016

NakedSword: Dark Alley Media’s “A Monster Inside Me 6″

NakedSword: Dark Alley Media’s “A Monster Inside Me 6"
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Dark Alley Media writes at NakedSword.com:

“Raw Fuck Club’s Monster Series is back… and more brutal than ever!

We sought out the biggest cocks in Rio and the hungriest bottoms ready to be fuck-meat at the hands of horse-hung, uncut cock looking to bust a nut.

5 scenes and close to 2 hours of raw action including a “no-holes-barred” scene featuring Andy Star taking huge cock from twins Neo and Gustavo Ryder.”

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December 19, 2012

Falcon Studios: Landon Conrad’s hot threeway with Luca and Liam Rosso in “Twin Heat”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Landon Conrad’s in hog heaven rooting around with twin sex fiends Luca and Liam Rosso.

Left and right, he’s got someone nipping at him, hungry to kiss, suck his dick and lick him all over. And it’s just as rewarding for the feisty brothers as they jockey for position to service their lucky playmate. Landon soon gets down to fellate the dynamic duo, his head pivoting left and right to suck down their swollen cocks.

Luca and Liam then kneel side by side and bottoms up so Landon can tongue their asses, digging deep inside their holes with slurping jabs. Then they reposition themselves with Landon on his back nursing on Luca’s dick while Liam rides his pole. Their harmonized moaning continues as they get up with Landon still plowing Liam up the ass while Luca is behind him fucking his hole.

Ready to cum and flanked by the rowdy Rosso bros, Landon jerks off. His hefty climax is quickly followed by the explosive blasts from the twins’ over-stretched cocks aimed at his sweaty chest.”

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Falcon Studios
May 19, 2012

Fratmen Sucks: Ajay, Micky and Jayden

FratmenSucks.com writes:

“Ajay and Micky are two brothers that are very athletic, very sexy, and, as of late, very mischievous with the other Fratmen.

We find them wrestling on the mats at Fratpad. Wearing only singlets the twin brothers grapple and toss each other’s muscular bodies until they’re both exhausted.

After stripping from their sweaty gear, Micky and Ajay pass a sleeping Jayden and hit the outdoor spa. The twins are a little noisy, and wake Jayden from his afternoon nap. Jayden decides to join them. This isn’t the first time he’s enjoyed a pair of twins, after all.

Ajay and Micky keep Jayden between the both of them them as he jerks and sucks their cocks. It’s amazing watching these perfect male specimens pleasure each other freely and sensually.

Jayden and the twins find themselves on the bed where they go for one more round of oral sex. All three cum, and Jayden quickly falls back asleep. Micky and Ajay finish the evening with a satisfying cigarette.”

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August 30, 2011

WorldOfMen: The Andrus twins

WorldOfMen.com writes:

“The Andrus Twins are a unique and sexy find by World of Men.

The twins were walking the streets of Havana with their friend Alexander Medina when the young men cruised a World of Men producer and started chatting him up. One thing led to the next and the twins were convinced to come over and let World of Men see if everything matched on these twins.

When filming a scene between the twins and Alexander Medina Leandro went over to Frank and started playing with his cock and then sucking it.

Many times the twins touched each other very intimately and caressed each others’ chests and nipples. Their actions led to the idea of an interview of the twins on their sexuality including why exactly they like touching each other.

If you ever wondered why two brothers touch each other, you will definitely find this interview very interesting!”

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August 23, 2011

Fratmen: Twin brothers Micky and Ajay

Fratmen.tv writes:

“So, if you haven’t already guessed, Fratmen Micky and Ajay are twin brothers, and HOT ones at that. Both boys look stunning naked, so we couldn’t resist bringing them back to jack off their perfectly cut dicks together.

Fratmen Micky and Ajays tight, muscular bodies radiate masculine virility as they wank nude, side by side. These Fratmen are true, living, art as they jerk and cum. You don’t want to miss this one!”

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February 22, 2011

KristenBjorn: The Peters Twins double fuck Christian Herzog

Kristen Bjorn writes:

“Two of the biggest names in the industry, Kristen Bjorn and Bel Ami have collaborated on one epic film, Sex City.

The newest scene release has the two most sought after models/twins in the industry, the Peters Twins. The master of videography has captured for your pleasure the twins doing sexual acts they have never attempted before, and never thought possible.

Watch as the ripped physics of Elijah and Milo experience a sexual high with Christian Herzog they have never felt nor experienced before.”

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September 3, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Dawson and Cain fuck the twins

Corbin Fisher writes:

“The trip to Costa Rica was nothing less than amazing. As you see in some of the bonus footage, the guys had a great time out in the city, at the house and horsing around in the pool between shoots. And what awesome shoots they were …

The Central American sun shines through the glass doors. It’s a gorgeous, hot day. We’re miles and miles from home. There’s four stunning guys on the bed. Two twins. One has never been fucked before. That’s a formula for paradise!

