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May 27, 2013

Machofucker: “Texas Bull”

Machofucker writes:

“Everything grows big in Texas, this saying definetely includes our newcomer Texas Bull. Young, hung, full of cum and a true power Top.

Watch him fucking Frost`s boyhole and dumping two loads in our today’s update.”

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May 25, 2013

Lucas Entertainment: Diego Lauzen gets double-fucked by Wagner Vittoria and Adam Killian in “Original Sinners”

LucasEntertainment: Adam Killian and Wagner Vittoria double-penetrate Diego Lauzen in "Original Sinners"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“In order to conquer jealously and strengthen their relationship, Wagner Vittoria and Diego Lauzen hail Adam Killian for him to join them in a threesome on the rocks and shallow waters of a Costa Rican oasis.

The guys make out and take turns sucking cock; their muscled bodies compete against one another to determine just who the hottest really is! It is especially hot to see Diego and Wagner have sex with each other: Diego swallows Wagner’s entire erect cock while Adam goes to town on Diego’s hole!

While Diego is worshipping Wagner’s cock Adam pounds him hard from behind. Wagner then gets on his back so Adam can pound him while he sucks his boyfriend’s cock.

But Wagner wants to see Diego go even further, so Adam and Wagner double-penetrate Diego’s meaty ass! The question is this: can he handle it?”

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Lucas Entertainment
May 24, 2013

Sean Cody: Glenn gets serviced by Ryan

Sean Cody: Glenn gets serviced by Ryan
Sean Cody: Glenn gets serviced by Ryan

Sean Cody writes:

“Glenn is a beautiful young stud with a perfect body and dick. I was really excited to have to him back for his first-ever blow job from a guy!

Ryan is an expert cock sucker and the minute he laid eyes on Glenn’s cock he was all smiles.

Of course, a cock that big is going to be a challenge for anyone.

“It was tough at first,” Ryan admitted later. “But once I found the right angle it just slid down my throat!””

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May 20, 2013

Machofucker: “Ghetto Freaks 2”

Machofucker writes:

“A freaky West Coast thug with a donkey dick brutally runs a train on a white street hustler. Watch this “One Man Gangbang”-video with our two newcomer D-Block and Frost.”

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May 18, 2013

Randy Blue: Robert Craig and Brett Swanson’s hot flip-fuck

Randy Blue: Robert Craig and Brett Swanson's hot flip-fuck

Randy Blue writes:

“Have you ever dated someone who just will not stop looking at their phone? Twitter, Grindr, Facebook. Sometimes we forget that there is a hot stud sitting right in front of us. Robert Craig understands this dilemma. No matter what activity he and boy toy, Brett Swanson, are doing, Brett is always nose deep in his phone. All Brett can mutter back to Robert is Yeah. Sure. Whatever.

Finally Robert has enough, and throws Brett down on the bed, takes his phone and tosses it. Brett is titillated by this turn of events, and after a nice ass eating, Robert slides his dick inside.

Brett moans out. Robert is fucking huge and it takes Brett a moment to steady himself. After a good pounding, Brett returns the favor and fucks Robert.

This is one of the best flip flop fucks you have seen in a long time.

Brett throws Robert down on the bed and rides that monster anaconda. Robert fucks up into Brett. His legs start to get weak as Robert plows into him. Robert sees that hard cock of Brett bouncing up and down on his stomach. He needs it in his mouth. Robert then sucks off Brett while Brett jacks him off. Then Brett goes down and does his best to deep throat that massive tool.

Finally, Brett fucks Robert missionary and fucks the cum right out of him. Brett grabs the giant dick and milks out the last drops of cum. This sends Brett over the edge and he busts his nut all over that hungry hole.

Robert thinks this was the best sex ever. He wants to know if Brett will to do it again. And Brett is right back on his phone with a Yeah. Sure. Whatever. Some things never change.”

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May 15, 2013

GuysInSweatpants: Connor Kline gets fucked by Austin Wilde in “The Game”

GuysInSweatpants: Austin Wilde fucks Connor Kline in "The Game"
GuysInSweatpants: Austin Wilde fucks Connor Kline in "The Game"

GuysInSweatpants.com writes:

“Connor and Austin had been giving each other shit for weeks before this game. They made it clear they wanted to fuck each other, but, being the avid basketball players they are, they also wanted to see whose skills would prevail on the court.

