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December 3, 2009

ChaosMen: Young jock Drederick busts a nut

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Chaosmen: Young jock Drederick busts a nut

Chaosmen writes:

“Drederick is a very quiet dude, with a hot gymnast body.

So he wasn’t very forthcoming with personal details or insights. But he did say one of his straight friends did a gay-for-pay-site, and one of their gay friends blabbed it to anyone and everyone who listened, including the guy’s girlfriend and eventually, his family.

I hate it when that happens, I think us older dawgs seem keep a lid on our friends sexual activities, most especially from our parents. I think the younger generation doesn’t do this anymore. Can’t keep a secret or maybe thinks it’s just too juicy of a detail to not pass on. Like their own private Jerry Springer show. I dunno.

So from the outset, Drederick flatly said, “No way!” to any gay work because of what happened to his buddy. It’s a shame ‘cuz I think he is way adorable and probably would be a great performer if he wasn’t so worried about his friends finding out.

So if you know a dude on the site, keep the secret to yourself, you are ruining for me to get these guys to get their gay on!”

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November 24, 2009

ChaosMen: Surfer boy AJ

Chaosmen: Surfer boy AJ

Chaosmen writes:

“AJ is a sly ‘lil surfer boy with a charming smile, and a hefty cock for his 5’7″ frame.

AJ is for sure “all about” girls, but his friends and even family have teased him that he would turn out to be a gay guy. Ironically, when I hung around him, I didn’t get any gay vibe on him at all, so I don’t know what his inner circle is thinking or seeing that my trained eye isn’t seeing.

Maybe it is because he doesn’t care who thinks he is hot, as long as they think he is hot!

I tried to figure it out by asking him how many times he has ever thought of a dude while jacking-off. Surely a good indicator. The answer was never.

But then he was really aware of which guys he thought was hot in the straight porn playing for him, as well as on my own site. He said he would come back to do more, but wanted to do it with a hot guy. Most of guys just don’t care what the other guy looks like. It’s another ‘dude’ so it doesn’t matter.

So I think that it is a good sign that he can drum up some real and genuine sexual intensity with a dude.

He is pretty sure he can get his dick sucked by a dude, but hasn’t committed to anything beyond that.

But my gut tells me he isn’t shy about doing ‘more’ and we will see him in full-action soon enough!”

– See more of AJ at Chaosmen.com

November 22, 2009

ChaosMen: Vance bangs Shaun raw

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Chaosmen: Vance bangs Shaun raw

Chaosmen writes:

“Shaun suggested from the outset that he thought he should bottom first, ostensibly because he didn’t think he could stay hard enough to top. Does this make someone Born to Be a Bottom?

In his case, I kind of think so. Like Degan, he tends to bliss out and gets full-on rock hard once he is finally getting fucked.

Shaun even thought he could cum while being fucked. Vance hammered him and they fucked with fast-paced precision for quite a while. Eventually Shaun requested a slow pace, and that did the trick. He was spilling a giant load in no time.

Vance adds his load to Shaun’s load, making for a lot of baby batter!”

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November 20, 2009

ChaosMen: Straight muscle jock Taylor gets serviced

Chaosmen: Straight muscle jock Taylor gets serviced

Chaosmen writes:

“I had Elliott come on over to give some personal Service to Taylor.

Taylor is one of many straight guys who will say he can’t cum from a blow job even from a girl. Normally I feel it is because the gals really don’t know how to work the equipment. But after watching Taylor jack-off, I knew he was a solid under-the-head jerker and sucking wasn’t gonna keep him going.

He’s stay wobbly through out the video, but ironically seems more interested in watching his dick get sucked than the video. Personally I think he should have watched the video more. I know that is boring when they stare, but these are straight guys and, well, it helps. But it does leave you wondering why he didn’t take the opportunity to zone on the pussy flick.

True to what he said during his solo, he does like having his ass massaged. Elliott got down below him doggy style, sucking his cock and massaging his ass. His dick perked up after that.

Since we figured Taylor would need to be upright to nut, I tried to get some cool angles for the cumshot, and bless Elliott’s throbbing and aching arms, he jerked this boy until cum went flying everywhere!!

