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January 24, 2015

Corbin Fisher: Connor bangs Lucas raw

Corbin Fisher: Connor bangs Lucas raw

Corbin Fisher writes:

“What happens when legends fuck? A lot of hot sex! Lucas takes Connor’s huge cock from almost every angle and loves it.

From missionary to doggy to the crabwalk these two blond titans fuck fast and furiously until Connor fucks the cum out of Lucas!”

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July 23, 2014

NakedSword: Corbin Fisher’s “Lucas & Dawson Down Under”

Corbin Fisher writes at NakedSword:

“Two of Corbin Fisher’s most popular young studs jetted off to Australia for a couple weeks of awesome fun in Lucas & Dawson Down Under.

Their trip was jam-packed full of adventure, including an exhilarating hot air balloon ride, an exciting helicopter flight, treks through the streets of Sydney and Melbourne, and, of course, loads of intense sex!

Fortunately Corbin followed along with his camera and captured all of the hot action.”

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September 10, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Lucas and Cain fuck Travis

Corbin Fisher writes:

“This scene was so epic, I should have called it “Fuck of the Titans”, or “Cum With The Wind”! We’ve had requests to see Travis get tagged again. No surprises there – he’s amazing at what he does. And who isn’t waiting to see him give us another hands-free cum shot?

Dark-haired bodybuilder Cain and and golden boy Lucas are two of the best tops we’ve ever had on CF. Cain’s aggressive sensuality and Lucas’ experience and drive made them the perfect match for our insatiable powerbottom Travis. Even while they were still clothed, you feel the tension building between the three of them.

Travis’ appetite for sex always excites the room. Cain and Lucas both bring such a dominant energy to their fucking. The mix instantly triggered the passion between them. All three guys are immediately all over each other, kissing and rubbing.

But it’s Travis that ends up receiving most of the attention. The shirts fly off and the muscular top studs lose themselves kissing and licking Travis’ smooth, defined body. Neither of them are shy about kissing Travis’ pecs, neck, abs or nipples.

And Travis is hungry for it. He can’t keep his hands off Cain or Lucas’ strong bodies either. Cain reaches into Travis’ pants to play with his cock and Lucas pulls those pants off. He kisses Travis’ dick and balls through his underwear, but then Travis’ hard dick pops out.

Cain and Lucas take turns sucking Travis. Lucas tells Travis to “get my dick hard.” As Travis blows Lucas, Cain spits on Travis’ dick and goes down on him.

Lucas and Cain trade off. Cain teases Travis’ mouth by smacking his cock against his face. Once Cain puts it in, though, he skullfucks Travis so fast and hard, it looks like a machine gun is firing off in Travis’ mouth. Then Cain says, “I want you to fuck him.”

Holding Travis’ legs up and forcing his shoulders flat on the bed, Lucas looks like an oil rig about to plunge deep into Travis’ well. And when Lucas starts pumping, he pumps hard! Travis sucks off Cain, Cain sucks Travis’ dick and all the while, Lucas drills away. “Give it to him good,” Cain says, clearly the foreman of this site.

Lucas pushes Cain’s mouth down lower on Travis’ dick. “I want a piece of that ass,” Cain says and he and Lucas swap places. “I got it all loosened up for you,” Lucas says. Travis tells Cain to stick that big dick in him. Cain starts jackhammering Travis. Travis’ moans turn to stutters from the rapidfire fucking he’s receiving!

Seeing Travis ride Cain’s cock in a reverse-cowgirl position, Cain jerking Travis’s head back by the hair and Lucas kissing and pinching Travis’ nipple is a erotically primal scene. Cain’s a caveman and he has a big club!

Flushed and sweating, Travis is ready to blow. Lucas jerks his dick for him and opens his mouth wide to catch Travis’ load. Travis sprays upward and Lucas sucks his dick clean. Travis tells the guys he wants to taste their cum.

Lucas sprays first across Travis’ open mouth then Cain shoots four long jets of cum from the opposite direction, finishing up Travis’ double facial.

Cain and Lucas high five after kissing Travis and head out to get cleaned up after a hard afternoon’s work!”

