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October 12, 2018

GayHoopla: Ian Borne fucks Leonardo Accosi

GayHoopla: Ian Borne fucks Leonardo Accosi

GayHoopla.com writes:

“Leonardo Accosi is the definition of an ideal Twink. That big dick, those piercing blue eyes… sigh. We’re head over heels for this guy. Ironically enough, Ian Borne feels the same way about Leo too.

These guys weren’t scheduled to hook up but as the last day of their shoot weekend approached, their friendship had grown to heights not even they could imagine. Leo knew that there was just something about Ian that made him want more than just friendship… Ian wanted more too.

So on the final day of shooting, the two of them approached us and asked if there was any additional time for them to possibly hook up on camera. When we looked at them, with their arms around each other smiling and laughing, we realized that this type of chemistry was just too good to pass up.

Thankfully we followed our instinct and captured this smoking hot sex scene on film for you! We are also thankful that they were so incredibly comfortable with each other already that it made the scene a breeze and we were able to get them to the airport on time!

Thanks for sharing this hot experience with us guys!”

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August 24, 2018

GayHoopla: Ian Borne fucks Chad Blue

GayHoopla: Ian Borne fucks newcomer Chad Blue

GayHoopla.com writes:

“Wow… Uhhh… is it just me, or is Ian Borne running THROUGH our stable of GayHoopla bubble butts?? First Collin Simpson, then Josh Farve, and finally our new guy, Chad Blue! Damn boy!

Chad is a hairy otter bottom boy that just LOVES big cock. So we gave him just that… Ian Borne’s 9 incher.

I will keep this brief, Ian is primarily a top and Chad is primarily a bottom. Do you see where this is going?? I think you are REALLY gonna like this scene. Watch these two do what they naturally LOVE! Now we just need to know who gives the better blowjob… Any guesses??”

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August 10, 2018

GayHoopla: Ian Borne fucks Josh Farve

GayHoopla: Ian Borne fucks Josh Farve

GayHoopla.com writes:

“Sheeesh… Talk about CHEMISTRY. 18-year-old Josh Farve and 19-year-old Ian Borne are two HOT and HORNY teenagers. These two are so easy going, charismatic, and genuine that when combined, their energy simply ignites.

These guys had the opportunity to hang out for the day leading up to their sexcapades. Having that time to get to know each other, enjoy some laughs, and relate with one another really was a great ice breaker.

This is evident when we told them to enjoy their first kiss. It was like they were just WAITING all day for that moment! Ahhh to finally UNLEASH the horny beasts!

Josh has taken two big GayHoopla cocks at this point… Will there be more in his future soon? We might just make a size queen out of him in no time ;)”

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July 13, 2018

GayHoopla: Ian Borne fucks Collin Simpson

GayHoopla: Newcomer Ian Borne fucks Collin Simpson

GayHoopla.com writes:

“Holy smokes… Are we lucky to have run into Ian Borne. With that athletic track build and long, silky smooth dick… What else can you ask for? His boyish good looks don’t hurt either. Oh and did I mention his movie star smile? What about his dreamy brown eyes you can easily get lost in?

Ok, fine, I’ll stop. Only because I have to pay due to our MEGA MAN, Collin Simpson as well! Collin is such a team player. He actually met Ian at the gym where they both immediately hit it off. Ian had a thing for Collin from the get go and he knew he was willing to do whatever it took to get him some perfect Collin Simpson muscle booty.

When Collin asked Ian if he wanted to shoot a scene with him, Ian didn’t hesitate. This was an opportunity that was just too sweet to pass up. Welcome to the brotherhood Ian!”

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July 2, 2018

GayHoopla: Ian Borne rubs one out

GayHoopla: Ian Borne rubs one out

GayHoopla.com writes:

“Ian Borne is one sexy young man. Athletic with high hopes and aspirations in life… Boy, this kid is a real winner. A college track All-American with a dick as long as the 100 meter dash.

Enjoy getting to know Ian as he shares everything about himself with you. He is intriguing, personable, smart, and what about that smile! Whoo! A silky smooth dreamboat with eyes to easily get lost in.”

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