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February 23, 2012

Next Door Studios: Tyler Torro fucks Joe Lander in “Voodoo Love Spell”

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Joe Lander was willing to try anything! His boyfriend Tyler Torro is NOT interested in sex anymore. Joe just wants to get fucked and his last resort is the voodoo doll he ordered from a black magic priestess last week. When the package arrives, Joe finds the instructions say to gather a specimen of pubic hair from the victim, attach to the doll, then watch the spell take hold.

Joe sneaks into the bathroom as Tyler showers to snatch a few pubes, then scurries back into the bedroom where he finishes the directions and disrobes. When comes in from his shower, he’s sporting a very perky and hard erection. ‘I don’t know what’s going on here!’ he tells Joe. But Joe knows! The magic is working, just as the priestess said, and Joe is reaping the benefits.

Watch him slurp hard and deep on Tyler’s fat cock. After Tyler takes control with a little face fucking, Joe climbs aboard for a nice, solid pounding, the way Tyler used to bang him, when they first began dating. Then witness Tyler bend Joe over and slam his tight asshole from behind. But will the spell last long enough for Joe to be showered in his boyfriend’s hot load?? Find out in this sexy, bewitching adventure!”

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February 23, 2012

Pride Studios: Chasen Hart fucks Alexander Greene

ExtraBigDicks.com writes:

“Chasen Hart is in the house at ExtraBigDicks.com and he’s sitting next to another lucky fan favorite Alexander Greene.

Chasen and Alexander are hangin’ on the couch when Chasen asks Alexander if he’s up for a challenge. Hmmm. Alexander assures him he’s yet to meet one too big for him. Music to Chasen’ ears as he stands and drops his shorts so that Alexander can get a look at his monster dong. “Is that big enough?” Chasen asks. Alexander would’ve gone into a lengthy reply but his lips were on that dick faster than hope leaving Newt’s Presidential Campaign. Chasen moans as Alexander strokes and works that thick dick.

Alexander then gets up to get his dick some air as they start tugging on each others huge cocks. They rub their dicks together as they get harder and eventually Chasen heads south to return the favor. He kneels and takes Alexander’s thick uncut cock into his mouth and savors it as Alexander fucks his mouth.

Chasen then sits back and watches as Alexander straddles his cock and sits down on it. Chasen moans as that tight ass takes his dick deep inside it. Alexander knows exactly what to do as he starts to ride that thick dick like a pro. Alexander can’t get enough of that dick as he rides him even harder.

Chasen then stands him up and bends him over to tap that ass doggy style. His dick slides right back into that tight ass and soon his heavy nuts are slapping away at that hot ass. Chasen then lies on his back and Alexander gets right back on that horse cock for another ride. Chasen just groans as that tight ass swallows his meaty dick to the hilt. That fat dick hits Alexander’s sweet spot making him nut all over Chasen’s navel. Chasen then pulls out and jacks his own load all over his cum covered happy trail. Challenge completed. …WINNING! lol”

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February 22, 2012

Men.com: Girth Brooks pounds Phillip Aubrey in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”

Phillip Aubrey gets his cute ass thoroughly fucked by big-dicked stud Girth Brooks in this hot scene at Men.com!

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February 22, 2012

TitanMen: Brad Kalvo fucks Race Cooper in “Sticking Point”

TitanMen.com writes:

“Cleaning up the pool, beefy and hairy Brad Kalvo inches up behind smooth jock Race Cooper. Brad slurps on Race’s big beauty, his face dick-whipped before his mouth gets fucked. Race returns the favor, sliding down to the base of Brad’s bushy groin. Race gets his hole munched, Brad stroking Race’s big boner as he eats him.

Race gets plowed from behind before getting on his back, his abs tight and his cock stiff. Race’s exclamations intensify before he unleashes his load, Brad then dumping his jizz on the bottom’s sac.

Still stroking, a turned-on Race repeatedly moans “Oh God!” as he lets out another impressive wad.”

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February 22, 2012

Fratmen Sucks: Muscle jocks Payne and Kumar blow each other

FratmenSucks.com writes:

“Both Fratmen Payne and Kumar are totally ripped bodybuilders. They have devoted lifting and eating schedules to maintain all of that sculpted muscle.

Over their time together at Fratpad, both of these boys become curious of each other. Payne had limited experience with guys, while Kumar had no experience at all. The interest grew over time, and they agreed to experiment with one another.

Fratpad is all about pushing boundaries, after all.

The update begins with lots and lots of passionate kissing between these two. It seems their tongues are just as muscular as the rest of their bodies. Kissing quickly leads to blowjobs. Lots of them. Kumar’s cock is uncut too, so it make matters interesting for Payne.

It is amazing watching Payne and Kumar’s giant muscles work to please each other. After an hour of intense action, these stunning studs cum together.”

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February 22, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Cameron bangs Elliot

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Elliot revealed to us that he’s bottomed before, but that it had been years since he’d been topped. The last newbie that Cameron broke in was Scott – and clearly, he did a great job there, since Scott’s become such a rising star at CF. I knew Cameron’s irrepressible humor and sensual nature would be perfect at reigniting Elliot’s skills as a catcher ;).

Cameron has truly become a great mentor in a short space of time. He guides freshmen through their paces and puts them at ease. As great as his sense of humor is though, there’s no denying Cameron is just plain hot! His gorgeous face, tight body, not to mention his cock and that amazing bubble butt – actually, how is that putting anyone at ease? It’s just horning me up!

