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August 15, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Jake Steel and Hotrod’s hot flip-flop fuck in “Auditions 41: Rock Hard”

Lucas Entertainment writes about this hot scene:

“The sleek, sexy Jake Steel returns to Lucas Entertainment to help usher in Hot Rod to the gay porn industry.

As it goes in a porn interview, the boys have a hard time staying off the topic of sex, but is there a better one?

After we’re properly introduced to Jake and Hot Rod, the pair unleashes their lips and tongues on each other — it’s intense kissing and licking that quickly transforms into deep, swallowing oral sex. Hot Rod is packing a massive piece of black meat, and Jake is up to the challenge of swallowing every inch.

Jake and Hot Rod then begin a 69 session where they explore each other’s tight anuses, but Jake can’t resist from swallowing Hot Rod’s dick once again.

The scene turns mind-blowing when Jake sheathes Hot Rod’s member with a condom and sits right on the black sex-pot’s lap: this is deep, passionate fucking if ever there was any. Jake opens up for every inch of Hot Rod, who gladly fills him up!

But in a surprise turn, Hot Rod bends over for Jake, and watching the fair-skinned hottie pound his black bottom is orgasmic. It must be — they both have an intense explosion of cum!”

– Watch the full scene at LucasEntertainment.com

August 13, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Hot and aggressive Adam Killian drills Carsten Andersson in “All Star Studs”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Adam Killian is a lustful guarantee for an intense and hard performance on camera. Few men can deliver the goods the way he does, and here he shows blond sexpot Carsten Andersson what he’s made of.

Carsten is one versatile guy. With one man, he’s a dominant top, while with another he submits his tight boy-hole to an intense pounding. Here, it’s the latter; Adam is in charge.

Adam loves passionate kissing, and he dives into Carsten like a long-awaited meal. But Carsten’s real reward is when Adam shed his clothes, revealing his sculpted, killer body — not to mention his big, fat cock!

Both guys have amazing dicks, and they take great pleasure in slobbering on and sucking each other’s meat. When they’re not slurping cock, they’re eating out each others shapely asses — more than once, we see Adam with a gleeful smile as his tongue burrows into Carsten’s puckering hole.

But Adam’s boyish smile isn’t to be underestimated: he’s a power-top when he wants to be, and after all of the hot foreplay is over, he pounds Carsten into total submission until they’re both ready to explode!”

– Watch the full scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
August 11, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: “Backdoor”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Jonathan Agassi sneaks into a porn shop late at night, wandering the pornographic maze of private jerk-off booths.

Each video becomes his personal fantasy as we watch sweaty and aggressive studs Adam Killian and Scott Carter fuck hard.

Adrian Long pounds real-life boyfriend Brandon Jones.

Alexy Tyler fucks tattooed muscle-man Junior Stellano.

Rafael Carreras dominates Ryan Russell with his massive dick and dildo double-penetration.

Power-performer Jonathan Agassi himself passionately flip-fucks the gorgeous Gabriel Lenfant.

Make your fantasies come true as you slip into the ‘BACKDOOR’.”

– Watch all scenes from this movie online at LucasEntertainment.com
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August 9, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Colin Black bangs Chris Daniels in “Auditions 41: Rock Hard”

Lucas Entertainment writes about this hot scene:

“”Auditions 41: Rock Hard” opens with two of the sexiest newcomers to grace the cameras of Lucas Entertainment in a long time: mocha hunk Colin Black and blond bombshell Chris Daniels.

In traditional Lucas Entertainment fashion, Michael Lucas has a personal chat with the boys about their sexual passions and industry ambitions (including a demonstration of Chris’ agility) before the two turn on each other for some heavy touching and kissing.

Chris and Colin’s good looks compliment one another like a glove fitting a hand: Chris, with his fair and sharp features, melts into Colin’s beautiful face and rich skin. It doesn’t take long for Colin to shed his clothes and show his rock-hard erection to Chris, who gets on his knees and takes all of Colin’s black cock down his throat.

But both of the boys love ass-play, so they take their time exchanging deep and wet rimjobs; Colin and Chris love every second of the action as they bury their tongues deep inside of each other’s puckered holes.

But in this scene, Colin is on top, so he lies down on the bed one more time so Chris can finish preparing his cock with his open lips and lapping tongue. When Colin can’t handle it anymore, Chris sits down on the black hunk’s cock, grabs hold, and rides him ravenously.

Colin’s dick digs deep into Chris, who moans in heat until they both climax!”

– Watch the entire scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
August 6, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Passionate flip-flop fucking with Jonathan Agassi and Gabriel Lenfant in “Backdoor”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Jonathan Agassi’s journey through the back door into the nameless city’s sultry underworld of intense sex is too much for him to handle. He enters into a scenario of his own, and his partner is none other than Gabriel Lenfant, a gorgeous Canadian native with a bright face and an amazing body.

From the beginning, Gabriel dominates Jonathan’s ass by shaving off all of its hair. Jonathan couldn’t be more excited: he moans with approving gasps the entire time.