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July 2, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Cain fucks Lucas

Corbin Fisher writes:

“It’s always special when I get to showcase Lucas. He’s been one of CF’s stars for a long time and his business keeps him “semi-retired” from us. I’m always looking for a way to get him back, or a special pairing that I know he (and the fans) will truly enjoy. And who better to keep him out of full retirement than hottie CF freshman, Cain?

Even though Lucas jokes about being in his prime now, it’s no exaggeration. It’s true. He gets better physically and more skillful sexually with time. And he’s ready to put some of that experience to the test, just as Cain is ready to show him what a freshman can do. Before the shoot, they got acquainted by hanging out, playing some catch. I probably should have had some cameras on that game!

Of course, the obvious question comes up. When asked if Lucas made a better pitcher or catcher, Cain slyly smiles and says, “He catches pretty good.” The chemistry between these two promises to make this shoot something extra special.

Added to that, it’s been at least eight months since Lucas has “caught” for another CF stud. The enthusiastic and dominant Cain is perfectly suited to get him back in the swing of things. And in a boyish moment of hero worship, Cain admits how excited he is that he gets to “fuck one of the legends.”

And it is a legendary fuck! Cain brings an intense focus to every guy he’s with, but even he was surprised how turned on he got by Lucas. Right from the start, the buff stud couldn’t keep his hands and lips off Lucas. And Lucas was just as hungry for Cain’s body.

As Lucas kisses and licks Cains six-pack abs, Cain’s boner strains to get free of his shorts. As Lucas’s tongue worships Cain’s hot dick from head to balls, Cain plays with his balls and can’t stop moaning with pleasure.

Lucas also gets so turned on by this eager young stud, that when Cain starts kissing his sensitive nipple, Lucas visibly jumps! The action only gets hotter and more intense. Cain tells Lucas its “a lot better than I expected.” It’s exceeding all my expectations, too.

Clearly enjoying every inch of Lucas’ cock and muscled body, Cain jerks their dicks together and rubs Lucas’s balls. He’s obviously anxious to get inside his new buddy and show him how that big cock will feel! He’s so eager, in fact, Lucas has to stop him and remind him to get a condom on!

But even a condom can’t lessen the pleasure of Cain’s urgent pounding. Lucas climbs on top of him and thoroughly enjoys the ride from the sounds of his moans. Cain enjoys it too – so much so that he lapses from English into Romanian!

From there, it’s fast and furious fucking to an explosive load on Lucas’s abs and a mouthful of Cain’s cum. As the legend and the rising star kiss, Lucas tells Cain he’s got a great future at CF. After seeing this video, I don’t think anyone would disagree!”

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June 18, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Lucas fucks Josh

Corbin Fisher writes:

“We’ve been treated to the super hot sight of Josh fucking Lucas before, but now it’s time to see things switched around as Lucas buries his cock in Josh’s amazing ass! This is a highly-requested pairing, and tons of CF fans have been eager to see Lucas’ dick sliding in to Josh’s hole, so we’re getting right to that here and now!

It seemed as if Josh and Lucas were just as eager for this one as all the fans who’d been requesting this! The kissing at the outset is intense, and you can’t help but spot that eager grin on Josh’s face as he knows what’s in store and can’t wait for it! In no time, his dick is getting harder and harder between Lucas’ lips. Josh is whimpering and moaning while Lucas blows him, and it’s only when Lucas swings around so that the two can sixty-nine that those whimpers and moans cease, replaced by the sounds of both guys slurping on one another’s cocks!

Lucas is thrusting his hips up and down, burying his dick balls-deep in to Josh’s mouth while his own head bobs up on down on Josh’s cock. Gradually, Josh’s legs move higher and higher in the air, his ass becoming more and more exposed as Lucas goes from sucking on Josh’s cock to playing with his hole.

First teasing it with his fingers and tongue, then the head of his cock, Lucas is driving Josh wild with everything he’s doing to his ass, and soon has Josh totally aching to get fucked!

