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October 28, 2013

Hot House: Jimmy Roman fucks Tucker Vaughn in “Full Release”

Hot House: Jimmy Roman fucks Tucker Vaughn in "Full Release"
Hot House: Jimmy Roman fucks Tucker Vaughn in "Full Release"

HotHouse.com writes:

“A playful scrimmage in the locker room turns into a hot suck-and-fuck session between Jimmy Roman and Tucker Vaughn.

Wearing only jockstraps the two young athletes battle it out over a soccer ball until Tucker can’t resist getting on his knees to investigate Jimmy’s growing bulge. Jimmy shoves his huge uncut cock down his teammate’s throat and fucks his face hard.

Jimmy reaches around and plays with Tucker’s hole, loosening him up for a serious ass-pounding. Jimmy lies on the ground and Tucker hops on, bouncing up and down until Jimmy’s almost ready to cum. Jimmy pushes him off his dick and gets him on all fours so he can go deeper, fucking his buddy’s ass until they both shoot their loads.”

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April 8, 2013

Jake Cruise: Trenton Ducati pounds Jimmy Roman

JakeCruise: Trenton Ducati pounds Jimmy Roman

Jake Cruise writes:

“Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Roman are feeling feisty. They start off wrestling on the bed, Trenton showing his young friend how it’s done. He quickly pins Jimmy claiming his prize which, if you haven’t already guessed, is Jimmy’s fat cock. Trenton takes Jimmy’s prick down his throat as it grows larger and larger. Jimmy struggles in vain against Trenton who is in complete control.

Trenton flips Jimmy over and pulls down his jock. His tongue finds it’s way to Jimmy’s tight hole then plunges in deep. Trenton fingers Jimmy’s wet ass, stretching it out for Trenton’s rock-hard cock. Trenton may have won the wrestling match, but when it comes to taking a huge rod up the ass, Jimmy is the champ.

Trenton ruthlessly slams into Jimmy’s tight ass and all Jimmy can say is, “Fuck Yeah!” Every last inch of Trenton’s pole plummets into Jimmy. Trenton loves pumping Jimmy’s ass and gets close.

Jimmy Roman drops to his knees to take Trenton’s sweet cum into his mouth. With a mouth full of cum, Jimmy lays back on the bed and jerks out a load onto his abs. Trenton Ducati runs his fingers in the warm juice and feeds it to Jimmy. So sweet.”

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January 22, 2013

Jake Cruise: Dean Monroe gets fucked by Jimmy Roman

JakeCruise: Dean Monroe rides Jimmy Roman

Jake Cruise writes:

“Jimmy Roman just got through an intense workout. His shoulders are dead tired. Dean Monroe is more than happy to give Jimmy a rub down to help those aching muscles. Jimmy hasn’t even finished getting his wraps off before Dean starts kissing his neck and rubbing his cock through his shorts. Jimmy stands up and decides it’s time to take the monster out for air.

Dean swallows Jimmy down to the base with incredible ease. Both uncut guys are hard as nails and play around docking their foreskins. Jimmy gets down on his knees and gives Dean a little oral lovin’.

Dean gets on all fours and begs to get fucked. Jimmy eats Dean’s ass to ensure it’s primed and ready before planting his big dick inside. Jimmy pounds away, fucking Dean hard and fast right off the bat.

This certainly isn’t Dean’s first rodeo, and he proves to Jimmy his ass can take whatever Jimmy can dish out. Jimmy Roman thrusts faster and faster until Dean blows his load all over his fuzzy belly. Jimmy immediately hops up and cums on Dean Monroe’s face, giving him a big mouthful which they exchange in a sloppy kiss. HOT!”

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Jake Cruise
December 30, 2012

ManRoyale: Jimmy Roman fucks Connor Patricks in “Take A Dip”

Connor Patricks gets fucked by young stud Jimmy Roman in this hot scene at ManRoyale.com!

November 7, 2012

Cocksure Men: Muscle stud Jake Genesis fucks Jimmy Roman’s tight hole

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Jake Genesis and Jimmy Roman look amazing in their jocks as they make out wildly. Jimmy kisses Jake’s neck as Jake surveys Jimmy’s hot young ass. Jimmy licks Jake’s armpits, chest and abs. Jimmy’s tongue moves down to Jake’s cock, which is poking out of his jock ready to have Jimmy’s lips wrapped around it. Jimmy takes Jake’s cock and deep throats it.

Jake then gets Jimmy on his back and gets his mouth on Jimmy’s hot uncut cock; teasing the foreskin back and forth. Jake then throws Jimmy’s legs back and digs his tongue into his tight hole. He kisses Jimmy’s feet and suck his toes.

Jake slips his finger up Jimmy Roman’s ass before he gets him on all fours and shoves his thick cock up his young ass. Jake Genesis sits on the edge of the bed and fucks Jimmy in the cowboy position, he then leans Jimmy down and pile drives his cock into Jimmy’s ass. They move back to the bed where Jimmy continues to ride Jake’s hard cock. Jimmy then gets on his back and Jake pounds him until Jimmy pops his load all over his chest and abs.

Jake sucks Jimmy’s cum covered dick and licks up all of his cum; he drops the cum into Jimmy’s mouth and they make out. Jake Genesis then shoots his load all over Jimmy’s dick and pubes. He, again, licks up the cum and drops it into Jimmy Roman’s mouth.”

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