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October 10, 2015

Sean Cody: Nathan barebacks Lane

Sean Cody: Nathan barebacks Lane
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SeanCody.com writes:

““Lane, you are getting quite the reputation around here.” “Oh yeah? In what way?” “For being one of our raunchiest bottoms!” Lane smiled and started to laugh a bit. “I can’t help it! I like it!” Lane really has pushed the envelope and I knew he would help Nathan open up a bit.

Nathan has done a couple films, but I always thought there was more to him hiding in there somewhere. “I’m shy at first, but I think I’m slowly getting more comfortable!” “So are you going to let your freak flag fly today?” I asked He smirked a little. “Yeah. I think so!”

Nathan definitely did just that. He started to really man up during the film, he even started dirty talking to Lane and ended up really fucking him hard and deep.

Lane loved every second of it, and almost came a few times without even touching his dick. “This position is awesome!” He said while Nathan rolled him into a dipstick position. Wait till you see Nathans cum shots! He cream pies Lane for the first one and then fills his hole for the second.”

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July 22, 2011

Sean Cody: Jarek fucks Jonathan

Sean Cody writes:

“I really like Jarek more and more every time I see him. There is just something mysteriously sexy about him — muscles from head to toe, big hard uncut dick, and I swear he’s even hotter with his body hair grown out. I’d say Jonathan pretty much agrees and he could not wait for Jarek to fuck him!

“Welcome back to you… where were you?” I asked Jonathan. “I did some vacationing, some schooling… had a good time.”

“And now you are back to fuck!” “Do you have a pre sex work out?” “You’ve got to work out every muscle,” Jarek replied as he proceeded to show off a pretty fancy move, flipping Jonathan over and onto him. Just imagine being man handled like that!

Then, Jarek fingered Jonathan’s ass, preparing it before sliding his cock into him. The fucking went from slow, deep, long strokes to intense, ass-spreading ramming. I could tell that this was something Jonathan wanted for a really long time, especially after watching him lick every last drop of cum from Jarek’s cock!”

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March 1, 2011

Sean Cody: Jeffrey fucks Jonathan

Sean Cody writes about this hot scene:

“I don’t know if Jonathan expected the “challenge” he was in for when he first met Jeffrey. Or maybe it was Jeffrey who didn’t expect Jonathan to put up a fight when the idea of sharing some of Jeffrey’s military combative training came about…

And what was the objective of the move Jeffrey was sharing today? To gain the “mount” position, of course!

Jeffrey started explaining the move, positioning Jonathan on his back and on the floor. I could see the devilish grin on Jonathan’s face. This certainly wasn’t a bad position to be in for him. The only thing that Jeffrey didn’t consider about his “opponent” was that Jonathan runs marathons. In a contest like this, the last thing you want is those strong muscled legs wrapped around you. I had a feeling that Jonathan was not letting Jeffrey out of this position anytime soon.

The training session ended up in a draw. Neither one gave in, but ultimately Jeffrey did “pin” Jonathan down. It was obvious that these two could wrestle and fuck each other all night. I loved the contrast of Jeffrey’s pale skin against Jonathan’s golden tone. They sucked each other’s cocks and Jeffrey got his smooth hole rimmed. Then the real fucking started. The expressions on Jonathan’s face while he got his hairy hole pounded showed just how much he loved Jeffrey’s thick cock inside him!”

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October 14, 2010

Sean Cody: Esteban fucks Jonathan

Sean Cody writes:

“Jonathan is quite an athlete. Between filming here, traveling all over the world, and working, he still finds time to run twelve miles a day, six days a week. He’s not even training for a marathon! He just likes to run that much. Even Esteban thought that much was crazy.

The two of them had the opportunity to hang out a little before I even arrived, and when I did, I could tell that Jonathan was already developing a little crush on Esteban. I wondered how long that would last, though, once Jonathan saw the size of Esteban’s cock. Remember, Jonathan has only recently started bottoming.

I don’t know that Esteban was expecting Jonathan’s cock to be so big either. He sure didn’t mind giving it some extra oral attention once things got going. And, Jonathan didn’t mind either.

One thing I will say, I don’t think in the history of filming that I’ve ever seen so much cum on one person’s body. And you know it’s great sex when the guys being filmed completely forget you’re even there!”

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October 1, 2010

Sean Cody: Jonathan fucks Jamie

Sean Cody writes:

“Jamie just keeps looking better each time I see him. And, he’s always eager to get at least a glimpse of the new guys. Jonathan is still relatively new to gay sex and even though he’s had fun (mostly) topping other guys, he’s finding quite a bit of pleasure exploring versatility. Jamie, however, has taken quite a liking to being on the bottom bunk. Something about the idea of these two together said it was going to be a fun ride!

“How big is your hole… in your butt?” I asked Jamie. “It can handle…much,” he replied.

The look on Jonathan’s face was priceless. “Much…” he responded back to Jamie with just as much question in tone as matter-of-fact — like, “I’ve seen his videos, I know what he can handle!”

Jonathan appeared to be quite smitten with Jamie (almost borderline nervous) making me think he might have a little crush on him.

“I guess we’re going to put his dick in your ass,” I said to Jamie. “YES,” he said nodding intently. “Are you excited about that?” I asked Jonathan. “I’m very excited,” he replied, smiling while fingering Jamie’s forearm.

“What about you?” “Every time, no matter what,” Jamie said.

