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July 17, 2010

Cocksure Men: Samuel O’Toole fucks Sean Stavos

CocksureMen writes:

“Feeling lucky? Samuel O’Toole and Sean Stavos certainly are after getting a glimpse of each others’ hot bodies and thick cocks. Sean peels off his clothes revealing a tight furry body and a horny asshole begging to be plugged full of dick. Samuel O’Toole is smooth, ripped and is sporting a huge piece of meat which he happily feeds Sean.

Once Sean’s oral appetite is quenched his hungry ass gets its fill. The action really sizzles as the guys fuck each other to a sticky cum filled finish.”

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July 17, 2010

Randy Blue: Chip Tanner, Nicco Sky and Porter Wescott’s hot threeway

Randy Blue writes about this hot scene:

“There is no telling what is going to happen when you put three of our wildest, most passionate models together.

Porter Wescott had such an amazing video with Trent Davis that people are still talking about it. I love his mix of rugged softness, and the fact that no matter what I throw at him he takes it in stride and goes with the flow.

Nicco Sky is one of those guys who’s handsome face and hot tight muscular body will get you every time. His hardcore live show with Reese was one for the record books in terms of both content and attendance.

And my wild card is Chip Tanner. Always the wild card because you never know what he’s going to do. He might be content to play along with the others, letting his athletic muscular body and sweet demeanor be enough. But then again, he might bend over backwards, literally, suck his own dick, or twist himself into a pretzel so everyone else has easy access to his hot cock and hungry hole.

Regardless, anything this guy does is going to be stellar, especially with Nicco and Porter along for the ride. Watching Nicco suck off his two costars is only equalled by the visual of both of them sharing his cock afterwards. And when Chip dives head first onto Porter’s ass while he’s going down on Nicco it’s only starters for what will come next.”

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July 16, 2010

Sean Cody: Jonathan bangs Mitchell

Sean Cody writes:

“It’s nice to see Mitchell again. He came back looking more ripped than before. He’s developed an appetite for big dicks and I thought it would be great to introduce him to Jonathan. You may remember Jonathan — big dick, smart, and has had experience with guys before. Mitchell was very intrigued by Jonathan and wanted to see exactly what he was packing.

“You guys are both gay or bi, right?” “Well, more gay than straight,” Jonathan said. “I think this might be the first time in a long time that we’ve had two gay guys together.” “It’s gonna be exciting,” Jonathan laughed.

I was talking with the guys and could tell that Mitchell was getting a bit antsy. I think he wanted to get a look at Jonathan’s big dick for himself. They started making out, the clothes came off and almost instantly, both their dicks were hard.

Mitchell started sucking Jonathan’s huge cock and surprisingly, took it down his throat all the way to his balls. That is talent!

Jonathan fucked Mitchell in several positions all over the bed. Then he jerked off Mitchell’s dick while fucking him until Mitchell came. Jonathan then blew his load all over Mitchell’s stomach and gave him the sweetest kiss…”

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July 16, 2010

Pride Studios: Drake Jayden pounds Cole Streets

MenOver30.com writes:

“Larger than life, At 6’5” and packing a thick 8” cock, Cole Streets cums to MenOver30.com this week. There’s plenty of Cole to go around. (so, LINE UP!) He’s in for a treat since we’ve brought back a hung local to welcome him on board. Drake Jaden is here and we know Cole will be in very good hands while Drake will be in a LOT more—and soon. They start to kiss as their hands begin to roam. Drake is the first one out of his shorts and as he drops trou his cock is jutting out of his briefs. Cole can’t resist the urge to taste it as he starts to lick the knob that is boldly protruding over the waistband of his tight briefs.

Cole pulls them down as he gets all of that thick cock in his mouth. Drake goes down on Cole’s big cock and swallows it whole. Drake then gets on all four as Cole starts to eat out that outrageous ass of his. Drake grunts and groans as he gets his kitchen cleaned. Drake lowers that hot ass right onto Drake’s rock hard cock. Once that hot ass gives way and he’s got every inch of that dick inside him, Cole starts to ride that cock. Drake’s balls are pulled up tight around the base as Cole grinds his hot ass hard around his dick. “Aww, that dick is so big!” groans Cole as he continues to take that dick deep.

