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February 17, 2010

Men Hard At Work: Drew Cutler pounds Spencer Whitman

MenHardAtWork writes:

“Spencer just got caught by his boss Drew passing an email around the office, making fun of him. Drew calls him into the office to fire him immediately, but ultimately decides to teach him a lesson. This submissive underling is going to learn to respect his boss, and Drew is going to teach him respect……with his cock.”

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February 16, 2010

ActiveDuty: Joey, Abel and DJ fuck in “Gung Ho 2”

Active Duty writes:

“We’re back this week with a special Members pre-release of Gung Ho 2. Joey is back and he’s brought his buddy Abel with him. Joey spilled the beans and told Abel everything he’d done when Abel wasn’t around. Once he heard about all the fun, Abel decided he didn’t want to be left out of the next round so he’s joined Joey to see what we have in store today. DJ was on this trip with me and Major Wood and I decided it would be a great idea to throw him in the mix with Joey and Abel and see what we could drum up. I’d been wanting to see Joey get fucked since the first day I met him and I knew DJ could help me bring him along.

Joey has been doing some practicing on the side, working a few fingers up his ass for about a week now, getting ready for what’s going to happen today. Once the ice is broken and the clothes are comfortably on the floor, he’s more than willing to make your many fantasies about him come true.

And Gung Ho 2 is all about making those fantasies a reality as Joey really takes things to the next level, sucking cock like a pro and taking it up the ass like he was born for the role. You never know what secrets hide behind those first tough impressions but Joey is a good example of how you can’t judge a book by its cover. Once he gets DJ’s cock in his mouth you’ll swear this isn’t his first rodeo as he seems to be quite good at worshipping a nice cock, giving it plenty of attention as he explores every last inch of it with his mouth and tongue.

And his buddy Abel isn’t shy at all, he’s down to have some fun and he jumps right in there, stroking DJ and eventually moving up to let DJ suck his cock while Joey sucks DJ’s. He doesn’t stop there, he takes it to the next level and sucks DJ’s cock in return. This guy is on fire and he’s not going to let this opportunity pass him by. You’d swear he’s done this before judging by how good he is at the task at hand. Watching him and his best buddy suck a cock together is just pure heaven. They go to town together on DJ’s massive cock, licking and sucking the shaft and really working it good. They take turns really going at it as DJ throws his head back and moans in pleasure. Two straight buddies sucking your cock together will usually have that effect.

I don’t want to give away too much detail yet as I’ll be giving you the play-by-play next weekend with the official release of the DVD, but what happens next is priceless. Check out the entire scene in our Videos Of The Week section and see how it all played out.”

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February 16, 2010

College Dudes: Zeb Truman busts a nut

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CollegeDudes writes:

“Zeb Truman is jerking off for us all this week – and it is perfect that this young man from Southern Louisiana is appearing in his first video right in time for Mardi Gras! Zeb stands tall at six foot three inches, and has a hot basketball players body. Zeb has a dick to match, eight and a half inches and thick. He really enjoys putting on a show and strokes his cock with a lot of gusto.

Zeb strokes it, humps the couch, shows us some asshole, and flips over to release a hot load of jizz. He does not seem to shy about his body as he bares all. We are sure you are going to like Zeb and his smooth moves. Enjoy!”

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February 15, 2010

ImAMarriedMan: Rex Roddick fucks Lex Sabre

ImAMarriedMan.com writes:

“Lex is having nothing but trouble with his laptop and asks the neighbor’s husband, Rex over to trouble shoot. The hard drive is working fine, but Lex could use a little more RAM. Fortunately, Rex has the right tool.”

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February 15, 2010

Fratmen: College jock Julian

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Fratmen.tv writes:

“The only way to launch HD is with a smoking hot model like Julian! Aside from his gorgeous eyes and energetic personality Julian has the body of a Greek God! Julian goes to school full time, DJ’s on the side and works out a lot to feel good and relieve stress. Julian gets so worked up in his first scene that he unleashes one of the biggest loads of cum we’ve ever shot! If you like buff college jocks with full loads and rock hard muscles then Julian is for you.”