While still on the bed, ass and legs up in the air, Josh soon finds himself impaled by Lucas’ dick! Lucas starts to pump and thrust in and out while Josh strokes his own dick and grunts and groans. They fuck all over the bed, both of these blond studs looking as incredible as ever, until they’re going at it with Josh on his back. It’s in this position that Josh gets sent over the edge by Lucas’ relentless fucking and starts to spray cum all over his abs and chest! Lucas then pulls out to blow one of the biggest loads we’ve ever seen him shoot, as jets of cum fire out of his dick and totally paint Josh’s body all the way up to his neck and face!”

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January 28, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Josh bangs Lucas

Corbin Fisher writes:

“It’s high time we got Josh and Lucas together! “Upstart” Josh had made quite the splash since his first landing at CF and is certainly among our crop of popular blond studs. Lucas is practically the first CF blond superstar so you know that, with them paired up together, we’re in for some hot action!

That’s precisely what we get right away, here, as Josh goes about totally devouring Lucas’ cock! He sucks, licks and swallows it with incredible energy and enthusiasm, making Lucas writhe and moan! Lucas has gotten his fair share of great blowjobs but I think even he was taken aback by just how incredible his dick was feeling in Josh’s mouth!

It’s all Lucas can do to pull Josh’s lips off his cock so he can get Josh to lay back, strip off his clothes, and take a turn at sucking his cock now! Lucas starts off by working over the head of Josh’s dick with his mouth before moving down to suck on and lick his balls. As the last bits of Josh’s clothes come off, Lucas’ head is bobbing up and down on his cock as it just gets stiffer and stiffer! Lucas makes sure he gets to play with Josh’s feet a bit, then returns to swallowing his big dick before throwing Josh’s ass up in the air and burying his face in it!

If there’s anyone who appreciates some attention being paid to their hole, it’s likely Josh! He’s obviously loving the rimming he gets from Lucas while he’s bent in half, ass up in the air! He loves it so much, in fact, he pushes Lucas around to get his hole exposed and then plants his face between Lucas’ cheeks so he can tongue his hole and rim him back! Josh attacks Lucas’ hole with his tongue, playing with and stroking his hard dick at the same time, before finally plunging a finger in! A second finger soon joins the first in Lucas’ spit-soaked hole, which by now is more than ready to get Josh’s dick inside it!

Josh teases Lucas’ hole with his cock for awhile, rubbing the head against it. Neither can take anymore teasing, though, and Josh’s hard dick is soon sliding into Lucas’ ass, making Lucas jump and moan in response! Josh buries his dick balls-deep in Lucas, and then starts to pump away while Lucas’ hard dick bounces around with each thrust.

Josh picks up speed as we hear Lucas grunt, “Oh, fuck me!”. Josh’s quick thrusts turn into long, deep ones as he’s really giving it to Lucas good! When the guys switch positions so that Lucas is riding Josh’s cock, we get a great view of inch after inch of hard dick driving into Lucas’ hole hard and fast, while Lucas’ own rock-hard cock points straight up into the air!

You can tell that Lucas wants to cum bad, and Josh wants to fuck a load out of him! The guys get into one last position so they can make that happen, Lucas on his back with his legs up while Josh fucks him hard.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!”, Lucas is moaning within seconds of getting into this new position! He then starts to spray cum all over the place, drenching his hard chest! Josh isn’t done fucking him, though, and continues pumping his ass until he builds up to his own climax, pulling out to fire off a load that also drenches Lucas’ chest in cum!”

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December 24, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Lucas fucks Trey

Corbin Fisher writes:

“One of the things I’ve come to really enjoy about filming Trey in action is how he can be so expressive. He’s always got a hot look on his face, and one of the looks I enjoy the most is the one that betrays his anticipation and eagerness. That look is very apparent here, as he and Lucas first start to make out, and then Lucas works his way down to stroke and lick Trey’s chest.

Trey can’t hide the fact that he can hardly wait for what’s in store, and wants to have as much hot fun as possible. He knows he’s going to end up with Lucas’ hard dick inside him, and his eyes make it obvious he wants that to happen as soon as possible!

The guys don’t leap right into the fucking, though. First, Trey gets Lucas’ cock wet and hard by sucking on him for awhile and swallowing as much of it as possible. Trey then stands up so that Lucas can work on his hard dick. Lucas does just that, bobbing his head up and down on Trey’s cock, his lips wrapped around it tightly while he works the head, using a hand to stroke it up and down and play with Trey’s balls a bit.

