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October 17, 2010

Broke Straight Boys: Shane, Diesel, Josh and Mike’s fourway oral fun

Shane, Diesel, Josh and Mike show off their impressive oral skills and stamina in this extra hot 4way oral orgy at BrokeStraightBoys.com!

– Get the full-length scene at Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys
October 14, 2010

ActiveDuty: Justin, Joel and Dakota hot threeway in “Firewatch 2”

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Active Duty shared the second scene from their forthcoming DVD, Firewatch 2, featuring three of their hot newbies Joel, Dakota and Justin. Two of these new recruits, Joel and Dakota, made their debuts the hardcore way! We get introduced to them in their first hardcore scenes, instead of seeing a solo followed by some oral-only warm-ups.

Joel is a big-dicked sexy blonde that was eager to please. You can tell he loved what went on as his cock never once went down the entire scene. He fucked the daylights out of both Dakota and Justin, showing them both how good a big dick can feel up your tight ass.

Little did sexy twink Dakota know that Justin and Joel had already gotten acquainted at Dink Flamingo’s place one night about a week prior to shooting this scene. Dink invited the two of them over for a test run and Justin let Joel fuck him that night just to see how good it would feel.

He must have really enjoyed it because he was back for this scene and eager for more. After Dink clued Dakota in on Joel and Justin’s secret, he was all game for getting involved. Once left alone, Dakota was the first one to strip down and Joel and Justin quickly followed his lead. It wasn’t long before something came up.

Joel was the first to pull out his hard cock and Dakota was on it like white on rice. It’s a big, nice piece of meat and would tempt even the best of us. Joel is such a regular everyday guy and there’s something extremely sexy about him, maybe it’s that not-so-average cock. All these guys are sporting some major wood. I can’t remember the last time I saw three near-perfect cocks in the same room together.

Justin is packing some serious heat with his beautiful cock and perfect low-hangers and Dakota has one of the most suckable cocks I’ve seen lately. Together these three make up a cocksucker’s dream. Dakota has a perfect bubble butt that will make your mouth water and you’ll love watching it get reamed out by Joel’s fat meat. Hang on to your hand-grenades, troops. This threeway is off the charts!”

– Watch the entire scene at Active Duty

October 14, 2010

Hot House: Brandon Lewis, Kennedy Carter and Phenix Saint fuck each other in “The Dude Show – Reality Sucks!”

HothouseBackroom writes:

“The stakes are high in a game of darts between Brandon Lewis and Kennedy Carter: the winner tops the loser! They take turns swallowing each other’s cocks and rimming each other; it’s an even match until Phenix Saint joins the game.

Since Brandon lost he finds himself in the middle of his two housemates getting both holes filled. Kennedy decides being in the middle looks more like a prize so he pushes Brandon out of the way so he can get fucked on both ends.”

– Watch the entire scene at HotHouseBackroom.com

October 11, 2010

ActiveDuty: “Pullin’ Rank”

This week at ActiveDuty: Thomas fucks Colt in "Pullin' Rank"
This week at ActiveDuty: Colt, Kaden, Brian and Trent fuck each other in "Pullin' Rank"

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“This week, we’re treating you to the full-length streaming debut of Pullin’ Rank, which features five fellas all ready for action. Not only does it have an eye-popping four-way with Kaden, Trent, Brian and Colt, but it also boasts an almost-too-hot-for-TV scene between Thomas and Colt. (We’re pretty sure Thomas didn’t know what hit him, as bottom boy Colt is so demanding and forceful with his desires in this scene — it’s just one of those things where you stop and go, “alright, who the hell is in charge here?”)”

– Watch this movie at ActiveDuty.com

October 7, 2010

Next Door Studios: Jake Lyons, Rad Mathews and Ryan Middleton’s hot threeway

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“What’s better than 2 hung, young, slim guys? How about 3 of them! Jake Lyons and Rad Mathews decided to chill over at Ryan Middleton’s house while his parents were gone for the weekend. When Rad busted out his new HD camcorder, the other two knew they were in for trouble. Rad had no problem convincing his buddies to strip down and give the camera a show.

Luckily for us, these 3 sex hounds did more than just give us a show, they straight up got freak nasty! From a 3 way suck-a-thon, to ass pounding and cum shooting, these three are horny as they come! Enjoy!”

– Download the full scene at NextDoorStudios

Next Door Studios
October 2, 2010

Next Door Studios: Parker London, Rod Daily and Cody Cummings’ hot threeway

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Have you ever wanted to see Cody getting fucked? What about sucking dick? Well, in today’s scene, one of things just might happen!

