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April 11, 2013

NextDoorStars: Marcus Mojo gets fucked by James Huntsman in “Pumped and Pounded”

NextDoorStars.com writes:

“Marcus Mojo fans everywhere have been clamoring to see Marcus with a very special scene partner…James Huntsman! They’re finally coming together, in the gym, for a hot session of pumping iron and cranking up some sexy action.

Both Marcus and James are gym rats who spend significant time fine-tuning their incredible physiques to look perfect. I think it’s safe to say their efforts have paid off! James’s body is amazing, and his dick is thick and luscious. Marcus has salivated at the idea of welcoming James onto his set for a long time and is showing it by slurping hard and deep on that hard, pulsating cock. Watch him squeeze and shake James’s toned but plump ass cheeks while enjoying this physical masterpiece.

Then it’s time for James to experience Marcus’s tight, waiting hole, right here on the weight bench. James giving a powerful pounding, just the type of fucking for which Marcus was hoping. It’s a matchup you have to see to believe as these outrageously hot dudes get together for a smokingly sexy training room bang.”

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April 10, 2013

Sean Cody: Jordan drills Ryan bareback

SeanCody: Jordan slams Ryan bareback
SeanCody: Jordan slams Ryan bareback

Ryan gets fucked by muscle jock Jordan in this hot scene at SeanCody.com!

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April 10, 2013

Pride Studios: Angel Rock fucks Tate Ryder in “Deep Inside”

HighPerformanceMen: Angel Rock fucks Tate Ryder in "Deep Inside"
HighPerformanceMen: Angel Rock fucks Tate Ryder in "Deep Inside"

PrideStudios.com writes:

“From the moment Angel and Tate met each other, they could not keep their hands off each other and when we asked them what they wanted to do on film together, Angel asked if he could massage Tate. Of course we said yes and this is perhaps the most passionate and sexy massage we have ever seen.

Angel slowly works Tate’s muscles with his strong hands paying close attention to Tate’s beautiful gluteus maximus. Tate obviously loves this and he raises his ass up to allow Angel better access. Angel soon has his face buried deep in Tate’s ass as he gets his hole nice and wet. Tate inserts one of his own fingers and then Angel inserts his finger. Tate rolls over and Angel soon has Tate’s hard cock outside his jock-strap and deep down his throat.

Tate then pulls out Angel’s hard uncut cock and begins to deep throat him. They then go into a 69 on top of the massage table and go crazy sucking each others big cocks.

Tate then goes on all fours and Angel climbs up on the table and begins fucking him long and slow and first and then with increased intensity. Tate loves every moment and begs Angel to fuck him harder. Tate then climbs on top of Angel’s cock and rides him fast and hard. Angel fucks Tate on his back for the final position and fucks him so hard that Tate shoots a big load of cum all over himself.

Angel works up a big load and Tate begs Angel to shoot his load in his mouth which Angel does. The two then swap the cum back and forth in a deep kiss before getting up and washing each other off in the shower.”

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April 10, 2013

Men.com: Johnny Rapid and Rocco Reed flip fuck in “Seducing the Professor 2”

Men.com: Johnny Rapid and Rocco Reed flip fuck in "Seducing the Professor 2"
Men.com: Johnny Rapid and Rocco Reed flip fuck in "Seducing the Professor 2"

Men.com writes:

“Johnny Rapid is a straight A student in Professor (Rocco) Reed’s class but he knows something is up because he’s just not trying. Turns out, what’s “up” is Rocco’s cock and Johnny decides to give Rocco an A of his own: A for ass!

As an added bonus, Johnny fucks Rocco’s butt too!”

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April 10, 2013

Corbin Fisher: Tanner barebacks Harley

CorbinFisher: Tanner barebacks Harley
CorbinFisher: Tanner barebacks Harley

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Tanner’s Southern charm makes him almost irresistible. Harley finds out he can’t resist Tanner either, and before he knows it, he’s on his knees sucking Tanner’s cock!

Harley and Tanner both are the types of guys you’d never think would be so open sexually. Harley is an athlete that wants to go into the military, and Tanner works at a factory, so you’d think these two would be the kind to down a six-pack of beer, rather than lick each others’ six-packs! Yet, Harley’s enthusiasm showed from his first day here, and Tanner’s easy-going nature and high sex drive keeps him coming back for more.

Harley’s in heaven when Tanner eats out his ass – and he gets even more ecstatic when Tanner slide his cock inside his ass and pounds him. These two fuck hard and Tanner pumps a load out of Harley’s dick that sprays all over Harley’s ripped abs. Tanner keeps fucking Harley, until he pulls out and feeds his load to Harley, who swallows it all!

Less filling than beer … and tastes great!”

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Corbin Fisher
April 9, 2013

Men.com: Paddy O’Brian fucks Troy Daniels in “Secret Agent, Part 2”

Men.com: Paddy O'Brian fucks Troy Daniels in “Secret Agent, Part 2”

Men.com writes:

“After fucking the bad guy in part one of MEN.COM’s “Secret Agent” series, Paddy O’Brian realizes he’s been doped and wakes up in the trunk of a car with Troy Daniel pointing a guy in his face. Moments later, Paddy’s big cock is fucking bad guy #2.”

