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March 30, 2017

ChaosMen: Bryan sucks off Kouri

ChaosMen: Bryan sucks off Kouri
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ChaosMen.com writes:

“Kouri is definitely into mature guys, so I thought I would step in and work his amazing cock.

I set this up as a traditional Serviced video, mainly because for his solo he relied a lot on watching his porn. I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Sure enough, he does watch quite a bit of porn during this video, but then you also notice he starts watching himself on the monitors. I think that turned him on even more.

It took me 3-4 minutes to get his cock fully hard, and the trick was to play with his ass. I quickly remembered he said he loved to bottom for guys, and I guess he wasn’t kidding. From that point forward, I played with his ass a lot in order to keep him charged-up.”

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January 12, 2017

ChaosMen: Bryan and Zak Fit ‘Edge’

ChaosMen: Bryan and Zak Fit 'Edge'
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ChaosMen.com writes:

“Zak Fit’s scene partner missed his flight, and just gave up and went home, emailing me hours before the shoot he wasn’t coming. Grrrrr!

I hated to send Zak home empty handed, and with many of you requesting more Edge videos, I got him roped up in the Edge chair.

This is my favorite kind of Edge video. At least a half dozen times I had to stop or risk him cumming too soon. He truly is being Edged throughout this video.

We stopped to do some of the extra play, and I focused on training his ass to be fucked. Zak has a thick cock perfect for Topping, but he has used a toy on himself, but is reluctant to give up control to someone else fucking him.

Based on this video, he should be good to try bottoming his next video.

After that break, it was a little harder to pull the load out of him, but I jerked him until he has a powerful orgasm!”

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June 17, 2016

Behind the Scenes: ChaosMen’s Rylan & Vander

Check out Bryan’s YouTube channel for even more behind-the-scenes footage!

April 2, 2015

ChaosMen: Bryan and Kato ‘Edge’

ChaosMen: Bryan and Kato 'Edge'

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Kato wanted to do more work, but just couldn’t get past doing more than receiving head. I had some down time over the holidays, and told him he could just do a simple Edge video. He has such a fat cock, I thought you all might like seeing some more of it.”

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January 9, 2015

ChaosMen: Bryan creampies Augustus

ChaosMen: Bryan creams Augustus' hole

Bryan creams Augusts hole in this hot and raw ‘Edge’ scene at ChaosMen.com.

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October 4, 2014

ChaosMen: Bryan fucks Cooper Reed raw

ChaosMen: Bryan fucks Cooper Reed raw

Bryan of ChaosMen.com writes:

“I am going to have to stage more “no shows” if it means working with Cooper Reed!

I have mentioned in the past that Cooper and I have some chemistry off set. Not sure why he is into me. He has his longtime girlfriend, is super stable financially, and could have his pick of any number of guys in his age bracket if he was feeling in the mood for meat, but I think when he is genuinely interested in guys, they tend to be more mature, stable, dare I say, daddy type!? A former Marine, maybe he has a thing for the drill sergeant type, but I am hardly shouting out directions. Mostly I think he likes guys who have their shit together.

I like him a lot too. He is very relaxed, professional, and is well-past being interested in partying and doing the dumb things that we all do when we are younger.

Like Bay, we have always talked about doing something together, on or off film, but I figured we could save it for a Rainy Day when a shoot falls apart. Well, it did this day.”

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July 9, 2014

ChaosMen: Graham gets serviced by Bryan

ChaosMen: Graham gets serviced by Bryan

Bryan of Chaosmen.com writes:

“Graham has a very busy work schedule, but we stayed in contact about doing a Serviced video together, and we finally got our schedules to match.

When he arrived this time out, he was a little less shy and more talkative. He truly is a fan of erotic massages, and has had a few on his own. He loves watching the ChaosMen ones, so he was psyched about doing this video.

This is one of those videos we shot pretty much straight through, with me occasionally adjusting a camera, not even taking a break to take high res photos.

Definitely an awesome massage table video, with a dude who was REALLY into it!”

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May 8, 2013

ChaosMen: Bryan barebacks Kelton

Chaosmen: Bryan barebacks Kelton

Chaosmen.com writes:

“I thought I would take my time on these videos that have me taking a more prominent appearance. I kinda wanted to stick to guys that were suggesting doing them with me. Kelton had said he was down to do one after seeing the one with me and Ransom. I figure that counts as “full disclosure” after watching it!

Kelton’s real life bf is about my age, so I knew he was fine with more mature guys.

We had fun. Ransom practiced filming some more, and we had a few hitches here and there, but overall it was great playing with Kelton!”

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November 28, 2012

ChaosMen: Ransom gets fucked by Bryan

Chaosmen.com writes:

“A few of you have been hinting around for me to perform in a full sex film. I kind of set my own boundary/limit on the amount of interaction I have with the guys. I have seen lots of comments about other porn producers in their videos, and the peanut gallery is not very kind. I am getting closer to 50 (and it shows) so I kind of wanted to do something while I am still within an acceptable weight parameter.

You can thank Ransom for this video. He kept at me about doing this video. I put it off a couple times, before I got the nerve up. I know I am not the youngest guy in the porn world, but I figure maybe my more mature audience members might like seeing the older dawg take on the younger pup.

I think you can tell we had a lot of fun and we shot the thing straight trough. with only a couple pauses to move cameras around. It is always a challenge when playing with Ransom because he cums so quickly when being fucked. I finally gave up, not sure if we had enough time to make a standard video, but it turns out the timing was good. Besides, I love making Ransom bust.

If the reaction to this video is good, I may do 7 more so I can make a DVD or just a compilation. It surprises me that I have models suggest doing videos with me.

I am not examining the model’s motives too closely, because frankly, a hot dude wants to have sex with me…. for a price of course! Thankfully, Ransom did this one for fun. We have been talking for over a year about sharing private time with you all.

We both had fun. We hope you do too!”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen.com