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December 17, 2011

Men.com: John Magnum fucks Kirk Cummings in “Dad’s Friend”

Men.com writes:

“Kirk Cummings is really horny. Stuck at home well his dad is out, Kirk really doesn’t have much planned other than to watch some porn when much to his surprise John Magnum shows up.

John isn’t looking for Kirk, he’s looking for Kirk’s dad who seems to have forgotten that they have an important meeting today.

Kirk reassures John that his dad should be back in a couple of hours and suggests that John should play with him in the meantime.

John initially considers Kirk’s request inappropriate, but then Kirk shows John his smooth hair-less ass and tells John that he can eat it just like he would a pussy!”

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December 16, 2011

Men.com: Spencer Reed bangs Jessie Colter in “Fight For My Hole”

Men.com writes:

“Every time Jessie Colter finds a real man that can please his needs, it seems so do the cops. Jessie decides that all the real men must be in jail and the only way to satisfy his hole is to be there too. Jessie turns himself in and a short-time later finds himself in a small cell surrounded by sex starved cocks – Jessie isn’t sure if he’s in prison or heaven. It isn’t long before the felons are fighting one another for Jessie’s hole, one particular beefy man seems to be winning, Spencer Reed no less.”

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December 16, 2011

ChaosMen: Heath barebacks Solomon

Chaosmen.com writes:

“This is Solomon’s second attempt at taking it up the bootie and he did soooo much better!

It is a tough call with him because he loves pain, so you never know if what he is feeling is a good pain or a bad pain. Or maybe they are the same for him?

The biggest hurdle was trying to get a cock in his mouth. I leave in a bit of him contemplating the act and him sighing just before doing it. We cheated and used some flavored lube to make things more…um..palatable.

He certainly looks unhappy about it to start with, but after a while, his brain gave up on thinking it was horrible, and he just went back to angry mode. Solomon just has angry sex, that is all there is to it. But for sure, he was not digging sucking dick at the beginning, then he got his mind wrapped around it.

So I think we conquered this limit and hopefully we wont have to resort to flavored lube again. It tastes ok, but it stinks and it is sticky. Yuck.

Frankly, I think Solomon would be fine with sucking dick if someone was MAKING him suck the dick. Maybe punching him until his mouth opens. The kid graduated from S&M boot camp!

Heath returns the oral, and it just amazes me that Solomon can go from “distant” to “in the moment” so quickly. He really likes having his dick sucked!

We got to use..well, destroy, a new piece of furniture. A chaise lounge I thought would be great for squatting on a dick. I knew I needed a guy with killer quads to handle it, and Solomon actually found it easy despite him not being very tall and having a wide stance. But I think he liked monitoring the depth and really got off to showcasing.

Then when it came time to getting fucked doggy style, WOW! Heath, though never going balls deep, just kept fucking and fucking him! Solomon hasn’t done many scenes, and he was just astounded that Heath’s cock stays up until he nuts. There was just no mercy and no relief for his ass this entire shoot!

We worked hard on trying to get Solomon to nut more naturally. He is still doing the leg lock thing so gonna see about him standing and possibly Topping someone during his next shoot.

Heath, as usual delivers a perfect nut shot, and creams Solomon’s hole with a copious coating of jizz!”

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December 15, 2011

Men.com: Jessie Colter gets fucked by Valentin Petrov in “The Doctor’s Office”

Men.com writes:

“Valentin Petrov has a problem, his dick is just too perfect and it should be studied for the sake of medical knowledge. Lucky for all of us nurse Jessie Colter is a professional and more than qualified to handle this sort of situation.”

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December 15, 2011

Next Door Studios: Kevin Crows fucks Paul Wagner

NextDoorBuddies.com writes:

“Paul Wagner has booked his room for the Fleshjack Conference and can’t wait to get down to the main floor to see what’s going on. Unfortunately, it appears the hotel has overbooked itself, and so now, Paul will have to spend his weekend bunking with a complete stranger. Luckily enough, Kevin Crows is also a conference attendee, and even more luck, he’s already been down and made his rounds, so by the time he gets up to the room, he’s strapped with a bag of free swag.