After Gabriel is done, he feeds his dick to Jonathan, who gobbles it up with his signature passion for a hot cock. But what Gabriel really wants to do is test out Jonathan’s newly smooth hole, and with the Israeli sex fiend on his back and legs up in the air, Gabriel digs deep into his hole.

Both Jonathan and Gabriel demonstrate their versatility as they reverse roles and Jonathan pumps Gabriel, who takes his top’s cock with cries of pleasure until they both cum!

And outside of the fantasy, Jonathan finishes himself off in the lost and looming shadows of the backdoor.”

– Watch the full scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
August 2, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: All-American hottie Kyle DeAnthony bottoms for Matan Shalev in “All Star Studs”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Israeli porn star Matan Shalev wants nothing more than to have his way with one of the cutest all-American studs in the porn industry: Kyle DeAnthony.

The two begin with some hot and heavy kissing — all the while Kyle’s hands are roaming over the amazingly tight and toned physique of Matan. The Israeli hunk’s fat cock can barely stay hidden in his shorts, and quickly pops out only to disappear into Kyle’s mouth; the bottom impressively opens up his throat to accommodate.

Matan is a passionate top here: he lets Kyle get him stiff and ready for a deep and extreme ass-fucking.

Matan flips Kyle into an amazing position: the bottom is on his back with ankles mounted on Matan’s shoulders as the Israeli top hammers away at his ass. Kyle’s moans and deep breathing bring the scene to a steaming cum shot!”

– Watch the entire scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
July 30, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Johnny Maverick and Alexy Tyler fuck each other in “Auditions 40: Rafael Carreras’ Uncut Canada”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Johnny Maverick oozes charm and boy-next-door sex appeal, while Alexy Tyler screams “bad boy” with his sculpted body and olive skin. The duo first answers some interview questions, but what they’re really after is not information — but each other!

Johnny and Alexy have strong chemistry from the onset: they turn each other on, and from the start they swallow each other with some hot 69 action, slurping and sucking on each other’s rock-hard dicks.

But Johnny wants to pay special attention to Alexy’s body — he worships his muscles and nurses his hard-on and balls, much to Alexy’s moaning delight.

After all of the oral action is over, Alexy rims Johnny’s anxious hole, preparing it for the fucking of a lifetime. Watch Alexy’s bubble-but pump back and forth as he hammers away at Johnny, who takes in all of his partner’s cock with pleasure!

Afterwards, it’s Alexy’s turn, so he takes a seat on Johnny’s ready dick, who hammers and digs into Alexy until they both reach climax!”

– Watch the entire scene at LucasEntertainment.com

July 26, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Pierre Fitch fucks Brandon Jones in “All Star Studs”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Pierre Fitch, a popular fixture in the gay porn industry, returns to camera for Lucas Entertainment as he cruises the streets of Montreal. He can barely contain himself when he lays eyes on the slender cutie, Brandon Jones, who seduces Pierre back to his apartment for a hot hook-up.

Brandon is a bottom who loves to perform for his top: he uses his killer body as a weapon of pleasure to satisfy the guy he’s with in every way. Pierre is sporting the skater look — he’s showing off his tattoos, wearing a black wife-beater, and even has the off-center baseball cap.

When he and Brandon tear into each other with an intense and wet session of kissing, the boys get heated up and swap blowjobs. But the sex reaches its level of intensity when Brandon flips around in different positions, opening his ass up for Pierre. As the porn star bangs Brandon, the bottom’s rocking abs tighten and clench as he’s taking every inch of dick!”

– Get the full scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
July 23, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Alexy Tyler fucks Junior Stellano in “Backdoor”

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Jonathan Agassi’s next seedy sighting is none other than the burly hunk Junior Stellano seducing muscled sex-god Alexy Tyler.

Alexy’s body is a sculpted work of art, and in no time at all, Junior turns him around, pulls down his pants, and worships his perfectly rounded ass with his lips and tongue; he rigorously eats out his ass.

From rimming to blowing, Junior begins working on Alexy’s stiff and alert cock, preparing it to penetrate his rock-hard ass cheeks!

When Alexy finally mounts Junior, it’s akin to two powerful beasts fucking in heat. Junior’s furry torso against Alexy’s smooth, olive skin makes this scene especially orgasmic, and when the two bust their loads after Alexy finishes railing Junior, everyone is left out of breath!”

– Watch the entire scene at Lucas Entertainment

July 21, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: “Gentlemen Vol. 2: Power Professionals”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“In “Gentlemen Vol. 2: Power Professionals,” the top bosses are suited for sex!

Watch tailored stud Adam Killian drill secret fuck friend Jessie Colter. Businessman Adrian Long pounds Carsten Andersson hard and covers him in loads of cum. Horny executives Jonathan Agassi and Marko Lebeau fuck in a public store. Boardroom buddies Nick Ford and Gabriel Lenfant flip-fuck and play in cum. Suited Spanish stud Rafael Carreras pile-drives power-bottom Scott Carter.

Each man is dressed to impress and ready to get unzipped — the power of authority has never been this hard!”

– Watch all scenes from this movie online at LucasEntertainment.com