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November 12, 2017

ChaosMen: Kodi rides Calhoun’s massive dick bareback

ChaosMen: Kodi rides Calhoun's thick dick bareback
ChaosMen Streaming Special

ChaosMen.com writes:

“I feel like we have had so many amazing videos with hot energy, that I am running out of superlatives!

Kodi is back to take on Calhoun’s monster cock. We had only one moment where he had to take a quick minute for him to adjust, but the rest of the time Calhoun is pounding Kodi like a sledgehammer.

Kodi works-up quite a sweat too. Hair mussed, sweat pouring off of him, all with a greedy desire to get all of Calhoun’s cock in him.”

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July 9, 2017

ChaosMen: Gerard creampies Kodi

ChaosMen: Gerard creampies Kodi

ChaosMen.com writes:

“After taking some time off to do some world travel, Gerard is back!

He is always eager to fuck some ass, and with his energy and dom vibe, I needed the right guy who can handle an intense fucking.

Kodi has been telling me he likes it rough, so Gerard was a perfect match-up.

Kodi’s ass gets red hot from all the spanking in this video!”

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