After a heated game outside and the winner getting the bragging rights, they took it back to the bedroom where they had some of the hottest and most real sex we’ve ever filmed.

Between the blow job that left Connor’s eyes rolling back and Connor letting Austin fuck him as hard as he could in many positions, this was a good day.”

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May 14, 2013

Men.com: Paul Walker fucks Tyson Tyler in “Rent Boy Club (Part 2)”

Men.com: Paul Walker fucks Tyson Tyler in "Rent Boy Club (Part 2)"

Men.com writes:

“Part 2 of MEN.COM’s Rent Boy Club features Tyson Tyler’s personal initiation by club leader Paul Walker. After some rough foreplay, Paul gets his dick serviced by Tyson’s mouth before slamming his cock fast and deep in to his ass.”

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May 7, 2013

Hot House: Angel Rock fucks Lance Luciano and Brandon Jones in “My Doctor Sucks”

HotHouse: Angel Rock, Lance Luciano and Brandon Jones' hot threeway in "My Doctor Sucks"

HotHouse.com writes:

“Lance Luciano reports to the ER in tears; he can’t achieve an erection. Nurse Brandon Jones assures the young Latino stud that everything will be fine because Dr. Angel Rock specializes in that area.

After a preliminary exam Dr. Rock calls Nurse Jones into the room to help Lance relax by probing his tight hole with a huge dildo. Dr. Rock moves in to massage Lance’s cock and determines the the therapy is working.

In his professional opinion the only way to get Lance’s cock rock hard is by sucking on it. Both Rock and Jones take turns swallowing the patient’s huge monster to the base which makes Dr. Rock’s dick hard. He strips out of his scrubs and shoves his thick cock down Lance’s throat.

While the doctor’s distracted Nurse Jones climbs up on the patient’s hard cock for a ride. Dr. Rock sees what’s going on and moves behind Lance to fuck him while he’s fucking Jones.

The 3-way fuck train continues until Rock pulls out and fucks Nurse Jones in his tight ass. Finally all three grab their hard cocks and jack off, shooting their loads all over patient Luciano’s chest and abs.”

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May 7, 2013

TimTales: Antonio Biaggi barebacks Gerald Fabiani

TimTales: Antonio Biaggi barebacks Gerald Fabiani

TimTales.com writes:

“Our friend Antonio Biaggi was in town recently and of course we had to shoot some stuff for Timtales with him. Today we show you what he did with sexy athletic bottomboy Gerald Fabiani.

Antonio’s huge cock fucking that sexy black muscle ass is truly hot to watch and I’m sure it gives you an instant boner.

He really knows how to pound a good hole and watching his big balls slapping on Gerald´s butt will make you cum right away, trust me!”

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May 5, 2013

Randy Blue: Jordan Levine fucks Nicco Sky

RandyBlue: Jordan Levine fucks Nicco Sky
RandyBlue: Jordan Levine fucks Nicco Sky

Randy Blue writes:

“Jordan had a terrible flight. He was grumpy and tired. He just needed to take nap before his scene. So he went onto set and crashed on the couch, pulling a blanket over his head and falling right asleep. Nicco came in a bit later and started to get his make up done. He was wondering where Jordan was. When he learned that Jordan was asleep in the other room, Nicco realized that it was the perfect opportunity to fuck with him.

He snuck in and gently pulled the blanket down to reveal Jordan sleeping underneath. Nicco ever so delicately bent down over Jordan and unzipped his pants.

It wasn’t until Nicco started sucking off Jordan, that he finally woke up. Jordan had a look of shock and wonder. This was the best possible way to be woken up from a nap after a bad day.

Now that Jordan was awake, he stripped his clothes off and let Nicco suck him some more. Soon Jordan wanted a piece and demanded Nicco stand up and feed him his cock. After face fucking Jordan, Nicco sat on his face. Jordan could not stop touching his throbbing cock as he ate out that hot little hole.

Finally Nicco needed to be stuffed. He put the condom on Jordan and sat on that hard shaft. Jordan showed no mercy as he pounded away at Nicco. He furiously fucked him on his side and then stood him up and fucked him doggie style.

Nicco could not hold back and Jordan grabbed Nicco by the dick and watched as his hot white cum spurted out everywhere. Nicco then got to his knees and let Jordan unload right onto his face.

Nicco sucked the last drops off of his dick and then snowballed Jordan. The two then collapsed back on the couch pulled up the covers and went back to sleep.”

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