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October 23, 2009

ChaosMen: Hagan gets serviced

Chaosmen: Hagan gets serviced

Chaosmen writes:

“I knew I wanted to personally do Hagan’s Serviced video, just based on the fact I knew I could nail his jack-off technique. Ok, the fact that he is super hot also came into play in the decision!

Hagan is a pretty quiet guy to begin with, so I wasn’t expecting him to writhe around in ecstasy. He seems very contained and almost uncomfortable. What you don’t see is him actually trying to not bust most of the time. He’s trying to think of not cumming and a couple times I ease up seeing his balls go up. Danger! Premature firing!

He said he liked having his balls sucked during his solo. This is something I hardly ever do, because it is so hard to play the right note when doing that. I can’t tell if I am tickling him, or if he is enjoying it.

Hagan did struggle with the ass eating, and I was for sure tickling him with my whiskers. I finally just tried to showcase his ass, but geez, the kid was jumpy. You’d think I had a 10 inch dildo in my hand poised at his butt hole! So I flipped him back over and got myself more inline with his jack-off technique and wow, it was really hard to NOT have him bust.

Finally after the last, “Whoa, too close.” I told him let’s just go for it.

It’s hot to finally hear him say something and that was “Eat it”.

Now that was motivation to make him cum!

Left a little outtake at the end so you can see how he switched gears from being so serious to relaxed.”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen

October 23, 2009

Sean Cody: Hairy stud Russell

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SeanCody: Hairy stud Russell

SeanCody writes:

“Russell is a hairy boy! He’s also tall and lean and very cute… He’s 21 and recently graduated from college. Russell likes to be outdoors, and enjoys a variety of activities and sports. He also says he hates rainy or “boring” days.

He loves women, but says “they cannot make up their minds about anything they want to do.””

– See more of Russell at Sean Cody

October 22, 2009

Next Door Studios: Rusty Stevens fucks Jake Steel

Next Door Studios: Rusty Stevens fucks Jake Steel

NextDoorWorld writes:

“If there’s one thing tight bros do, it’s work out together. Jake Steel is sitting out for this lifting session, but Rusty Stevens is cranking iron at full bore. He’s putting up some serious plates this time, which always gives Rusty an intense erection. Jake has noticed the chubby under Rusty’s blue spandex and wants a closer look!

Rusty knows Jake’s tight hole is just what the doctor ordered for a post-workout cool-down. Rusty’s muscles are hard and Jake’s asshole is itching for this muscle man’s cock. He wants to make sure Rusty’s dick is as throbbing as the rest of his body, so he sucks him off a little before getting railed on the workout bench. Drop your dumbbells gentlemen and get ready to pump those cocks to an intense workout!”

– Download the full-length scene at NextDoorStudios

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October 22, 2009

ActiveDuty: Thomas fucks Colt in “Pullin’ Rank”

This week at ActiveDuty: Thomas fucks Colt in "Pullin' Rank"

ActiveDuty writes:

“This first scene that we’re streaming this week in our Streaming Videos of the Week from Pullin’ Rank features Colt paired up with super hung and aggressive Thomas and Thomas knows just how to handle this wild Sailor.

Colt is a really submissive one that likes someone to take control and treat him like a bitch and Thomas has no problem answering the call of duty and carrying out the mission. Colt jumps right in and takes on Thomas’ huge cock like it was made just for him. And by the time you finish watching the scene you’ll probably agree that it was.

He worships the monster and eventually they take things to the edge. Pullin’ Rank takes on more meaning here than just a title. Colt gives Thomas his belt and tells him to take complete control of him. Thomas obliges by wrapping it around Colt’s neck and uses it as a rein to tame the wild Sailor, Pullin’ Rank on Colt who loves the authority of Thomas’ stern orders and gives in to his master willingly and eagerly.

This is a new type of scene for AD and you’ll love watching this hot, ripped and muscled Sailor getting used and abused and loving every second of it. This was all Colt’s idea and I went along with it excited to watch and you’ll be just as excited as Colt as you watch Thomas manhandle him and give him just what he wants. Our Colt proves to be a freak and we’re loving it.”

– Watch the entire scene at ActiveDuty.com

October 21, 2009

Sean Cody: Jake pounds Trevor

Sean Cody: Jake pounds Trevor

Sean Cody writes:

“I’m in the mood to get fucked,” Trevor confessed over breakfast. “It’s been a few days,” he laughed. “I’m pretty horny.”

I like hanging out with Trevor. He’s kind of a shy guy and I think it’s funny that he will open up about stuff that most people won’t. As we were talking, Jake (who was running a little late) came in and sat down. “Did I miss anything?” he asked, with that charm-the-pants-off-of-you smile of his. “Well,” I replied. “Trevor was just telling me how horny he is.” Trevor blushed and Jake laughed.

The two of them got to know each other over eggs and bacon. I always like it when guys click. It make everything so much more fun! A mere thirty minutes later, Jake was fucking the shit out of Trevor. And Trevor was loving every minute of it!

After they were done, Trevor (who was all sweaty and spent and covered in cum) said, “I love big dicks… And he’s got a nice one!”

– Download the full-length scene at Sean Cody

October 21, 2009

Fratmen: Muscle jock Payne is back

payneFratmen.tv: Muscle jock Payne is back

Fratmen.tv writes:

“Payne has been spending lots of time in the FratPad gym and he’s totally pumped! In the photos you can see Payne’s flawless physique and perfect mushroom head cock at full salute.