Drake then gets Cole on his and slides deep into that ass and starts to pump his dick in and out faster and faster. He holds Cole’s legs up as he rams that big dick inside. “Take that big dick” he grunts as Cole asks him how much he likes that ass of his. Drake then flips Cole over and mounts him doggy. “I wanna feel that cum, man” Cole begs as he gets railed. Drake holds Cole by the waist as he repeatedly impales that hole. His balls pull tight as he pulls out and sprays Cole’s smooth back with his hot load. Cole then stands and as Drake kneels before him shoots his huge load all over Drake’s hairy pecs.”

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July 16, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Cain fucks Joel

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Cain’s star continues to rise here at CF. His powerfully muscled frame, intense sexual energy and that huge, uncut dick make him one of our most popular tops. What better way to up the sexual ante than by pairing him with another hot top?

Joel only recently returned to CF, and as he tells us, it’s probably been over a year since he’s bottomed. He laughs as he says, “ So, this is a special treat for everyone, I guess.” “Especially for Cain,” I reply. Cain smiles that devilish smile of his and agrees.

They start kissing intensely. Suddenly, Cain pushes Joel down on the bed. He kisses his neck, and bites his nipples through his tank top. Cain’s sexual appetite is insatiable, so it’s a good thing Joel’s is too!

Cain grinds his cock into Joel’s crotch, and then kisses his way down Joel’s leg to his dick. Cain says, “You’re already ready to go,” as he kisses Joel’s totally stiff cock. With Cain all over you like that, who wouldn’t be ready to go?

Cain keeps his eyes on Joel as he sucks that cock, spitting on it before sucking it even harder. He knows he’s raising the bar, but Joel is more than capable of exceeding expectations! Joel goes on the offensive as he sucks Cain’s nipple, then swallows that thick, uncut cock. Cain fucks Joel’s mouth, pushing his head down on his dick. He keeps forcing him down on it, making Joel’s eyes (and our mouths) water!

Their cocks are both stiff as boards. Cain strokes Joel as Joel blows him. Cain uses his big cock to smack Joel’s mouth and chest, which only makes Joel hungrier for that cock. Cain moans as Joel sucks his balls, which Cain takes as a signal to ramp up the action! He lays down and plants Joel firmly on his uncut dick.

It takes Joel a minute to get used to such a huge cock up his ass. But Cain doesn’t give him much time to adjust. That tight ass must feel amazing, because Cain shoves it in deeper and deeper. The pleasure is so intense, Joel’s eyes roll back.

Cain takes him so close to the edge, Joel has to stop jerking his dick to keep from coming! Cain gets so turned on by Joel bouncing up and down on his big cock, that his own eyes roll back AND he starts speaking in Romanian again! Somehow, this makes the action even hotter. But there’s no time to ask Cain to translate now …

Cain pushes Joel down onto his side, wrapping him in a semi-headlock. He kisses and pounds him at the same time. I count two more times that Joel has to take his hands off his own dick to keep from coming too soon!

Joel starts yelling louder and louder as the pounding gets more intense. Cain is like some kind of fucking machine when he gets going like this! Faster and faster, apparently feeding off his partners’ enjoyment for fuel. Joel explodes with a long stream of cum up to his chest.

He tells Cain he wants him to come on his face. Within seconds, he’s swallowing Cain’s load, then licking that thick dick clean. Who can argue with Cain when he tells Joel he’s “one sweet fuck”?”

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July 16, 2010

Next Door Studios: Cassidy Jones and Nate Kennedy fuck Chad Con

NextDoorWorld writes:

“When Chad Con was holding up the night’s fun by not jumping in the shower in a timely manner, his two buddies Cassidy Jones & Nate Kennedy took it upon themselves to get Chad motivated. Their tactics were a bit different than the average persons but here at NextDoorStudios, stuffing your cock in someones mouth when they’re slacking off is regular business.

After taking turns throat gagging Chad, the two literally throw Chad onto the bed and begin giving his ass a thorough pounding before unloading their man milk all over Chad.

Now he definitely needs a shower!”

– Download the entire scene at NextDoorStudios.com

July 16, 2010

College Dudes: Jerry Ford fucks Ashton Rush

CollegeDudes writes:

“Jerry Ford uses his thick uncut cock to pound Ashton like he has never been pounded! We really think Jerry is coming along – before CD247 he had no experience with other guys, but with every kiss and cock grab, you can sense he is feeling a lot more at ease and starting to love it.

Jerry and Ashton trade hot blow jobs with a lot of exuberance. However, it is when Ashton offers up his hot bubble butt that Jerry and his wild side really come out. Jerry starts eating out Ashton like a man starved for ass, and when he finally gets his thick cock deep inside Ashton, Jerry fucks like a complete stud. The hottest part of this vid is when he flips Ashton over onto the saddle stool and blows open Ashtons ass until both of these hotties erupt in jizz. Great Fucking!”