When he produces a Fleshjack from his bag of tricks, that gets Paul’s attention. Maybe this will turn out to be a positive surprise instead. Sure enough, minutes later, the two of them are 69ing on the bed and taking turns helping each other with the Fleshjack.

And right about the time Kevin puts his rock hard cock inside Paul’s waiting puckered asshole, Paul realizes this weekend is going to be one to remember.”

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December 12, 2011

Randy Blue: Sean Zevran pounds Logan Scott

Randy Blue writes:

“How many times have you been working out with a gay jock buddy and the feeling of sweat and muscle overcomes you and you just have to jump him right there on the gym floor. That’s exactly what happened when Sean Zevran was working out with Tristan Scott.

It’s a good thing our cameras were around to capture it. Just seeing Sean and Tristan making out made us realize this was going to be one of the hottest interracial gay porn videos of the year.

Tristan goes down on Sean’s huge stiff rod and does his best to draw a huge load of cum from him. But Sean has other plans.

First, he rims Tristan like he’s never been rimmed before. And Tristan can’t get enough. Then Sean fingers then fucks Tristan, driving him totally wild. He fucks him all around the gym and they both get quite a workout.”

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December 12, 2011

Cocksure Men: Samuel Colt and Mitch Vaughn’s hot flip-flop fuck

CocksureMen.com writes:

“It doesn’t get more intense than this. Super Star Samuel Colt makes his debut on our site and flips with Cocksure Men discovery Mitch Vaughn in a sizzling scene.

Both studs are top-of-the-line cocksuckers and swallow each other down to their balls. Samuel punches and paws at Mitch’s enormous pecs and then switches gears down to Mitch’s tasty ass. Samuel tongues Mitch deep, and then rubs his cock over Mitch’s hole, teasing him for what’s to come.

Mitch spreads wide and Samuel thrusts his thick dick deep inside slamming Mitch fast and hard. In both missionary and doggie, Samuel makes sure Mitch takes every inch. With a devilish grin Mitch exclaims “Now it’s your turn!” flipping furry Samuel on his back.

Mitch rams Samuel fast and furious, returning the aggressive fuck he received just moments earlier. Feeling Mitch’s cock up his ass causes Samuel to cum all over his hairy belly. He licks some of his own cum off his fingers and that sends Mitch overboard. Famous for his massive streams of cum, Mitch sends multiple loads flying all over Samuel. Sam fingers and licks up Mitch’s cum, too.”

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December 12, 2011

Next Door Studios: Rod Daily gets fucked by Joe Parker in “Private Daily’s Homecumming”

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“This is the story of a brave soldier who risked it all, and found out what it takes to be a real, American hero. Even though Rod Daily knew he was leaving behind the softest lips he’d ever tasted, he had a duty. The calling was too strong. He just hoped he’d feel Joe Parker’s cock in his ass again.

After a harrowing tour in Afghanistan, Rod’s back and hungry for hard dick. The first place he goes once in the states is Joe’s apartment. All the time he spent crouching in foxholes, he was thinking about Joe stuffing HIS hole. And now he’s right where he wanted to be, back with Joe, feeling his throbbing cock in his mouth and then taking it deep into his ass.

Joe’s giving Rod a much deserved hero’s welcome home and Rod’s actually looking forward to this explosion.”

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December 7, 2011

TitanMen: Troy Daniels rides Leo Forte in “Inmates”

TitanMen.com writes:

“Bunk buddies Troy Daniels and Leo Forte can’t sleep. “Looking to bust out again, aren’t you?” asks Leo, who has a plan to help them escape. The price? Troy’s hole.

After sucking each other, Troy sits down on Leo’s juicy shaft, his own cock staying stiff as he rides. Leo licks the bottom’s nipple and rubs his bod, Troy’s cock slamming off the top’s muscular leg before the two shoot.”

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December 6, 2011

Men.com: Adam Killian pounds Matt Cole in “Striker”

Men.com writes:

“Adam Killian is a hustler, a bona fide pool shark always looking for the next mark. Matt Cole thinks he’s easily going to take Adam’s money, in fact he’s so sure that he’s going to beat Adam he’s betting money he doesn’t have. Adam beats Matt and when it’s time to pay-up Matt comes up short – if Matt can’t pay in cash he’s going to have to pay Adam in ass…

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