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February 15, 2010

Next Door Studios: Mason Wyler fucks himself

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Mason Wyler is starting 2010 off with a bang. His buddy couldn’t make the shoot so we decided to throw some dildos his way.

He loves to talk to his viewers while getting a porno ready in the DVD player. Mason lubes his ass up and goes three fingers deep letting you know just how it feels. With lube all over the place and his uncut hard cock ready for play the dildos come in to action.

With a long thick dildo Mason is ready to show his viewers just how deep he can bang his ass. This scene should be a special treat since this is his first time blasting a load on film with a dildo deep inside.”

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February 14, 2010

Broke Straight Boys: Corey fucks CJ

Straight dude CJ gets his tight ass fucked by a gay boy Corey!

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February 13, 2010

ChaosMen: Parker fucks Nash bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“Wow, it was dang hard to make this shoot happen. I had originally set Parker to work with another model. Parker missed his first flight and spent the day traveling. He was relieved to finally get to Austin, but very nervous about doing full on fuckin’ around with a dude.

Then the other model just never got on his plane. So we rescheduled it a week later, both models rebooked. Parker once again missed his flight, and spent the day all nervous and travelingtravelling. And then the other model…..didn’t show up…AGAIN! Poor Parker.

So I called on my most reliable model, Nash, and made sure he was here the day before Parker was due to be back. Parker actually made it to plane on time and was not stressed out after so many failed attempts. Of course, Nash made him feel immediately comfortable, and I have to say the pairing worked out awesome!

Parker dived ride in by blowing Nash, who then returned the favor. I do believe Nash’s cock sucking skills have really improved. Enough so that he just spun around and sat on Parker’s dick. I think Parker was “somewhere else” during his first ass fucking.

But once we get him upright, he gets way into it, and it still astounds me that once we get Nash on his back, he can’t even touch his dick for fear of cumming. Parker tries to lend him a hand and Nash shoves his hand away.

I figured it was time to let Nash cum, so I told him to go for it, and Parker fucks the cum right out of Nash. It takes Parker a minute to catch up, and unloads gobs of jizz all over the load Nash just shot!”

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February 13, 2010

Sean Cody: Tommy bangs Troy

SeanCody writes:

“Troy is full of surprises! He had hinted that he was curious about doing guy stuff. I guess I didn’t realize how curious he was…

I had mentioned to him that we had another guy, Tommy, who was from Texas. “That makes us a match then,” Troy said. “Let’s do it!”

Tommy didn’t know what to make of Troy when he first met him. Troy is very outgoing and has something to say about everything.

I think Troy may have been nervous about the fact that he was about to be fucked by a pretty big dick!

They talked for a while, but soon Troy had had enough of the chit-chat. He said as only he can: “So can we just shut the fuck up and can I kiss this guy?””

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February 13, 2010

Randy Blue: Reese Rideout fucks Eric Pryor

Randy Blue writes:

“Reese Rideout has been getting restless. Sure, he’s an award winning porn star. Sure, he’s been a huge part of several Randy Blue movies. And sure, he’s got one of the most amazing bodies in the adult industry today. But sometimes when you’ve done it all you start to wonder what’s next. Little did he know he was going to be paired up with a guy who was gonna give him the orgasm of his life.

Eric Pryor has been quickly making a name for himself on Randy Blue with his unreal sexual techniques. If you haven’t seen any of his videos yet you need to stop reading this and go check them out, just to see how wild a fuck he is. Everyone who has done a scene with him can’t stop raving about how good he is. And so putting these two together was like giving both of them a chance to have a brilliant experience.

Reese gets to bang someone who brings fucking to a whole new level and Eric gets to be rammed by a guy he’s been admiring for quite some time. Together the two of them had such and incredible experience and made a video that’s so hot you’ll not only want to watch it over and over again but once you blow your load you’ll want to come back one more time and take notes!”

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