Cameron kisses his way down Elliot’s bare chest and stomach. He slides back up to Elliot’s lips, and then back down to Elliot’s nipples. Elliot smiles when Cameron asks how he likes it. Cameron goes down on Elliot.

Elliot’s dick stiffens in Cameron’s hot mouth. Cameron kisses the shaft and balls, and slaps Elliot’s cock against his tongue. Elliot strokes Cameron’s dick as he gets sucked.

Cameron feeds his cock to Elliot. Elliot swallows Cameron’s dick hungrily. Cameron rubs Elliot’s back, then slaps his ass. He fingers Elliot’s crack – Cameron’s ready to start fucking!

Elliot spreads his ass for Cameron. Cameron lubes up and slides his cock inside Elliot. It may be Elliot’s first time in years, but he quickly takes every inch of Cameron’s cock.

Cameron pounds Elliot doggy-style. He fucks Elliot faster, eventually pushing Elliot down onto the bed. He kisses Elliot’s neck as he bangs him.

Elliot flips onto his back. Cameron shoves his dick back inside Elliot’s tight hole. Cameron rams his cock in, as Elliot strokes his own dick. Elliot shoots his load.

Cameron jackhammers Elliot even faster and cums inside Elliot. They kiss. You can tell Elliot’s happy he had such a hot guy to break him back into the joys of being on the bottom!”

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February 22, 2012

TheGuySite: Salvatore rubs one out

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The Guy Site writes:

“Salvatore is a hot Italian guy from Brooklyn. He’s very self assured and had no problem dropping his drawers to pose naked and rub one out.

The only thing he wasn’t completely sure about was how good his cum shoot would be because he had sex too soon before the shoot. As it turns out, he was able to provide a very nice hands free cum fountain.”

– See more of Salvatore at TheGuySite.com

The Guy Site
February 21, 2012

Next Door Studios: Duke Ryder gets fucked by Samuel O’Toole in “The Power of Negotiation”

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Samuel O’Toole has an ATV sitting around in his garage just collecting dust, so he’s decided to sell it on the internet. Duke Ryder has answered the ad, come over to take a look, and is now fighting the hard-on he has in his pants for the damn thing. It’s sweeter in person than the pics suggested, and Duke has got stars in his eyes now that he’s sitting in the driver’s seat.

Only one problem: He’s about $500 short of Sammy’s asking price. Now $500 is a decent amount of bread that Sammy cannot just overlook or pardon. However, Sammy is a man of opportunity, and he realizes that sometimes opportunity is hiding and needs to be unearthed, sometimes opportunity needs to be seized, and sometimes opportunity is $500 short with a really nice ass.

Considering the parameters, Sammy has a pretty good idea of how Duke can square up and make the deal. And Duke knows it, so he hits his knees and begins to take Sammy’s massive cock into his mouth. Slobbering on Sammy’s knob for a while, Sammy is convinced this is a negotiation where everyone will win, so he bends Duke over and begins to fuck him up against the Quad.

Now when Duke was straddling the ATV, he thought to himself, “Wow, all this power between my legs…” but needless to say, once Sammy enters his back door he realizes that the real machine between his legs isn’t a yellow off-road quad. Give him the full throttle Sammy, and get your money’s worth! Enjoy!”

– Download this hot scene at NextDoorStudios.com

February 21, 2012

Falcon Studios: D.O. pounds Micah Brandt in “Fahrenheit”

Falcon Studios writes:

“D.O. and Micah Brandt are locked in each other’s embrace trading intense man kisses. Micah reaches to grab D.O.’s dick and begins sucking it down, stretching his lips wide and far apart, so he can consume the entire length. D.O. gets up and face fucks his willing partner, holding Micah’s head so he can really slam his cock in. Turning around, Micah kneels with his butt cheeks spread, and D.O. begins rimming his asshole.

After prepping the tight sphincter with tongue jabs and a couple of finger pokes, D.O. gets up and slides inside his buddy. Micah moans with every thrust; his eyes roll back in his head because it feels so good. D.O. delivers every blow fast and hard. They continue fucking with Micah riding atop his man and together they rock in a steady rhythm.

They separate and D.O. shoots his load across Micah who then licks the emptied cock clean. Micah jacks himself off until he spurts cum.”

– Watch the full-length scene at FalconStudios.com

February 21, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Dominic Pacifico fucks Rafael Carreras in “Stages of Sex”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Dominic Pacifico needs to pass the time somehow while waiting for his lover, Rafael Carreras, to show up for their quiet date at home. Dominic is reading in bed when Rafael pokes his head in the bedroom. He knows Dominic is upset, but Rafael is too cute when in trouble to stay mad at for long. Rafael brought a surprise for Dominic, and it’s his big uncut cock hard and ready to get serviced.

The hot couple tangles themselves in a lustful embraces of kissing and cuddling while taking their clothes off — now and then Dominic will tease Rafael’s cock with his mouth, and Rafael with nibble and lick Dominic’s asshole. For these lovers, the passion isn’t so much about sucking cock and fucking ass at first — it is the intense foreplay.

Eventually Dominic can’t hold out, so Rafael gives him what he’s been waiting for. Rafael starts to fuck Dominic, both tenderly and with raging aggression, pummeling and hammering his ass; Dominic is on his stomach and elbows, looking around to see just how hard Rafael is fucking him. They flip and roll around in different positions, each one hotter and deeper than the next. Only boyfriends like this can bring on such steamy climaxes!”

– Watch the complete scene at LucasEntertainment.com