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April 9, 2013

Raging Stallion: Shane Frost and Jake Genesis pound each other in “Powerload”

Raging Stallion: Shane Frost and Jake Genesis pound each other in "Powerload"
Raging Stallion: Shane Frost and Jake Genesis pound each other in "Powerload"

RagingStallion.com writes:

“The masculine magnetism of Jake Genesis makes cocks leap to attention. Shane Frost has a sexy charm and attitude that matches his fine-tuned body.

Jake and Shane are making out, naked, when we first see them. Jake has Shane by the buns while Shane is handling Jake’s nipples. Two hard cocks twitch in the space between. Jake’s veins throb when Shane sucks him, wrapping his tongue around the shaft like a flag around a flagpole until it starts to leak precum.

They switch off. Shane lies on a table and kicks a leg around Jake’s neck while Jake returns the blowjob, nuzzling his nuts and massaging his taint. The massage begins with a thumb and ends with a tongue, until Shane’s hole is wet and pulsating, ready to be fucked.

Shane’s big balls lurch loose in their sack as Jake pumps him, then when it looks like Shane’s going to turn over, they swap and Shane drills Jake from behind.

Jake has worked up a thirst so he kneels for Shane to cum in his mouth while jacking out his own load. He swoops his thumb through the puddle of jism and licks it off, standing up for a final cummy kiss.”

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April 9, 2013

Men of Montréal: Ivan Lenko fucks a guy for the first time

MenOfMontreal: Ivan Lenko fucks Alexy Tyler

MenOfMontreal.com writes:

“Last month, when Alexy Tyler arrived for his scene, Ivan had just finished his jock strap solo. Alexy was so turned on by our hunky Ukrainian Canadian that when he finished his own shoot later that day, he approached us about bottoming for Ivan if our newcomer was going to take the plunge into man-sex porn. Well, one month later, lo and behold, here is Alexy initiating Ivan to gay sex.

We knew that Ivan has great stage presence based on his solo performance. Once again, he didn’t disappoint. In this scene, he was comfortable from the get go and really got into some pretty passionate love making with Alexy.

After some pretty hot armchair cock sucking by Alexy, the guys kissed their way onto the bed where Alexy kept going at Ivan’s cock doing a bang on job of revving Ivan’s engine. They then moved into position at the edge of the bed, where Ivan did exactly what he said he wasn’t ready to do prior to the shoot, he gave Alexy a hot and steamy rim job. Getting prepped for a firm fuck, Alexy was really turned on by the masterful job that Ivan was clearly enjoying to give.

Ivan then started teasing Alexy’s ass with his cock. We had a good laugh when Ivan was looking for a place to put his condom for easy reach prior to fucking Alexy. He just simply picked it up and placed in his tight ass crack… The rubber didn’t move one iota from that tight squeeze until he reached back to retrieve it!

Alexy really knows how to bring out the best in his scene partners; even making newbies like Ivan seem like real veterans. And, Ivan’s fucking showed that in spades! Our duo returned to the bed where Ivan continued to fuck Alexy’s hole. They took a pause from fucking so Alexy could eat out his topman’s ass. Ivan gave him one last fuck and kiss before spreading his seed all over our veteran bottom’s face and mouth. Alexy sucked him dry, then shot his own load all over his abs. Alexy’s parting last words as he was playing with his cum: That Was Good!!

You bet it was…”

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Men of Montreal
April 8, 2013

Randy Blue: Brett Swanson gets fucked by Abele Place

RandyBlue: Brett Swanson gets fucked by Abele Place
RandyBlue: Brett Swanson gets fucked by Abele Place

Abele Place fucks the hell out of Brett Swanson before dumping a load all over his face.

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Randy Blue
April 8, 2013

ChaosMen: Myles busts a nut

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Chaosmen: Myles rubs one out
Chaosmen: Myles rubs one out

Chaosmen.com writes:

“I am going to put Myles in the intellectual ‘Brainiac” category. He is in the last year of getting his Masters in Physics and after talking to him just a little bit, you can tell the dude is super smart.

And pretty shy too. Very quiet and soft-spoken. He gets right to point, says what he needs to say, and moves on. Very efficient!

Though don’t let his IQ fool ya. Myles spends quality time in the gym, focusing on mind AND body. He keeps his diet in check and with no tattoos, he is a blank canvas.

He has a fat cock on him too. I think it rivals Vander or Bentley in thickness, but not quite as long. It is a bit hard to tell as he jerks-off like a hummingbird. Rapid fire jerking as he pounds his meat into submission.

He does slow it down for the cum shot, and it a very interesting cum shot as he switches from super-fast to barely moving as he spasms. He gets some height, and it could almost be a hands-free cum shot if it weren’t for his, well, hand!

You can tell he was nervous and not too sure about everything, but perhaps deep inside this intellectual guy, beats a true exhibitionist.

Myles is adorable and super hot!”

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