It’s hot seeing Lucas on his hands and knees, sucking on Trey’s dick and occasionally looking up so they can make eye contact. I don’t think they’d said a single word to one another at this point, instead focusing on using their mouths to suck and lick as much of each other as possible. Their hands are constantly roaming across the other’s body, their hard dicks rubbing together as they make out.

Finally, they do talk a bit – letting one another know they’re both ready for some fucking! Trey immediately bends over in front of Lucas, and Lucas begins to guide his dick into Trey’s hole. Trey starts to moan loud and deep, Lucas doing the same as he feels Trey’s ass engulf his cock.

Trey looks like he couldn’t possibly be enjoying this more, with Lucas’ dick sliding in and out of his ass. Lucas also can’t help but get totally into it once Trey starts to push back to meet his thrusts, eventually fucking himself on Lucas’ cock for awhile!

They fuck doggy style before Trey gets up so that they’re both on their knees, Lucas fucking Trey from behind. I have to say, this position looks insanely hot, and it only gets hotter the more Lucas gets Trey to work his ass back and forth, again fucking himself on Lucas’ cock. We’re used to seeing Lucas be in charge, but I think even he was caught off guard by just how good it felt to have Trey be so eager, pushing back to meet every one of his thrusts and constantly using Lucas’ cock to fuck himself.

Eventually, Lucas just gets closer and closer to cumming, and has to take charge to make that happen! He leans forward, pushing Trey down on to his stomach, and starts to pump into him hard, fast and deep. Trey is face down, ass up, taking each of Lucas’ thrusts and gasping in response. Lifting his ass up so that Lucas can fuck him deeper, Trey finds he gives himself enough room to reach under himself and stroke his cock. As he does this, he’s soon shooting a huge load all over, moaning and whimpering as he does so. Lucas fucks harder and harder while Trey is cumming, and soon pulls out to drench Trey’s back in his own load!”

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December 14, 2009

Corbin Fisher’s AmateurCollegeSex: Lucas and Jared’s bi tag team

Corbin Fisher's AmateurCollegeSex: Lucas and Jared'd bi tag team

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Jared’s recent return to CF came after quite the long absence, so we had a lot to make up for once he was back and ready to get into some more action for us! Sporting that trademark, shaggy hair of his, he is one of our recent additions to the CF Dean’s List, and he was eager to demonstrate just why it is he earned a spot on that illustrious roster!

Few scene-types give a guy more opportunity to do as much as possible as one of our bi threesomes, so it only made sense to get Jared in on some of that! He and Lucas have themselves loads of fun, get into some intense and hardcore action, and show off why both of these studs are Dean’s List caliber as they kiss, suck and fuck their way through this hot threesome!

In no time at all, both Jared and Lucas are sporting raging hardons as they get into things here. With Jared getting sucked by Ashley and Lucas taking the opportunity to bury his own face between her legs, they get going immediately! Soon, they’re both laying back on the couch and making out while Ashley goes back and forth between sucking them both.

They stay like that, arm-in-arm, as Ashley then sits down on Lucas’ cock to ride him while Jared watches. He wants in on some action, too, so gets up to put his big dick in front of Ashley’s face so she can suck him while she’s bouncing up and down on Lucas. Jared wants Lucas’ lips wrapped around his dick too, though, so moves over to present it to him, and Lucas eagerly gets it into his mouth and sucks while still being ridden by Ashley.

They move around so that Lucas can fuck Ashley while she sucks Jared. Both guys lean forward for some deep kissing while they’re getting their dicks serviced, moans and the sound of flesh slapping filling the room! Jared wants in on the fucking, too, so they switch around so he can get his dick in Ashley while Lucas gets sucked off by her.

After fucking her long and hard for awhile, it’s time to take things to the next level! Jared’s horny for some dick now, so Lucas leans back on the couch and Jared sits on his cock to ride him! With that big dick of his flopping around, Jared bounces up and down on Lucas, fucking himself hard and fast on Lucas’ cock.