While everyone is enjoying the hot weather, Luca says he likes it hot and sweaty. Dawson is going to break in his brother Liam, who’s never had dick inside him. Cain says, “I want some of that too.” The tropical fever is getting to everyone here, making them hornier than usual. I tell him everybody’s going to get their chance.

The swimsuits come off and the twins suck their respective tops. Dawson and Cain stand back to back on the bed, looking like two muscle gods being worshipped by their followers. Cain skullfucks Luca while Dawson feeds Liam every inch of his dick.

After a few minutes, Dawson suggests they trade things up, so the twins switch partners. Now Liam is blowing Cain’s uncut cock and Luca sucks Dawson. Cain says it’s better than a girl sucking them and Dawson agrees.

Cain comments on Liam’s talented tongue and Dawson calls Luca a “dirty boy.” Ready to fuck, the twins are in the wrong places, so Dawson switches them back over. First-timer Liam lubes up Dawson’s cock generously and then works his virgin hole down onto his dick, saying “You gotta be easy on me.”

The two brothers slide down the two poles at the same time. Dawson’s experienced cock opens Liam up gently, but the newbie is soon able to take more and more. Dawson says “I’m gonna make you my bitch.”

Luca is barely able to take Cain’s big uncut cock, but as Cain starts thrusting upwards, he groans in intense pleasure. He sneaks a look at his brother’s virgin ass getting plowed. Luca is setting a good example, because Liam is riding Dawson’s dick for all he’s worth. He says it hurts “so good!”

Cain puts his dick deep inside Luca, then he wants to pound the freshly-opened Liam. “Oh my god, he’s so fucking tight!” Cain exclaims. Luca rides Dawson, bouncing up and down on him. The tops then flip both twins on their backs.

Liam’s dick sticks straight up as Dawson fucks him, and his abs tighten with every thrust. He holds onto the bed and looks over at Cain jackhammering his brother. Ultimately, it’s Luca that ends up jizzing first, squirting cum onto his rock-hard abs, as Cain continues to thrust away.

Liam congratulates his brother on a good job and then Dawson’s pounding makes him cum just as much as Luca. As Dawson says, these guys are definitely twins!

Dawson buries his cock deeply in Liam’s ass. He asks Liam how it felt coming with a cock up his ass for the first time. Liam responds, “Delicious!” And these tops aren’t done serving yet.

Dawson shoots his load in Liam’s mouth, and an extra spurt of cum sprays across his cheek. Cain shoots all over Luca’s face and then directly into Luca’s throat. Both twins suck their tops’ dicks dry. The perfect ending to a perfect day in paradise!”

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May 27, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Travis gets fucked by twins Luca and Liam

CorbinFisher: The twins Luca and Liam tag Travis

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Not only is this video the second release from our trip down to Costa Rica, but it also happens to feature some insanely hot action and quite the milestone for CF’s twins, Liam and Luca! Both of the twins, along with Travis, joined us on our trip out of the country and all three had themselves a blast while there! Not only did they all have some fun exploring Costa Rica, but you’ll see here that they had some incredible fun in the bedroom! What’s more, Liam does something he’s never done before – fuck another guy!

If it was just studly young Liam fucking another guy, that would be impressive enough in and of itself! We’ve seen this straight stud get in to some oral fun with another guy here at CF before, but he’s never buried his own cock in another guy’s tight ass! All that changes now, however, as he fucks Travis! Not only does he fuck Travis, though, but he also does it with his brother, Luca, right there with him! It must be pretty wild getting in to some hardcore fun with another guy for the very first time while your twin brother is not only right there with you, but also joining in on the action!

For his part, Luca looked totally blown away by the fact that it was all going on! He never thought his twin brother would be up for hardcore action with a guy, much less that he’d be right there to witness it and also be a part of it! To say the least, it was wild for all three of these guys!

An image that will forever stick in my mind after this hot session is that of Travis bouncing up and down, hard and fast, on Liam’s cock. Every time Liam thrusts up in to Travis’ ass, Travis’ stiff dick gets driven deeper in to Luca’s hungry mouth!

Another insanely hot image from the action is Travis’ load! While getting fucked by Luca and getting jerked off by Liam, Travis starts to spray cum everywhere – and I mean everywhere! His dick just doesn’t stop shooting, and cum is flying all over the place! If that wasn’t enough, both Liam and Luca end up drenching Travis with their own loads immediately thereafter!

As eagerly as Liam sucked, fucked, and kissed Travis, it was obvious he was quite glad to have decided to try some hardcore guy/guy fun! As turned on as Luca was to see his brother taking such a big step and being right there for it all, he really had himself an amazing time with it all as well! And as much as Travis clearly loved taking on both the twins’ cocks and getting fucked by one brother right after the other, he could not have looked any hotter or content!”

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