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November 20, 2009

ChaosMen: Husky footballer Brody

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Chaosmen: Husky footballer Brody

Chaosmen writes:

“How about a big husky footballer for a change of pace? Meet Brody, who seems to be doing the solo to help his brother out with his mortgage. He says his bro has been there for him and he thought the extra money would be a good Father’s Day gift.

Brody hails from a small town, and has that whole “Yes sir. “No sir” response. Hidden under all that hometown goodness and altruism, is a boy who does get off to showing off. And I really think he enjoyed the whole process.

I dunno if he will be back. He didn’t seem opposed to a blow job, but I wanted to see if you guys liked him first.”

– See more of Brody at Chaosmen.com

November 14, 2009

ChaosMen: Clay and Silas’ raw flip-flop fuck

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Chaosmen: Clas and Silas' raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen writes:

“On the car ride to the studios, Clay asked me, “When am I going to be the leading man in a video?” The question confused me because I didn’t know if he was referring to Topping. “No,” he said. “When do I take the lead?”

It’s true, the last videos, we have started off by him getting orally serviced. I guess I try to go with who is most likely going to need to get their dick sucked in order to get hard. Clay assured me he could get himself hard while sucking dick, and I will be damned if he didn’t suck cock like he meant it! WOW!

I also discovered the boy knows how to fuck. Since most of the guys are straight, they tend to “go easy” on the other guy. Heck, you even see Silas going slow and not deep when he fucks Clay. Clay certainly didn’t show any mercy and fucked the heck out of Silas.

Clay has come a long way. From, “There is no way I am sucking dick!” to “You will never get me to sit on a cock!” The kid has really taken to trying to do his best. In fact, you see him move Silas’s legs several time as if to say, “Hey! You’re blocking my shot!”

So have fun while these two pros go at it!”

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November 12, 2009

ChaosMen: Hagan and Parker blow each other’s big dicks

Chaosmen: Hagan and Parker blow each other

Chaosmen writes:

“I knew that Parker had done a tiny bit of oral servicing in the past, and I also knew that Hagan was willing to give a guy a blow job, so I thought it we be perfect to put these two guys together.

Hagan is still on the fence on full-on interactive sex with a dude, so I wanted to make sure I got him in to at least suck a guy’s dick. Parker wants to ease into it, but I think he is going to be down for it all.

Many of viewers don’t believe these guys are straight, but you have to admit, they both are truly amateur at this. Parker at the very least throws lots of energy and enthusiasm in it, and he scores high in that. I think he needs a few lessons is all. But he kept Hagan pretty hard and did lots of showcasing. He did try to deep throat Hagan’s monster cock and gagged pretty hard. I whispered to him he didn’t have to do that…focus on his cock.

What I found surprising during this shoot is how quiet Hagan was. Hagan was not nervous before the shoot, very chill about everything, but he is practically motionless in this video.

When editing the video I couldn’t read his face. Was it not feeling good or hurting? Was he freaked out? And then I looked closely, and a couple times his eyes rolled back and his hand goes to his forehead. He’s trying to not nut a couple times! I remember him doing that in his Serviced video.

I know from my own Service video with him, that I made him cum real fast, and if you hit his bull-sized dick at the right spot he will nut.

Then came the part I was most nervous about. Would Hagan actually blow Parker? Parker took off his boxers, and moved closer for Hagan to reach out and jack him off. He kept leaning towards it, but it didn’t look like it was gonna happen. Finally Parker declared it was his turn from some head and went to the edge of the table where Hagan would have better access.

Ok, so Hagan is not a natural cock sucker. Hello! He is straight. So you gotta give him credit for doing it, and I must say he is even more handsome with a dick in his mouth! Both these guys are BIG, but they managed to do some 69 action up on the massage table.

I knew there wasn’t gonna be any cum eating or facials. So before the shoot I asked Hagan if it was ok if Parker shot on his chest, so we could see the load on his beautiful skin tone. He thought that was fine, just no aiming towards the face.

I made sure that Hagan nutted first, just in case Parker’s load being spilling out on him ruined his mojo and we would have to wipe it off so he could nut.

Hagan came quick, so Parker quickly had to ramp up.

Parker went into full aerobic mode to nut while Hagan kept his dick reasonably hard. Parker nutted soon after. Easy as pie! Hagan didn’t even fall asleep!