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July 16, 2010

All-AmericanHeroes: Muscle hunk Devin fucks twinky lifeguard Justin

All-American Heroes writes:

“The muscular hunk Devin looks better than ever and is ready to rail some tight, young ass. Our twinky lifeguard Justin with his super lean body, tan skin and nice bubble butt, is more than ready to give it up for this sexy giant. Devin and Justin talk for a few minutes before they start rubbing themselves down, getting their cocks hard and ready for some muscle on twink action.

Lifeguard Justin pulls out his gigantic cock first, but when Devin sees it out of the corner of his eye it quickly catches his attention. He quietly says, “Let’s see if I can fit my mouth around that thing.” Devin’s wet mouth slides over the throbbing shaft nicely, taking each inch deep into his throat. However, Justin is eager to please his bulky top, and switches over to blowing Devin’s gigantic hard-on to get him ready for his eager hole. The good little bottom gets on all fours, letting Devin slam his monstrous man rod easily inside him.

Getting fucked and moaning loudly, Justin pounds his ass against the civilian’s girthy pole, swallowing up all 8 inches of rock-hard schlong. Devin plows the smooth, hot asshole like never before and makes Justin yell and squirm even more. Unable to hold back his load any more, Devin pulls out and rips off his condom, ready to blow. And what a LOAD he unleashes! Spraying several gushing white streams all over Justin, Devin covers his chest, face and mouth with hot cum. Justin smiles mischievously as we get a final look at Devin, breathing heavily in the background relieved…”

– Download the full-length scene at All-AmericanHeroes.net

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July 15, 2010

ActiveDuty: Cash, Kasey, Nash and DJ’s hot fourway in “Alpha Tango 3”

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ActiveDuty writes:

“This week Active Duty has a mega-hot fourway in their streaming Videos Of The Week. It’s the first scene of their forthcoming DVD, Alpha Tango 3, and right now it’s streaming just for members!

This one is going to blow your mind (among other things) as it brings Cash back for his second time bottoming! And this time around he does it BIG as he takes on not only chiseled Kasey’s cock, but DJ’s fat nine incher as well!

This scene will leave you dripping as gorgeous Cash bends over and takes two powerful fuckings and shows us how fast one can learn to like a nice dick in their ass. He’s come a long way for sure.

The other great thing that comes with the first scene of Alpha Tango 3 is the inclusion of a brand new recruit named Nash. This sexy sailor is good to go and ready for action. Nash is on the shorter side and sporting an ass that’ll make you drool. Watch him get it fucked royally!”

– Watch the entire scene at ActiveDuty.com

July 15, 2010

ChaosMen: Vander gets serviced by Ransom

Chaosmen writes:

“For the first time ever, Ransom got shy with a model, and I think it was ‘cuz he really thought Vander was hot. Ransom is mostly straight, but every now and then a dude attracts him, and Vander was it!

There is just something about Vander anyway. He’s calm, confident, nicely built, big cock, and as I said, just smells great. But something that says raw sex.

Ransom keyed into all of these things the minute he walked into the room that Vander was waiting for him in. I left in some of his nervousness at the beginning of the film. But once his clothes are off, all bets were off and this seriously turns into a feeding frenzy.

Vander is very verbal, and I don’t think I have ever seen Ransom suck a cock so eagerly…or eat ass!

And watch Vander, his eyes never leave Ransom’s body, totally drinking him in and worshiping his body. Though Vander was a bit wobbly at times, we finally got what he needed, a cock in his face, compliments of a very turned on Ransom.

Knowing that Vander likes to fuck ass, Ransom then sits practically right on Vander’s face, toying with him. Vander gets even harder having a hole to play with!

As I said, Ransom really went to town rimming Vander, rubbing his scent all over himself.

Vander from the get go said he doesn’t usually cum from blow jobs, and when a gay guy says that, I tend to believe it. So I knew we were gonna skip out on having Ransom try.

We get Ransom to feed him his cock and that gets him to blow his load easily. Ransom didn’t take to long to play catch-up and adds his load to Vander’s hairy pecs.

I gotta say, this is one of the best Serviced videos! Finally some competition! ;-) Maybe I can retire my kneepads?!

This video is just plain old-fashioned hot chemistry!”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen.com