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February 10, 2018

Corbin Fisher: Elian rides Colt’s thick cock bareback

Corbin Fisher: Elian rides Colt's thick cock bareback
Corbin Fisher Special Offer

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Colt and Elian are on each other the second the camera’s start rolling. We’re not just talking some idle pecks either – their chemistry is intense from the go as they make out and rub on each other’s strong bodies.

Colt is impressed by Elian’s cock and treats it to a good dick sucking. Watching Colt gobble down Elian’s girth, I’m reminded that Colt isn’t just a powerhouse top, but a guy that can also give cock the royal treatment!

Then it’s Elian’s turn. Colt expects nothing but the best after the quality work he gave to the freshman – and Elian is determined to not disappoint! Boy does this hunk look amazing with a thick throbbing dick in his mouth!

He also looks (and sounds) super hot on his back, legs spread wide, stuffed to the hilt with dick! There is so much to love about this pounding hot video!”

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January 9, 2013

Corbin Fisher: Tom creampies Colton

CorbinFisher: Tom creampies Colton

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Tom is always full of energy – and today he’s really combusting! Tom flexes for new guy Colton and makes him laugh about how he’ll “cum busting” inside him.

Tom puts all that energy to good use when he makes out with Colton. He kisses Colton, the kisses hi way down Colton’s ripped chest and abs. He pulls off Colton’s shorts to find that Colton is already rock hard.

Tom licks the shaft of Colton’s cock, then sucks it. Tom’s come a long way since he sucked his first dick and Colton’s on the receiving end of a killer blow job.

Colton wants to return the favor. Tom stands up and feeds Colton his dick. He swallows Tom’s fat cock, enjoying every inch Tom pushes down his throat.

Now completely horned up, Colton bends over the nightstand and Tom fucks him from behind. Colton has an amazing ass, and Tom loves how it feels wrapped around his cock.

Tom pounds Colton doggy-style. Tom lies down and Colton, not wanting to have that dick out of his ass for a second, jumps on Tom’s cock. He rides Tom and kisses him. Tom thrusts his cock up into Colton even faster.

Colton lies down and Tom holds Colton’s legs apart as he fucks him. He pounds a huge load out of Colton, that splatters cum all over his abs.

Tom keeps thrusting, until he cums. He sprays all over Colton’s ass, then finishes him off with a hot creampie.”

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Corbin Fisher
December 8, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Connor pounds Colton bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Lean and cute new freshman Colton gets the ride of his life when legendary CF muscle stud Connor pounds him! Colton loved having Harper break him in – and told me he was ready to take on “the big dogs”. Sic ’em, Connor!

Colton enjoys being an exhibitionist, so I suspect he wanted a fuck like this one on video for everyone to see. You’ll notice Colton enjoying every second (and every inch) of Connor. From worshipping Connor’s big cock with his mouth, to riding Connor for all he’s worth, Colton was one happy camper.

Not that Connor didn’t thoroughly enjoy things, too. Connor sucked Colton’s stiff cock, making Colton moan with pleasure. They moved into a 69 where Colton blew Connor and Connor teased Colton’s hole with his finger.

Connor’s a big boy and he intimidates some of the new guys. Colton’s enthusiasm allowed Connor to go all out and not hold back. Connor instinctively knew how much Colton could take – and then gave it to him, hard.

Colton looked so happy to ride Connor’s big dick, I don’t think he ever want to get off of it. He was just as happy, though, when Connor rolled him onto his back and fucked him in both missionary and doggy-style positions.

Connor fucks Colton’s ass expertly and when Colton cums, he blasts an amazing load all over his tight abs. He just keeps on cumming while Connor’s cock is still in him. Then Connor pulls out to shoot his load on top of Colton’s nuts, before stuffing his dick back into Colton.”

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November 14, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Harper breaks in Colton bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Colton is a cute new freshman that was eager to jump right into action! Colton has a tight, swimmer’s body, a boyish face and a lot of enthusiasm. He also has a nice big dick that he’s enthusiastic about showing off.

Colton looked like he might be the shy type, but he wasn’t shy at all about getting in front of the camera. He must be an exhibitionist at heart. Combined with how much he enjoys sex, I think he’s going to fit right in here!

Harper, of course, has an appetite for sex that doesn’t quit. I lie awake nights, just thinking of things to throw at Harper! I know he’ll try anything once. Harper’s pretty uninhibited, which is why I think he is always ready to break in a new guy – especially one as hot and personable as Colton.

Or maybe Harper just likes to get there first.

Either way, the guys hop on the bed and start pulling off clothes. Colton’s lean torso is extremely kissable – so Harper starts kissing it. Colton pulls out his cock and Harper goes down on it eagerly. Colton helps him out by pushing his head down.

Colton returns the favor, sucking Harper’s dick. Harper eats Colton out, teasing his ass with his tongue and fingers. He slides his cock into Colton, who’s dick is hard as a rock.

Colton kisses Harper as he rides Harper’s cock. Harper flips Colton onto his back and fucks a huge load out of Colton. Cum sprays all over his abs and chest.

Harper keeps pumping Colton’s ass until he’s ready to blow. He feeds Colton his load, and Colton drains his dick dry.”

– Download the full-length scene at CorbinFisher.com