He then lays on his back and raises his legs so that Lucas can fuck him in this new position. Ashley leans into suck his hard dick, and Jared looks like he can barely handle all of the intense feelings of getting fucked and sucked at the same time! Totally at the mercy of what Lucas and Ashley are doing to him, he’s soon blowing his load while she strokes him and Lucas continues to pump his hole!

Seeing Jared cum like that sends Lucas over the edge, and he pulls his dick out of Jared’s hole and immediately starts spraying his load all over while Ashley jerks it out of him! You know both guys were feeling good and having some fun when neither had to lay a hand on their own cock to blast their loads!”

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December 12, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Lucas fucks Brody

CorbinFisher: Lucas fucks Brody

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I don’t think there’s any denying that, during those last few moments of his first bottoming experience, a switch was tripped in Brody! He’s often so quiet and reserved, and even spent most of that hot session too caught up in what was happening to utter a word, yet as he finally blew his load while getting his ass fucked – and had another guy cumming on him – he just couldn’t contain how hot he found it all to be and we saw him at his most expressive! It was a risk having his very first guy/guy experience involve getting fucked, but it worked out wonderfully!

I just had to get Brody back in front of the cameras and bottoming again, as that first time at it was not only thoroughly hot but also revealed a great deal of potential for further, even hotter, action! Whereas, during his first time, Brody had no idea what to expect and had to discover those incredible sensations in the midst of such a strange and new experience, things would be different this time around. Brody came in to this session with CF veteran Lucas knowing that what was about to happen was going to feel really darn good, and looking forward to being able to enjoy all of those incredible sensations again!”

– Download this hot scene at Corbin Fisher

September 30, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Lucas and Sean fuck Caleb

CorbinFisher: Lucas and Sean fuck Caleb

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Given that Caleb had confessed to quite liking the way it feels to get fucked, I figured he’d make a great candidate for being on the receiving end of a hot tag team! Two guys teaming up on his ass could certainly deliver lots of hot fucking and make his ass feel damn good!

Lucas and Sean made for good tops here, Lucas being the veteran who could guide newcomer Sean along in his first ever three-way and demonstrate just why Lucas is so good at what he does and why CF members dig him so much!

The guys waste no time in getting to it here, and Sean doesn’t show any hesitation at all despite being the least experienced of the bunch. He and Lucas eagerly make out while Caleb licks their chests and pulls their shorts down to reveal their hard cocks. In no time, Caleb is bobbing up and down on their dicks, alternating between Lucas’ and Sean’s hard cocks and getting them slick with spit while the two tops continue to kiss and feel each other up.

While Caleb is sucking one and stroking the other, we can tell he’s in for a good fucking! Both Lucas and Sean are as hard as can be, their dicks aching to fuck a tight hole and knowing full well it’s only a matter of time before they’ll get to do just that.

Sean is the first one to bury his dick in Caleb’s hole while Caleb is bent over in front of him sucking Lucas’ cock. He rims Caleb’s ass for awhile, getting it wet and ready, while Lucas encourages Caleb to deep throat his cock and suck it hard at the other end.

With Caleb spit roasted between them, Sean is pumping Caleb’s ass while Lucas is doing the same to his mouth. They pause long enough to get Caleb on to his back, and then get right back to feeding him dick at both ends, Sean grunting and groaning while he fucks Caleb’s ass and Caleb sucking on Lucas’ balls while he’s getting drilled.

Lucas really gets the royal treatment for awhile, as Caleb continues to suck his balls and Sean leans forward to suck his dick! The fun thing about these three ways is so many things are possible, and the guys take advantage of all the mouths and dicks around! All three are glistening in sweat by the time Lucas sits back and tells Caleb to ride his cock, which Caleb readily does. Fucking himself on Lucas’ dick, Caleb is getting more and more turned on before he finds his way back on to his back and announces he’s going to cum as Lucas is pumping in and out of his ass.

The cumshots here come fast and hot! Caleb blows his load first, shooting tons of cum all over his sweaty abs and chest. Immediately, Sean starts firing off his own load all over Caleb as well! Not to be left out, Lucas then pulls out of Caleb’s ass to add yet more jizz to the mess covering Caleb!”

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