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March 11, 2014

CollegeDudes: Cole Gartner bangs Tommy White’s tight twink hole

CollegeDudes: Cole Gartner fucks Tommy White's tight twink hole

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Tommy’s got the body of a smooth, hairless twink and Cole’s a little more badass, sporting tattoos and piercings. Yeah, they may seem like a mismatched pair but both of these guys are horny and looking to fuck, and they’re more than happy to get down and dirty with each other!”

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June 8, 2012

College Dudes: Cole Gartner fucks Sean Summers

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Since the day we met Sean Summers, we have been waiting to see him get fucked. When he and Cole Gartner were here one weekend, out wish was finally granted!

Sean has a perfect athletic body, a broad collegiate smile, and best of all a nice bubble butt just waiting to be cracked open.

After Cole and Sean start getting frisky with each other, Sean and Cole get down on each others cocks – the blowjobs are wet and deep, and soon enough Sean has something wet very deep up his ass.

Sean bends over to take Coles thick cock, waiting for a second in anticipation as Cole straps on a rubber. When Cole begins to inch his dick in, Sean winces wlightly, but within a minute Sean is really enjoying the pleasurable feeling. Cole pounds Sean until Sean is loose enough to ride him, and Sean then hops on Coles dick and puts on a hot show.

The best part of the scene, though, is when Sean is on his back getting fucked mercilessly by Cole, and as he vigorously jerks off, his entire body convulses just before he pops a huge nut all over.

Sean just may have found his true calling – he sure seems to enjoy it!”

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May 12, 2012

College Dudes: Cole Gartner fucks Tom Faulk

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Tom Faulk rocks it out with Cole Gartner in an especially hard pounding session. Even though he loves to fuck, he seems almost insatiable – and unable to wait for Cole to stick it in.

Tom goes down on Cole to get a taste of the cock that is about to be in his ass. His deepthroating is getting much better, but Cole has to get down on Tom to show him how to give a really great, sloppy blowjob. Cole devours Toms cock over and over, then just as eagerly flips Tom over and tongues his hole to get him prepared.

After he has rimmed Tom for a few hot minutes, Cole stands up and enters Toms awaiting hole. Hot, sexy hole is nothing new to Cole, but he enjoys Toms butt so much you would think it was his first time!

After Cole flips Tom over, Tom begins jerking his thick cock to the rythm of Coles pounding, and Tom moans quietly before busting a fat one. Cole comes too, and these two college studs embrace in a nice ending to a sexy scene!”

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February 18, 2012

College Dudes: Devin Adam fucks Cole Gartner

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Devin Adams fucks Cole Gartner like they have been together for a while. After some hot making out, the blowjobs are voracious, especially Cole, who seems hungry for cock more than usual. Devin takes Cole’s cock like a pro himself, but before long Devin is eager to get his face buried in Cole’s ass.

Cole is a great top, but he also likes to get fucked by a nice cock. Devin obliges, first by sinking his cock into Cole’s hole as he pins Cole face down on the bed. The penetration soon becomes hard and fast, and Devin is fucking better than he ever has before!

Cole takes a ride after that on Devins hard dick, pumping up and down with vervor. Once Cole is on his back, though, and Devin is back in control again, the pounding resumes. Cole has a great ass, and it looks so good being plowed by Devin.

Devin grabs Cole by the ankles and lets it rip – such a good fuck that Cole shoots a huge load of jizz all over himself. Sweet Fuck!”

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January 13, 2012

College Dudes: Cole Gartner pops Kenny Coors’ ass cherry

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Cole Gartner is the lucky College Dude who is busting up some virgin ass in this hot fuck scene. Kenny Coors had mentioned getting fucked the last time he was hanging out with us – after a few beers. Well, we wasted no time getting him back with one of our best power-fuckers as soon as we could.

Kenny and Cole trade hot blow jobs before Cole gets down to the real action. With Kenny’s ass in the air, Cole rims, fingers, and lubes up Kenny to prepare him for what is coming next. Cole then has Kenny stick his hot butt out over the bed and sticks in his big thick cock. Kenny has very little trouble, so Cole begins to ram him fairly deep. Kenny loves it, and soon he is riding Cole like a champ.

Cole is totally owning Kenny’s hole by the end of the scene, and as Cole shoves it in Kenny gets close to climax. Kenny busts a hot load of jizz and Cole follows suit. It is so hot to see these college guys experimenting and having so much fun doing it. Hot scene!”

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November 4, 2011

College Dudes: Cole Gartner fucks Alexander Greene

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Cole Gartner was very excited to be paired up with Alexander Greene. Cole and Alexander hit it off immediately, and both of these studs get rock hard from making out.

When the pants come down, Alexander wraps his lips around Coles hard cock, moving his mouth up and down and making Cole pre-cum. Cole loves the attention but is eager to get Alexanders dick wet with his own mouth. Cole deep throats Alexander several times, even going back for a kiss so that Alexander can taste his own cock on Coles tongue.