Jonathan’s becoming quite a bit more experimental with sex and recently has been bottoming more. He’s getting more and more comfortable having fingers, toys and cocks in his ass.

“What turns you on most about Jamie?” While squeezing Jamie’s pecs, he replied, “They’re big!”

Things heated up right away. These two had no reservations. They sucked each other, used butt plugs, and fucked on the stairs. Jamie even ended up getting fucked with a blindfold on! It was great watching them both cut loose and enjoy themselves…

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September 12, 2010

Sean Cody: Lance and Jonathan fuck each other

Sean Cody writes:

“The guys are quite busy when they aren’t here running around naked. Jonathan had just returned from India, and Lance has been making some big career changes… but his car has been in the shop, leaving him home with some time to kill.

“How do you keep yourself busy when you’re locked up in your place?” “Ah, well lots of porn, so, I’m happy to be doing this and giving back to the industry… because I’ve taken so much,” Lance replied.

“What kind of porn do you usually watch?” “Well, you know, it might just start out with something on YouTube, then the next thing you know you’re looking at porn, then the next thing you know it’s getting freaky, it’s getting weird, you know what I mean.”

“What’s freaky?” “It depends, you know, I get my S&M moments… I consider that dark horny, I guess,” Lance explained.

“Have you ever been tied up?” “Oh yeah, yeah, definitely.” “Do you usually tie up or get tied up?” “I like to do either, I mean, if it’s a first time with someone else, I like to tie them up. If we’re a good team, then I like to get tied up too, ’cause it is more fun when it’s on, you know,” Lance said.

“Well, unfortunately I didn’t bring the whips and chains today,” I laughed.

“Well, you know, maybe next time. It’s still gonna be a good show… I promise,” Lance said with a smile.”

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August 9, 2010

Sean Cody: Calvin and Jonathan bang each other

Sean Cody writes:

“I was intrigued to see Calvin with another guy and how it would go down. He’s one of our newer guys but is very sexual with few inhibitions. Remember, he wants to have sex 20-plus times a week! Jonathan has been so fun to shoot, not just because he’s friendly with a great personality, but he’s got that amazing runner’s body and big cock. But then again, so does Calvin! Two big cocks, two great bodies and one intense, hot hook-up on film. I couldn’t wait to get started. Question was, who was going to bottom?

They got to know each other a little and almost immediately hit it off. I knew it would be easy as their personalities are very similar. They talked for a while on the bed and then Jonathan decided he was ready to volunteer: he wanted to get fucked. This was great because Calvin had already planned to bottom so now, for his first time on film, Jonathan was going to bottom and we were going to have some flip-flop action.

“When you’re having sex, do you tend to be more aggressive?”

“It depends on what they’re looking for,” Calvin said. “I never punch or anything like that, but I definitely like to pull some hair.”

The two of them made out for a while and you could see through their jeans that they were both hard. When they got undressed, each of their cocks was at attention and Jonathan dove in first, sucking on Calvin’s big eight-incher before flipping him over and munching on his ass. Before I knew it, Jonathan was straddled over Calvin, riding him good.

Then Jonathan took control. When Calvin came, he shot all over his stomach. Then Jonathan knelt down and started sucking on his cock, almost as if he was trying to get it hard again.

I think Jonathan wanted to ride it a little more. Oh well, there’s always next time!”

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July 27, 2010

Sean Cody: Jonathan fucks Trevor

Sean Cody writes about this scene:

““His dick is pretty big,” I said to Trevor while Jonathan (a big grin on his face) rubbed his shoulders.

“I know, I snuck a peak,” Trevor admitted. “It was through the crack of the door… it’s really big!”

Trevor enjoys both topping and bottoming. It has been a while since he got fucked by Jonah. I knew I had to pair him with someone that would give him another great fuck.

“When was the last time you were with a guy?” I asked Jonathan. “About two weeks ago.” “Did you top or bottom?” “Top,” he said.

These were great together. Trevor sucked Jonathan’s cock and then had his ass eaten by Jonathan. Jonathan teased Trevor’s ass with his huge cock before finally giving it to him. Trevor’s cock bounced as he rode on top!

Then Jonathan turned Trevor around and he took it some more, until he finally came. Then Jonathan came all over Trevor’s chest and rubbed the combined cum all over Trevor’s muscular body… a great ending to a super hot and sweaty session!”

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July 16, 2010

Sean Cody: Jonathan bangs Mitchell

Sean Cody writes:

“It’s nice to see Mitchell again. He came back looking more ripped than before. He’s developed an appetite for big dicks and I thought it would be great to introduce him to Jonathan. You may remember Jonathan — big dick, smart, and has had experience with guys before. Mitchell was very intrigued by Jonathan and wanted to see exactly what he was packing.

“You guys are both gay or bi, right?” “Well, more gay than straight,” Jonathan said. “I think this might be the first time in a long time that we’ve had two gay guys together.” “It’s gonna be exciting,” Jonathan laughed.

I was talking with the guys and could tell that Mitchell was getting a bit antsy. I think he wanted to get a look at Jonathan’s big dick for himself. They started making out, the clothes came off and almost instantly, both their dicks were hard.

Mitchell started sucking Jonathan’s huge cock and surprisingly, took it down his throat all the way to his balls. That is talent!

Jonathan fucked Mitchell in several positions all over the bed. Then he jerked off Mitchell’s dick while fucking him until Mitchell came. Jonathan then blew his load all over Mitchell’s stomach and gave him the sweetest kiss…”

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