Also, before the shoot I asked if I could get a kiss out of them at the end. They both balked at this idea, which is so ironic considering they are sucking another dude’s cock. So I left it up to them to do it on their own. After they both nut, Parker gives a little shrug as if to say, “Why not?” and bends down and plants one on Hagan!

Dontcha love watching straight boys kiss!”

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November 10, 2009

ChaosMen: Muscle boy Taylor

Chaosmen: Muscle boy Taylor

Chaosmen writes:

“Taylor is hot little muscle boy who has experience with Personal Training, so is way into fitness for himself and others. He says he only works out twice a week. Grrrrrr…Those work outs must be 6 hours long, cuz he has one hot body!

Not his first solo, so he was comfortable showing off his thick dick and playing to you, the audience.

He says he likes it when girls massage his ass while he fucks them. I am wondering if that is just a polite way of saying he likes his hole played with. But he did specifically say his taint, but it makes me wonder!

Taylor is another guy that liked to be up-right for his cumshot. It’s pretty hot to see him jerk out his load…it just spills out!

Taylor is down for doing more, so stayed tuned for more than just a solo. I think we have a Chaos team player!”

– See more of Taylor at Chaosmen.com

November 8, 2009

ChaosMen: Nash fucks Elliott raw

Chaosmen: Nash fucks Elliott raw

Chaosmen writes:

“Nash last worked with donkey-dicked Davin, and was here visiting to do two scenes. I promised him after taking Davin’s big cock, that he could top all he wanted, and that Elliott would eagerly take his dick. I knew his ass would need a break.

Elliott has discovered that making straight guys cum during the Serviced videos is REALLY hard to do, so I think he was eager to get some full-on action.

It’s nice to see someone else sucking Elliott’s cock too, and you see just how fat it is once inside Nash’s mouth.

And Nash didn’t feel like he had to pussyfoot around fucking too hard like we normally do with another straight guy. Elliott assured him to fuck him good. So it was awesome to see him fuck with wild abandon.

Nash’s body is just getting better and better too. He has really been hitting the gym hard and it shows!

Some awesome bare fucking in this video and at Elliott’s request, Nash dumps his load on his face and mouth, followed moments later by Elliott busting his nut. His timing is impeccable!

HOT! HOT! VIDEO! You don’t want to miss this one!”

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November 1, 2009

ChaosMen: Davin bangs Lansing bareback

Chaosmen: Davin bangs Lansing bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“Guess who came out of hiding and asked to do another video? That’s right, Lansing is back!

I don’t know if he needed money quick, but Davin was available, and I did warn Lansing that he would be working with a big-dicked dude if he wanted a gig fast.

I made sure Lansing showered up good, and sat on a big toy before we started out. When Davin’s cock popped out of his jeans, I think Lansing realized why I was pushing the XL dildo at him before the shoot!

I keep thinking, based on my own video with him, that Lansing prefers to bottom. He really watches the straight porn and seems keen on having a three way with two girls. But I think mainly he asked to bottom because he didn’t think he could stay hard to top. Though he certainly doesn’t complain about bottoming, you can tell his hands are trying to gently keep Davin from diving in too deep. He is an enigma for sure.

They struggled for the initial insert. Davin’s got that big floppy donkey dick and normally I make lube easily accessible for the first insert. But Davin just spat on Lansing’s hole and his cock and just tried to wedge the monster in. Plus they couldn’t seem to get the height and angle of entry right. But after that, it was all pro, and both Davin and Lansing began to bliss out on the fucking.

Lansing finally rides Davin’s cock, and there is some great shots of his big tube going up Lansing’s ass. This was one of the easiest, yet hardest cumshots to shoot. Davin kept getting close as Lansing rode his cock. He kept saying he was cumming so Lansing started ramping up to cum right along him.

It took Davin a bit of jerking off, but he cums all over Lansing’s hole. Before I can scramble around and get my cameras all moved for Lansing’s cumshot, Lansing announces that he is, “Ready.” I barely got over to my camera in time to catch his awesome load.

These two started off a bit clumsy, but half-way through they ‘clicked’ and over all, this is a VERY hot video with a nice cream covered hole ending! Welcome back Lansing!”

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