Cole has other things in mind for his tongue, too, and Cole soon has Alexander bent over for a wet rim-job. Alexander, once his hole is nice and loosened up by Coles licks and fingering, asks Cole to fuck him. Cole wraps it up and slowly goes into Alexander. Before long, Cole is pounding Alexander hard, and Alexander – whose cock is rock hard as well – is moaning in pleasure.

Cole flips Alexander over onto his back and continues to pound deep and long. Cole and Alexander love the fucking, and after a few minutes of hot fucking, Alexander cums all over himself. Cole pulls out and shoots a crazy stream of jizz that lands on Alexander and even goes a few feet past him! Hot Fuck!”

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August 26, 2011

College Dudes: Buddy Davis fucks Cole Gartner

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Buddy Davis showed up to our vacation spot just a few hours after Cole Gartner, and Buddy seemed very chipper. Cole and Buddy hit it off right away, although Cole was a little nervous because he had heard how Buddy can rail an asshole.

Cole starts off by worshipping Buddy and his hot muscular body, grabbing his cock through his shorts and getting Buddy extremely excited. After a while, Cole cannot help it and as the shorts come off Cole is suctioned to Buddys stiff cock. Coles mouth tongue and throat are all over Buddy’s dick and balls as Cole works up a sweat just enjoying cock!

This action gets Buddy so excited that he puts on his best show ever! Buddy starts off with Cole on all fours, and the fucking gets so intense so quickly that Buddy almost jizzes in his condom, but after taking his cock out to admire Coles beautiful pink hole, Buddy gets back to hardcore fucking.

Cole rides Buddy for a while, enjoying each inch of dick, and moaning as the room gets hotter. Buddy turns Cole on his back with his legs up in the air and drills Cole like we have not seen anyone drilled in years! Cole is getting fucked mercilessly and loves every minute of it.

Cole shoots a huge load quickly followed by Buddy, who can barely get his condom off in time! Great Fuck!”

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August 12, 2011

College Dudes: Cole Gartner fucks Tony Falco

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Cole Gartner and Tony Falco make some heat in this scene. Cole is an awesome guy, and he and Tony have known each other for quite some time now. The two had never gotten together though, and perhaps there was some sexual tension building – when Cole and Tony start kissing the game is on instantly!

Cole works on Tony and his hot Italian cock. We love the way Cole sucks dick, licking, slurping, and taking it as deep down his throat as he can stuff it.

Tony goes down on Cole next, and you can tell that Tony is looking forward to getting Cole’s dick in his hot ass. Tony hops on top of Cole and rides his dick, moaning and working up a sweat as Cole grabs his waist and urges him to go up and down faster and deeper.

Cole and Tony exchange some hot kisses, and before you know it, Tony is on all fours, taking Cole like a man. Cole plows deeper into Tonys ass, spreading his cheeks and enjoying the feeling of Tony’s hot hole.

Before long, however, Tony is on his back, continuing to get pummelled and loving every second of it. Both Tony and Cole spurt out hot loads to finish a hot fuck!”

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June 17, 2011

College Dudes: Carter Nash fucks Cole Gartner

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Carter Nash and Cole Gartner had hung out together many times before, and since they get along so well, we really expected their fuck scene to be stellar.

Cole is an amazing versatile guy, and we were looking forward to seeing his butthole rammed by Carter.

The scene starts with Carter and Cole making out, and after some intense dick sucking, Carter flips up Coles legs and dives in for some rimming. Once Cole is loosened up, Carter gets right to business and opens his ass wide, holding his legs into the air and going in deep.

Soon Cole is hanging off the edge of the couch and Carter is getting him from behind. The best part of the video, though, is seeing Cole ride Carter. As Cole slides up and down on Carters monster dick, you can see the pleasure in Carters face – nothing better than a hot tight hole to get off to.

Carter and Cole make out and jerk each other off in a great cumshot for both. Great fuck!”

April 29, 2011

College Dudes: Cole Gartner fucks Matt Spiers

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Cole Gartner and Matt Spiers start off this video hot and heavy, pawing at each other after having ripped each others clothes off. Before long, Matt dives onto Coles rock-hard dick. Matt seems to be a real cock lover, and Cole is loving every minute of Matt working his tongue and throat all over that dick.

Cole gives a shot at deep-throating Matts uncut fattie, and then flips Matt over to give him one hot tongue-fucking. Cole seems to be the best dude in a while when it comes to rimming a hot ass. Matt obviously loves this rimming a lot, but in a way he also seems impatient for a plowing.

Cole takes his time with his tongue, but finally gives Matt what he is asking for. Cole drills into Matt and the sex is off the charts!

Matt’s deep masculine voice makes it even hotter when he is asking Cole to fuck his hole harder. Cole gives Matt everything he asks for and more before Matt busts a huge nut on himself and takes Coles as well. Hot Fuck!”

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