The fun part begins in the video where the scene opens with Payne in bed wearing khaki shorts and a flannel shirt watching straight porn. His fat mushroom head cock gets a bit hard and he strips down to his underwear, teasing himself to a totally hard cock. Payne is masculine and sensual as best shown when he releases his full load at the end of this video.

This video is a must see for all muscle worshipers out there, or anyone that appreciates a fine physique and perfect cock.”

– Download Payne’s hot video at Fratmen.tv



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October 21, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Elijah fucks Ty

CorbinFisher: Elijah fucks Ty

Corbin Fisher writes:

“In this two-part update, Elijah and Ty get into some intense action involving both doing some of their favorite things to do: Elijah pounding a tight ass, and Ty getting a hard dick up his butt!

Elijah’s come to appreciate just how fun and hot sex with a guy can be more and more with each new appearance at CF! We all remember his timid, nervous look during his first bottoming experience, so it’s quite impressive to see just how far he’s come since then! He’s all over Ty here, as the two get into some really passionate kissing as things start, and Elijah can’t keep his tongue off of Ty’s chest.

For his part, Ty didn’t really need any time to adjust when he first got here! He knew what he liked, was more than happy to do anything he could in front of our cameras, and looked perfectly at home getting drilled (and drilling another guy!) right from the get go! That’s as much the case here as ever, as his big dick is stiff and hard from the start and we see that mischievous grin of his repeatedly as he’s having himself such a good time.

While Elijah hungrily sucks Ty’s cock early on in this video, you can’t help but expect him to be the one who’s about to bottom here! He looks like he can’t get enough of Ty’s dick, alternating between licking up and down the shaft and swallowing as much of it as he can. While rubbing his hands all over Ty’s chest, he keeps sucking on Ty and getting Ty more and more worked up before he stands, strips off his shorts, and lets Ty take a turn at sucking him.

If the oral action here is any indication of what’s to come during the fucking, we’re in for some intense action! Elijah starts fucking Ty’s mouth fast and hard, while Ty does his best to swallow as much of Elijah’s cock as possible. Elijah’s really pumping and thrusting his hips as he drives his cock in and out of Ty’s mouth, and Ty looks like he can’t get enough!

Tearing themselves away from all the sucking, Ty gets down on his hands and knees on the bed and Elijah gets behind him to start working over Ty’s hole with his tongue and fingers. He has Ty warmed up, ready and almost desperate for his dick, and then starts to give him just that as he slides his cock into Ty’s hole.

Elijah wastes no time in starting to fuck Ty fast and hard, knowing Ty wants it and loves it that way! Gripping the sheets, Ty takes everything Elijah can give him, groaning his approval and pushing his ass up and back so Elijah can fuck him as deeply as possible.

Elijah surrenders control of the action as he lays back to let Ty sit on his dick and bounce up and down on it, but the fast fucking doesn’t stop. Ty fucks himself silly with Elijah’s cock for awhile before getting on to his back, throwing his legs up, and again letting Elijah take command – which Elijah happily does!

Elijah soon has the bed shaking as he pistons in and out of Ty’s hole, driving both of them nuts with how good it feels and working big loads up in both of them! Sure enough, Ty just can’t hold back any longer and sprays a huge load all over himself, his first shot flying all the way up to his shoulders! Drenched in his own cum, he soon finds himself covered in Elijah’s as well, as Elijah pulls his dick out of Ty’s ass and shoots his load all over!

Elijah’s hard dick made quite the impression on Ty, and that’s evident as the two clean up in the shower in part 2 of this video!”

– Get the full-length scene at Corbin Fisher

October 21, 2009

ChaosMen: Blond jock Parker


Here is what Chaosmen.com writes about Parker (aka Travis of Fratmen.tv) …

“Parker is one smokin’ hot dude and I am super happy to have him part of my team! This is a more high energy solo then he is used, but the boy really knows how to work the camera AND show of that amazing ass of his. I know he is not afraid to get his dick sucked, so next week, he will be back for that. And to be honest, he seems down for all kinds of work, so we may even get to see him fucking around with another dude. Stay Tuned!”

chaosmen_parker_hires_06 chaosmen_parker_hires_07 chaosmen_parker_hires_09 chaosmen_parker_hires_10 chaosmen_parker_hires_11 chaosmen_parker_hires_18 chaosmen_parker_hires_19 chaosmen_parker_hires_15

(Photos: Chaosmen)

– Get the full-length scene at Chaosmen.com

October 20, 2009

Randy Blue: James Russo loves showing off for the camera

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RandyBlue: James Russo loves showing off for the camera

Randy Blue writes:

“James Russo frequently turns heads with his athletic body and smooth, dark skin. But it’s his beautiful cock and low hanging balls that make this video one you won’t want to miss.”

– Get the full-length scene at Randy Blue

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October 19, 2009

Next Door Studios: Jake Steel bangs Mason Wyler

MasonWyler: Jake Steel bangs Mason

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“It’s getting pretty fucking hot in Mason Wyler’s bedroom! It’s because the supple, young Jake Steel has flown into Mason’s web. Jake is a sweet young man with a big cock, who loves to fuck. These guys are the perfect match!

Watch Jake slide his hard dick into Mason’s mouth and all the way back. They even get into a little 69 action, one of Jake’s favorite things. And Jake may have an innocent, fresh face, but he knows how to pound an ass and Mason gets to find out first hand. Don’t miss the extreme passion between these two insatiable studs.”

– Download the full-length scene at NextDoorStudios.com

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