You never know what shananigans Cody, Rod Daily & parker London will pull, but when they’re horny, naked and in the moment, almost anything is possible.

This is one of those scene where you might need to super sized jug of lube.”

– Download the complete scene at NextDoorStudios.com

October 1, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Connor and Dru fuck Travis in “Double Double”

Corbin Fisher: Connor and Dru fuck Travis in "Double Double"

Corbin Fisher writes:

“The reviews are in for “Double, Double” a Corbin Fisher® production!

“If you see only one explicit video this year – this is it!” – Alan Hole, Paducah XXX Review
“I laughed! I cried! I came more than Pussies!” – Balldeep Strokinlong, Foxxx News correspondent
“Travis delivers in the role he was born to play!” – Rolling Boned
“ … an explosive thrill ride … the feel-up movie of 2010!” – HardOn-line Reviews

Now playing at a computer near you

Connor and Dru get Travis’ clothes off. Connor kisses Travis’ nipple and comments on how we need Smellovision because he smells so good. I’ll get the R&D team on that!

Connor sucks Travis, while Travis sucks Dru. Travis tells Dru, “Taste his.” Suddenly, it’s a frenzy of fat cock in Dru’s face. He sucks Travis and Connor in turn. Then he sucks both dicks at once. Connor jerks both cocks while they are in Dru’s mouth.

They push Travis’ knees over his head and Dru slides his dick down Travis’ throat. Connor rims Travis, then spits on his hole, getting him ready. Travis tells them to stick their fingers in him. Both guys push their fingers into Travis’ waiting hole, while he continues to blow Dru. “Spank that ass, Connor,” Dru says. “You ready to fuck it?” he then asks. Of course Connor is!

Travis crabwalks onto Connor’s thick cock. Dru sucks Travis’ dick once he’s fully mounted on Connor. Connor jackhammers his cock into Travis. It’s only about a minute and a half before Travis’ moans of pleasure turn into stuttering yells of ecstasy! “Dru-Dru-Dru I’m gonna cum!” Travis shoots a huge creamy load into Dru’s mouth.

But Travis is obviously still orgasming. He tells Connor to keep fucking him. Travis grabs his cock and jerks it even after he’s already come. I’ve seen Travis horned up before, but something wild is in his eyes now. He immediately wants Dru inside him.

Dru slides in and starts slamming into Travis. Travis sucks Connor’s dick and Dru fucks even faster. Travis is so ripped these days, you see every muscle in his abs tense as he’s getting pounded. His face shows he’s about to come a second time. Connor jerks a second big load out of him, spraying Travis’ chest and stomach with his own cum.

The end. Credits roll.

What? We forgot something? Oh, yeah .. Dru and Connor decide to fuck Travis at the same time!

Sitting on Connor, Dru comes at Travis from behind. Encouraging Travis to “put us both in,” Connor and Dru stuff both their big cocks inside Travis.

Travis’s face looks a little surprised that he’s able to get double-penetrated by these two big dicks. But he’s clearly loving it, even after coming twice already. All this pent-up sexual tension is getting to Dru and Connor and they fuck Travis until they need to blow.

Connor shoots first, spraying Travis’ chest. He wipes some of his cum up and feeds it to Travis. Then Dru shoots in and on Travis’ mouth. Travis says he feels like he’s covered, and … he is!”

– Download this hot scene at CorbinFisher.com

September 28, 2010

ActiveDuty: “Rear Gunners 3”

Elijah has his video debut in ActiveDuty‘s “Rear Gunners 3” … with Dean, Cole and Chaz.

– Watch this movie at ActiveDuty.com

September 27, 2010

ActiveDuty: “Alpha Tango”

ActiveDuty: Dorian, Shawn and Austin's hot threeway

In ActiveDuty‘s “Alpha Tango” Jake has his DVD debut, thanks to the helpful hands (and mouth) of Blake … meanwhile, Dorian, Shawn and Austin team up for a memorable threeway.

– Watch the full-length movie this week at ActiveDuty.com

September 15, 2010

ActiveDuty: Shawn, Fox and Elijah’s hot threeway in “The Frontline”

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Active Duty served up a really juicy streaming sex scene featuring Shawn and Fox with Elijah back in the mix to spice things up. Elijah has been away for awhile but he’s looking as good as ever and he’s always super horny. I think this time around he was especially ready for some long over-due man sex as he told Dink Flamingo in a text message a few days before his trip out, “I need some bromance and you always line up the best.” Elijah always enjoys the newbies and he had his hands full with Fox and Shawn in this scene. You really need to see Elijah and the boys pull off this hot three-way!”

– Watch this hot scene at Active Duty