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April 7, 2017

NakedSword: Dragon Media’s “Dad Goes to College”

NakedSword: Dragon Media's "Dad Goes to College"

Check out muscle daddy Allen Silver fucking big-dicked college boys in Dragon Media’sDad Goes To College” – where intergenerational goes higher educational.

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July 8, 2013

Pride Studios: Girth Brooks pounds Drake Jayden in “Hot Stuffin'”

MenOver30: Girth Brooks pounds Drake Jayden in "Hot Stuffin'"

MenOver30.com writes:

“Back on the hot seat and returning for one more round is the very meaty Girth Brooks, ready to have his way with the very willing Drake Jayden.

After catching up briefly, these old friends dispense with simple pleasantries and get down to carnal pleasures, as Girth unleashes the mass that earned him his name.

Drake takes Girth’s girth into his mouth, the head swelling between his lips as he tongues the tip. Girth appreciates the sentiment but subtlety is not what he’s looking for, so he grabs the back of Drake’s head and shoves his cock down Drake’s throat. Drake gags a bit and then dives in for more, as Girth hardens up to maximum density, and entertains ambitions involving Drake’s other hole.

With that in mind, Girth positions Drake onto the sofa with his ass high in the air and waiting, while Girth plunges his cock deep into Drake and they both emit a gentle moan of pleasure.

Girth slowly guides his cock in and out as Drake’s hands clench the cushions, but this time, it’s Drake who is in no mood for subtlety, telling Girth to fuck him harder, so Girth obliges, flipping Drake over onto his back and lifting his lower half up as Drake strokes himself at an incline, busting his nut all over his own face as Girth pulls out and further hoses him down with a man sized load of jizzy goodness.”

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September 27, 2012

Pride Studios: Big-dicked Girth Brooks fucks Tanner Wayne in “Morning Glory”

PrideStudios.com writes:

“Tanner Wayne awakes to find himself nestled in the furry chest of the colossal Girth Brooks. Obviously aroused by the site of the man flesh beneath him, he slowly begins sucking on Girth’s nipples and soon has his enormous cock in hand.

Not one to back down from a challenge, Tanner wastes no time in completely devouring this mammoth cock all the way to the base causing Girth to let out a guttural groan that clearly shows his pleasure.

Having had his way thus far, he puts a condom on Girths cock and climbs on for the ride of his life. Soon he is on all fours while Girth pummels him from behind and then on his back where the sheer pleasure of the huge cock in his ass causes him to shoot a huge load all over his chest.

The site of this soon has Girth shooting his load all over Tanner and the two, exhausted, embrace each other in a warm and tender moment as they bask in the glow of their passion.”

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June 26, 2012

Men.com: Tyler Sweet gets fucked by big-dicked Girth Brooks in “Under The Desk Fun”

Men.com writes:

“Tyler Sweet crawls under the teacher’s desk while the class is writing an exam to earn a little extra credit. Girth Brooks puts up no resistance to Tyler’s advances and a hot blowjob leads to a great ass fucking!”

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March 20, 2012

Men.com: Girth Brooks fucks Gavin Waters in “Cum In My Office”

Gavin Waters gets fucked by big-dicked Girth Brooks at Men.com!

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February 22, 2012

Men.com: Girth Brooks pounds Phillip Aubrey in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”

Phillip Aubrey gets his cute ass thoroughly fucked by big-dicked stud Girth Brooks in this hot scene at Men.com!

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June 14, 2011

Dominic Ford: Girth Brooks bangs Phillip Aubrey

Dominic Ford writes:

“Girth Brooks was given that name for a reason. His cock is the thickest I have ever seen. But Phillip Aubrey takes it like a champ. In fact, you won’t believe how hot the sex in this scene is! Phillip takes a pounding and keeps asking for more!”

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Dominic Ford
May 22, 2011

StraightGuysForGayEyes: Girth Brooks bangs a chick (again)

SG4GE.com writes:

“All men may be created equal but with the introduction of Girth Brooks II we are offering unequivocal proof that all men are not endowed equally!

We have fun with Girth’s name for obvious reasons: the guy’s cock is almost as big around as it is long. He was lucky to find a woman who could get her mouth over the head and down the shaft. We could go on and on about his family jewels but if you’re into asses, he’s golden in that area as well.

We love watching Girth get it rimmed before he decides to take command and spread his lady’s legs open to eat her pussy. Then it’s round two of her sucking him off before he spit-lubes his pole up and slips it inside her (check out that vein by the way!). Props to the cameraman for giving us such a great view of his low-hanging balls as he thrusts in and out, up and down. When Girth cums it’s pretty much the load-size you might expect. In all areas, Girth delivers!”

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May 13, 2011

TheGuySite: Girth Brooks shows off his big schlong

TheGuySite writes:

“Here’s one for all you size queens out there, super hung Girth Brooks. He was very relaxed in his movie gives a great performance climaxing in a torrent of jizz.

Interesting tidbit: He told me he didn’t really know he had a big dick till he got into porn.”

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May 9, 2011

ImAMarriedMan: Girth Brooks bangs David Scott

ImAMarriedMan.com writes about this hot scene:

“A night out at the strip bar was not something Girth Brooks wanted his wife to find on their credit card so David Scott was nice enough to lend his co-worker his credit card for the night. Instead of Girth repaying the money used, David prefers ass play as a repayment plan.”

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